Why Wont My Phone Charge? | Fix Android or iPhone won’t charge

Why Wont My Phone Charge? Fix iPhone won’t charge with 19 Best Tips. There are many such problems you face: Switch won’t turn on, Battery not charging, and many more. We have a comprehensive design to master the crafts as to what are the suggestions to practice while the phone won’t charge up.

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives if they show up any kind of problem our lives come into trouble. A real frustrating issue with mobile phones can be when we wonder why won’t my phone charge. Even after putting on a charge, they do not show the charging sign, do not beep when plug-in, the battery not charging, etc. These can be the signs that your phone is not charging.

If your phone is dead and not booting up even after being on charge. It can also be a sign of the iPhone won’t charge. There can be multiple reasons for your phone to not charge. Let us have a look at the possible reasons for it and how we can get rid of them from google support & apple support.

Here we have a detailed guide to understanding the skills as to what are the tips to use when the phone wont charge up. You can use on any phone.

Phone not charging

There are many inventions and discoveries which are taken place over many decades. The inventors have changed the way people and society thinks. The world is turning towards professional sociopaths’ life. Every people is talking about technology and putting their lives in it. Daily news on technical topics is rising day by day. So people or especially tech-related people are always watching all of the stories. They have their day ready for the rest of the time, which starts with news-related scenarios. So to keep themselves updated, the necessary device is the phone.

The phone is something more than a device nowadays. It is like a lifeline that is busy in any work or leading some critical positions. So they have to update everybody on their team. Not only for working purposes, but mobile phones are also a craze for Instagrammers and others. They have their lives attached to it.

Now think that your life is gone or you are dead.


The meaning here is if your phone’s battery is dead and you have to charge it. But the problem which arises is that sometimes the phone won’t charge despite doing everything. This means a loss to some percent of your news or fans. 

So I am here as your virtual guide and will explain as to how to remedy and repair when the phone wont charge. This condition is an incredibly pathetic situation when the phone won’t charge up. But the most crucial situation is when a guy returns from a hectic place and his phone’s battery is dead, he will plugin. But the phone won’t charge up due to some issues. So to eradicate this problem and make yourself relax from all these issues, I am going to propose some tips and some cool hacks.

Fix Android or iPhone won’t charge

Follow our the best 19 tips to remove this problem:

Tip1: Try another USB Cable

Why Wont My Phone Charge?
Why Wont My Phone Charge?

Sometimes we cannot see the smallest of the things. Like we cannot see chaff from grains. The problem can be with the USB cable. First, we will look into all possible issues for a USB cable.

Firstly due to wear and tear of the phone and during charging, the USB cable has some worn-out parts which are very little visible to the naked eye. The professionals can only track the fault in the cable. This USB cable connection is also a problem because it is a fragile cable. So normal pressure can cause a definite fault in it.

So if the phone won’t charge up by connecting the cable, replace the cable with a new cable. A new cable will be better and more reliable than a repaired one. The new one will be stronger than the old one.

There can be another way also to face the problem. Probably if the user is using a USB cable of other companies. Due to more security reasons, the companies have uniquely developed their logistics so that the device and its assets can be better secured. In these situations, the adapter cannot detect that USB cable and so the phone won’t charge. So the simple method is to replace that USB cable with the cable of the same company.

Many times there are also cases that fault remains in the company only. You should always any USB cable of the branded company. Normal companies are not reliable, and they cannot withstand any wear and tear of the cable. There are some cheap cables which, if you connect, the phone wont charge up. The cheap chargers are harmful in some cases leading to fire and casualties.  

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Tip 2: Try another Adapter

Why Wont My Phone Charge-TRY ANOTHER ADAPTER

The second problem which can arise is the incapability of an adapter. Sometimes the adapter itself has many malfunctions. But there are many different cases from a USB cable. When a USB gets subjected to different cases like bending, all the same pressure also comes on the adapter. The adapter is like the lock and cable is the key. So if there the lock is damaged, then there is no use of a key. So in case if a phone won’t charge, then look for any damages in the adapter.

There can be many possible situations from which the main scene can be because of earth. This is a widespread problem due to which any device including an adapter can have short-circuits. But we will not be able to know about this problem until any item gets affected. In this case, the phone won’t charge up. So we have to replace the old one with a new one.

The long-used adapters can also show the problem at one point in time. The adapter fuses a lot many times when the phone is kept for too long on a charge. This problem is mostly faced by those people who use cheap adapters or a wrong combination of adapter and chord. In both these cases, whether it is the adapter that is faulty or the cable, you should try different combinations. One of the combinations will respond to power.

