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Gossipfunda gossips all about Android/iOS/Windows/MAC OS Software and their tech-tips-tricks to fix any issue. In the present scenario, we have seen different types of tech gadgets as well as their running software too. There is no doubt to say “where there is science, there exists problem automatically.” That is why we have design three characters:

Gossip( who delivers the perfect way to fix the android/iOS issue), next FUN( who creates fun in between ), and the last and the main character is the Da( Da plays a very important role, she works like a tool to support Gossip). This is how we all come together in the form of Gossip Fun Da. Gossipfunda also derives from two words =Gossip( telling about tech news)+ Funda( which means fundamental. So, gossip with us.

About Us Gossipfunda

Gossipfunda is the three characters: gossip, fun, and Da. By their name, their roles are very much clear Gossip gossips about Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Electronic, Google, Latest Gadget, Tech News, Programming, etc. Explains in such a way that how a child also becomes able to do it. He also explains the current / latest technology like artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Raspberry Ppi, Embedded, Python, Arduino, AVR, Coding, and many more. Fun roles to create fun/ entertainment/comedy with musical eureka dance but he is too intelligent then gossip and gives new innovative ideas for the episode.

Yes, now you are thinking about the Da…who is she? It is a Suspense which you will find by watching our web series gossipfunda. Welcome you all in the world of Gossip Fun Da… Here you will get a lot of innovative ideas, tech tips, and error fixes.

There are many contributors/writers to this blog site. So why not you?

We are dealing with science and technology from our childhood. We want to explore our knowledge of the whole world. Why not you join us by writing such articles so that the world knows your talent. Feel free to write to us at [email protected]. Publish your article free here if you have a passion for electronics.

Gossipfunda Tagline

From Zero(0) to One(1)


Gossipfunda Tagline means in terms of digital logic-> From Low to High, from OFF to ON, From False to True, etc.

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