How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

There are many iPhone users who have just purchased a Mac-based apple laptop, for those who do not know “how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac,” this article helps a lot to fix the issue.

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

We’ll show you how iCloud can pass iPhone-to-Mac contacts. And in the second section, the EaseUS MobiMover is given to support users with this.

Tip 1: Using iCloud

To perform this process you will need to sign in on both devices to sync your contacts, as mentioned below.

  • Hit the settings button once you find it on the device.
  • [Look for Your Name]
  • Visit iCloud on the device.
  • Turn the switch on for contacts.
  • Now allow the merger.
  • Then press the Apple menu in the top left corner of your Mac.
  • Select the Machine Settings > iCloud icon.
  • Move to then click next to the Contacts button.

Reason Behind Not Syncing Contacts to Mac in iCloud

While syncing contacts from your iPhone to your Mac, you must bear in mind that you are actually syncing all devices with iCloud. So if you have trouble trying to sync the contacts, these are possibly why:

  • It may happen that your iCloud ran out of space. If you’re out of the iCloud room, there’s nothing going to communicate with iCloud, like contacts. You can have many tools available on the internet but one of the best is the Gemini Photos tool if you want to clean up some of the spaces.
  • This also may happen that you are not logged in to iCloud. The iPhone and Mac will be signed into separate iCloud accounts.
  • Data syncing is switched off. Somehow touch syncing could have been switched off on one or more of your computers. Using the above steps to check that it is available on all computers.
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Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac
Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac

Tip 2: Sync Contacts Without iCloud

Even if you are not using iCloud, or if you just want to use iTunes to connect your iPhone to your Laptop, then don’t worry, there’s always a way for you to connect your contacts. The only thing to keep in mind is that every time you update or add something, you’ll have to synchronize your contact manually.

Whereas iCloud normally changes any time you change your address when you sync without iCloud, your contacts do not update until the next time you connect your iPhone to your Laptop.

Using iTunes

Although this solution is too simple to do, several clients dislike just the thought of linking their iPhones to their Laptops. It is quite simple and needs only a couple of moves to complete.

Let’s check how to perform:

  1. It’s time to use your USB cable to link your phone to mac.
  2. Look for iTunes on your Mac.
  3. Go to the account option in iTunes and click on it.
  4. Now press the info button to view.
  5. Scroll for the Sync Contacts option, now.
  6. Hit the apply button available there.

The entire process will only take a couple of minutes to finish, based on the data and the records you are trying to sync.

You got it there! I hope we will help you sync your iPhone contacts to your Mac correctly.

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Tip 3: through USB cable

It’s important to ensure the iCloud contact syncing on your iPhone is switched off before you try to sync your contacts via iTunes.

When you have finished connecting your iPhone contacts to your Mac, take the necessary steps:

  • Link/Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable.
  • On your Mac, open iTunes.
  • Look for the iPhone button in the upper left corner and hit the button.
  • Tap the Info button in the sidebar.
  • Hit the box that is beside the match contacts box option.
  • Tap the Add button at the right.
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Tip 4: Sync Contacts From iPhone Directly

  • Fix 1: Start this software, attach your iPhone to your Mac, and then select the option “Recover from iOS System.” Select “Touch” from the data categories and then press Next to search.
  • Fix 2: Recover from iOS device Step 2.iMyFone D-Back will search and list all your preview contacts. And you will find those that you removed from your iPhone, too preview iPhone contacts
  • Fix 3: Click Restore and pick Folk Contacts.

Tip 5: By Mac Address Book

Fix 1. Just like the first way, you need to go to Settings > iCloud and enable Contacts on your iPhone.

Fix 2: Set iCloud and activate your iCloud account on your Laptop. Click the apple icon on the top left of your Mac, choose Device Settings, press iCloud, and choose the Contacts (Address Book) that you want to import.

Import iPhone Contacts to Mac Address Book And you’ll see all the traffic

Tip 6: Using Airpods

  • Fix1:Switch on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and sign in to iCloud on your iPhone.
  • Fix2: Flick up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Tap AirDrop and change the approvals from “Off” to “Just Friends” to “Users.” The easiest thing to do is leave it at “Contacts Only.” You’re still going to need to move through everything you want to say. Here you should choose the Contacts you want to share.
  • Fix3: Pick Go > AirDrop from the Finder on the Mac menu pad. You will use the “Allow me to be found” option at the bottom of the AirDrop window to accept files from anyone rather than those in the Contacts program.

Tip 7: Using Mailbox Service

You can use some mailbox apps, such as Google, Microsoft, and others, which provide software that allows you to move contacts from your iPhone to MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air.

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Fix 1. Go to Preferences, and then press Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Tap Add Password, then press the correct application (Google, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Next, follow the onscreen log-in guide to your account — The method varies slightly depending on the company, but it’s pretty easy to run.

Fix 2. Open Computer Preferences, then pick Internet Accounts. Pick the device you want to use, and then set it up with the onscreen guide.


Hence, here above I have tried to cover all possible solutions related to syncing of contacts. I have covered the topics related to syncing of contacts here. Hope you liked it.

**Any damage is not our concern because it’s all a research-based solution. So, perform at your own risk.