Likewise, the USB cable adapter should also be of the same company. Cheap adapters can harm your phone and can damage it permanently. So to safeguard your phone and life, I strongly discourage buying any cheap adapters.

Tip 3: Loose Connection at Micro USB Port

For the phone to not charge does not necessarily mean that the problem lies in the device. There can be an external problems acting as physical barriers. One such is the loose connection. The chord of the charger can be loosely connected at any of the two ends either with the charger adapter or with the micro USB port of the mobile phone. You need to check the two endpoints, plug out and plug-in from both ends properly.

Tip 4: Plugging in through PC or Laptop

I can assume that you are all a tech-related user or somebody who knows technology. We know that a phone needs about five volts and two amperes to have its charging at optimum speed. But the laptop gives less than five-volt output. So when we plug in the USB cable into the laptop port, either the phone won’t charge up, or the phone will charge very slowly.

Due to this battery charging action, the performance of the phone, as well as the laptop, will decrease. The battery drain issue of both items can increase also.

 The main scene behind, for which the phone won’t charge, is the damage to the internal mechanism of the adapter. When we plug in and out the cable continuously, then the port attached to the adapter will surely have some malfunctions due to to which the phone won’t charge.

Tip 5: Stop using phone while charging

These days social media interaction is increasing day by day. People are spending maximum time on this. But when the phone is on charging action, then also people use it. If we are using Instagram or playing some big games or using some apps which can easily drain out the battery or taking and seeing random notifications. Then the phone definitely won’t charge up.

Most of the people use the phone while it is on charge and say why wont my phone charge. They play games or use any app or chat. This habit of yours can seriously affect the battery of your phone. The app consumes a great amount of the charge being supplied and makes it slow for the battery to charge. Continuously keeping this habit can make your device battery slow to charge for always. So avoid the use of the phone when it is on the charge.

So you should keep the phone in switch off or airplane mode so that you can have a full proof test. If the phone does not show any malfunctions, then there is no problem with the phone. So you should charge the phone when you are not normally using it. Gossipfunda suggests using Best power bank.

Tip 6: Check for Port Problem

Sometimes the tiniest mistake can turn the whole story against you. The main item in the electronic industry is the chip and its assets like semiconductors and other stuff. The port can have several faults due to several bents and pressure on the cable as well as the adapter. So some internal chips break, and the code inside the chip becomes vulnerable to different specks of dust and malware. The port will be unable to read the cable, and the phone won’t charge up. So you should go to the experts and let him check the ports. If the ports can get fixed, then our problem will also go away.

Tip 7: Cleaning of USB port

Carrying mobile phones in the pocket can sometimes lead to any small particles from your pants like the lints or other things entering the USB Port of the device. This can become an obstruction in the connection. You need to check in light on the insides of your USB Port of the phone. Blow air in it to remove the dirt present or use a toothpick to carefully extract out any other thing without damaging the port.

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Tip 8: Change the Battery

Nowadays, the battery problem is increasing at a higher rate. A battery can be a lifesaver as well as a creator of several problems. If you can get to know that your phone’s battery is dying or having some malfunctions, then I will suppose you to change the battery immediately. Because this can lead to a phone’s imbalance.

Suppose if you do not replace the battery, the fluid inside the battery will start to leak. It can enter into any part and cause damage. This can also take to the problem that the phone won’t charge up as the fluid is not there.

Tip 9: The problem can be in the cables

Most of the time when the mobile phone does not charge, the problem can be because of a faulty cable. The adapter of the charger is a closed system and there are fewer chances of it being broken or damaged from the outside. The chord or the cable which is having cut on anywhere on its length or is frayed will not work. You need to check the cable on every point for any cut. Try using a different chord with the same adapter. In most cases, this works.

Tip 10: Renew the OS

Sometimes the software can cause some sort of malware to enter into the phone. This malware can cause damage to the charging portal, including the digital system. So this fault cannot let you detect how much battery is there or, in some cases, the phone wont charge.

So the best way to deal with this problem is to update or renew the OS through the internet. Companies are always on their move to improve security issues. So we should be ready for new updates and keep our phone secured to be away from charging and all other issues.

