Dropbox Not Syncing

Dropbox is among Google Cloud and OneDrive, among the most popular storage systems for uploading cloud files and accessing them slightly out of the ordinary on any one device, such as Mac, Windows, ios, or Android if Dropbox Not Syncing then? But another 10 users reported some problems, including the non-upgrade of shared files from Dropbox, Dropbox no longer synchronizes, Dropbox no longer connecting, and so forth. The main problem is that Dropbox does not synchronize files or directories. Let’s fix it.

You use Dropbox for backup files on Windows operating system so that when hard drive failures or any other computer failures occur you can restore the data. Currently, the Dropbox compatibility problem is very popular, much as Google Drive does not synchronize Windows 10.

Why doesn’t Dropbox sync?

Different name(s), firewall problems, proxy-apps, etc. are the main causes of bugs and device errors. If your Dropbox doesn’t match files or directories, you’re in the right spot as we’ll give you some helpful ways to address the problem of Dropbox non-syncing data in Windows 10.

How to fix dropbox not syncing in windows

There are few tips and tricks by which you can easily fix the issue. See on our YouTube channel:

Restarting the dropbox

The very first step you can do is test if the Dropbox mechanism is running on your machine. Often the Dropbox mechanism doesn’t run or react or freeze, which creates a sync problem. In most cases, the Dropbox process can be simply started or restarted, which suffices to address the unsynchronized Dropbox folder.

  • Fix 1: Visit Task Manager.
  • Fix 2: Take a look at the Dropbox operation.

When you find it in the System Table, pick it and press End Project.

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If you can’t see it or have completed the job, press the mouse icon to restart it.

Start the job in the task manager If the restart couldn’t improve, find another way.

Utilization of selective tools

A selective backup function of Dropbox enables you to pick the files or folders that you would like to store. Only selective files are synchronized if you allow this functionality. You will find that Dropbox does not suit your files if you do not add certain files or folders.

Seek the following steps to resolve the problem:

>Click the Dropbox button on the taskbar.
>Tap Options switch to Preferences > Swap.
>To add your files to the selective connection tab, tap Selective Sync. You can also unselect files that you don’t use.

Dropbox Cache Clear

Complete Dropbox caches can also allow the system not to synchronize files or directories. You will clear the cache to address the problem.

  • >Open your Windows 10 File browser and go to the Dropbox tab.
  • >Detect the dropbox cache tab.
  • >Pick different files you want to remove in that file.

Time to checkout file

The file will not be moved to a cloud server from the Dropbox folder on your device when it is accessed via e-mail. Dropbox does not merge the file so you can get an error message the file is already in use.

To unlock the Dropbox sync concern, serve specific tips to check:

  • Get assured that the file you require to attach or sync is not initiated on your machine
  • Please remove the data from the Dropbox directory and download a brand-new one
  • Test the file name to make sure it doesn’t include any characters, such as percent.

Check Internet Connection

Internet connectivity is the simplest element to guarantee the daily operation of Dropbox. Unless the Mac is not wired to the Internet, Dropbox has evidently stopped syncing. So, make sure that your device is connected to good network connectivity. You may also maintain a sufficient network bandwidth without restricting Dropbox’s ability to download and upload.

Uninstalling the antivirus

Your antivirus system, such as Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton, Quick heel, etc., can analyze the Dropbox application as a malware program; in conclusion, it closes syncing with Dropbox.

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When you are annoyed by non-syncing Dropbox files, you can delete it from the antivirus application blacklist or disable the antivirus app temporarily. You can then sync your Dropbox files again.

Check Dropbox Settings

If you’ve implemented the aforementioned solutions, but they don’t work to solve the problem of Dropbox not syncing files/folders, the problem could be triggered by wrong configurations or changed settings.

So, by following steps below, you have to change the Dropbox settings.

  • >> Click the system tray’s Dropbox button, go to Settings (control panel gear button) and choose Escape Dropbox.
  • >> Enter cmd in the Windows 10 Search screen, press Run as Administrator, right-click command prompt.
  • >> Copy and paste the following commands to the pop-up window and press Enter after each command:
icacls "percent HOMEPATH per cent \Dropbox" / grant" percent USERNAME per cent"
(F)/T icacls "percent APPDATA per cent \Dropbox" / grant" percent USERNAME per cent"
(F)/T icacls "percent LOCALAPPDATA per cent \Dropbox" / grant" percent USERNAME per cent": F / T icacls
  • >> Restart Dropbox and test that the sync issue has been fixed.

Network Troubleshoot

If you are having network glitches, then press Windows key+I to open Settings and find and repair your network issues.Select Submit corrections automatically here and then press Next to execute the on-screen directions. If the program detects any defects, action to correct the same would be recommended.

Accessing Firewall

Windows 10 can block Dropbox by Windows Firewall and the sync issue will occur. You may not have to disable this firewall, but in this case, you should add this to the exception list.

Step 1: Go to the window for Enable Applications. 

* * Firewall input into a quest and click on the firewall of Windows Protector. Click on Make an app or feature in the defender firewall of Windows.

Step 2: Press Settings Update, scroll down the apps list, find the Dropbox, and check the Private and Public boxes in the pop-up dialogue.

Step 3: Final step is to click OK.

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Dropbox: Frequently Asked Questions

Sync Dropbox On Windows 10

Download and install the software on your PC to the website of Dropbox.

Go to Settings > Preferences by clicking on the Dropbox icon in the taskbar.

Choose what files you want to synchronize with Sync > Limited Sync.

Tap OK.

Dropbox Not Syncing Problem: Reason

If Dropbox doesn’t work on your Mac, it could be triggered by a number of factors, such as file used, similar names, error settings and bugs, proxy capacity, firewall issues, etc.

Refreshing Dropbox Files

Dropbox Mobile Devices will access the newly released files on request. Files are only available for download. Only open this program and tap a file or sign in to synchronize your tablet or telephone notification. Offline File Register If you don’t see a file, tap the screen view to refresh.

Dropbox Files Storage Path

Normal is the following: C: > users > username in the Dropbox tab. C is the hard drive principal. Obviously, during the application installation process, you can choose to put this folder in another spot.


Here, in the above article I have tried to cover all the possible solutions to the problem” Dropbox Not Syncing”.

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