Tip 11: Check power source and socket

Before panicking and trying different solutions, you should check your power supply. There can be any problem like the switchboard you are using has any socket which is damaged, the switch won’t turn on and you are freaking out for no reason. Try to charge from a different socket or switchboard and also you can try to test if other things are working on the socket or not. Maybe the supply is not enough for the device to charge.

Tip 12: Close the apps, not in use

You must not be aware but a lot of apps must be running in the background in your device. All of them consume batteries, you should check the apps running and shut the ones, not in use. This problem can be mostly seen in the older versions of mobile phones. The newer devices are much better in performance and hardware.

Devices like iOS are very strict with the apps of the iPhone and so there can be very less or no cases where the iPhone won’t charge. Being costly is the reason that they provide you with much security and better performance.

Tip 13: Uninstall the suspected apps

In our device, we keep a lot of apps. There are one or two or maybe more apps on the phone which are from third parties. Any app from the third-party downloading which has caused your device to charge slow or using it consumes a lot of battery compared to other apps then we have found the victim. Uninstall the app and your problem of slow charging of the device would be solved.

Tip 14: Restart your mobile phone

This can sound like a negligible reason to consider but this only could be the biggest reason for your device to not charge. You can try any number of ways but if there is any software crash in the device, it will be only cured by restarting the mobile phone. A software crash here means that the system which is responsible for your device to charge that particular software if it does not work then you need to restart your phone. This is the only plausible solution for it.

A simple restart ends all the processes which are taking place on your device simultaneously. It stops the functioning of apps. It clears the unnecessary data in the phone. Thus restarting your mobile phone can be a solution to more than one problem.

Tip 15: Update Software/Applications on your device

The developers always keep searching for new things to add to their apps or search for the cure to remove an existing problem in the app. They launch updates for their applications for this reason either to remove the flaws of the current app or to introduce something new into it. The updates of apps are always better than the version you use currently. There can be also updates in the operating system of the device.

You can go to the app store, to ‘My Apps’, and tap on Updates. Now, you will see a list of all those apps whose updates are available. Also, you can update any one of the apps or also choose to update all of them. Whether it is an iPhone or an Android phone, both of them keep launching updates to their OS. The OS update can boost the performance of the device and can help it to charge faster than before. Thus you should not miss out on any update of the software or application when you have a problem like why wont my phone charge.

Tip 16: Downgrade the Software/Application on your device

This is the complete opposite of the thing suggested before this. There can be some apps whose update can cause our mobile phone to charge slowly. This can be because the update might contain some features or services which consume more battery. The new update of the application can be not viable for the old version of our device. It can also be a case that the new update of the app contains any problem or bug and the developers are not aware of it.

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However, this can be very rare of the reasons but after getting an update if the phone shows a problem or charge slowly then definitely it can be one of the reasons. In this case, you can do two things. If the app update is having a problem you have to roll back to the original version of the app not considering whether your device is old or new. But if your device version is old and the app update is free of bugs then you should go for OS update for your device.

Tip 17: Using third party app

Let’s assume that you have cleared all stages of fix issues and solutions. Finally, you think the phone, assets, and all its mechanisms are fine. The last and only solution is to investigate the problem by using some third-party applications.

There is an application whose name is “Ampere.” It is an excellent method to find out the charging issues of the phone. It will give you full details about the consumption and how much is there for charging to complete.

It has different colors to show the users that the phone is charging or has any issues. If the report comes in green color, then the phone is fine and has no issues. If the phone comes in orange color, then there are some issues, and you can show it as proof to technicians who are going to repair if the phone won’t charge up.

Tip 18: Charging Problem when phone dropped in water

This happens many times that our phone gets water by any sudden accident or it falls in water by a slip of the hand. After getting water on your phone, if it works but does not charge properly then this means that the water has penetrated inside the battery of your device. The remedy is to remove the battery dry the phone from the backside and dry the battery. Do not heat the device or keep it in sunlight. Just let it dry in the air. Reinsert the battery if the problem continues then change the battery.

Tip 19: Due to moisture detected in USB

Moisture detected in USB Port may be the one more reason that your phone won’t charging. For this read our blog too.

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So we can say that there can be many issues on the phone, but I am here to save you and tell you about many tricks and tips as to how to avoid the issues. I will also share many beautiful ideas and applications which are going to save you from many problems. The reasons stated above can be the possible reasons for your question of worry why wont my phone charge. You can try out them if one doesn’t work move to the next. There is a great probability that one fix out of them would work for your device. So do not panic and try the fixes with the right approach, if the problem continues you can show your device to the manufacturer.

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