Steam deck cloud sync error – Causes and Solutions

Gamers may access their Steam library while on the road with Valve Corporation’s widely anticipated release, the Steam Deck. The device’s cloud sync function, which enables users to easily access their stored games and settings across different devices, is one of its primary features. The Steam Deck cloud sync has, however, been noted to have problems, including error messages that impede cloud synchronisation. In this post, we’ll look at some potential reasons for Steam Deck cloud sync issues and provide ways to assist customers fix the problem and resume playing their favourite mobile games.

What is Steam Deck Cloud Sync?

Users may store their game settings and progress using the cloud sync function of Steam Deck, making it simpler to transition between devices without losing progress. The cloud sync function will automatically synchronise a user’s game saves and settings so they may continue playing where they left off when they log into their Steam account on a new device.

Causes of steam deck cloud sync error

  • Network connectivity problems: For the Steam Deck to synchronise with the cloud, a reliable internet connection is necessary. A cloud sync issue might happen if the device can’t connect to the internet or if the connection is unreliable.
  • Problems with the Steam server might prevent the cloud sync functionality from functioning as intended. Waiting for the server to get back online may help to alleviate these short-term problems.
  • Game files that have gotten corrupted in the cloud may make it impossible for the Steam Deck to synchronise with the cloud. The user might have to erase and reupload their game saves to the cloud as a result.
  • Utilising an old version of the Steam client may result in problems with the cloud sync feature. Users should make sure they are running the most recent client version.
  • Insufficient Cloud Storage: The Steam Deck may be unable to synchronise with the cloud if the user has exhausted their allotted amount of cloud storage. Users should monitor their cloud storage consumption and, if required, think about buying more space.
  • Third-party software conflicts: Some third-party programmes, including antivirus or firewall software, may conflict with the Steam Deck cloud sync function. Users must make sure that their security programmes are set up to let Steam connect to the internet.
  • Steam Account Problems: If the user’s Steam account is having problems, the Steam Deck may not be able to synchronise with the cloud. Users should check that their accounts are active and that they have not received any kind of ban or restriction.
  • Incorrect Time and Date Settings: The Steam Deck’s cloud sync feature may not work properly if the time and date are configured incorrectly. Users should check that the time and date on their device are accurate.
  • Conflicts with VPN Software: The cloud sync function of Steam Deck may not operate properly while using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Before attempting to sync with the cloud, users should turn off their VPN.
  • Issues with Device capacity: If the device doesn’t have enough capacity, the Steam Deck may not be able to synchronise with the cloud. Users should make sure they have enough storage space for their game settings and saves.
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How to fix steam deck cloud sync error

Launch Steam Deck:

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to fix any short-term problems that could be creating the cloud sync error is to restart the Steam Deck. To complete this process, hold down the power button until the gadget turns off, then release it and press it once more to turn it back on. Restarting the device allows the operating system to be updated and removes any transient problems that could be obstructing the cloud sync function. Users can avoid having to solve more complicated difficulties by using this method, which is typically useful for simple situations.

Uploading new game saves:

Re-uploading game saves to the cloud is a specialised remedy for damaged file problems. The user can access their Steam Cloud via the Steam client on their PC or the Steam Deck to carry out this solution. Then, after choosing the game that is having a cloud sync issue, they may erase the damaged save files and upload the game saves again from their local device to the cloud. Corrupted file problems should be resolved by this procedure, and cloud sync capability should be reinstated.

Steam client reset:

Configuration problems that could impact the cloud sync feature can be fixed by returning the Steam client to its default settings. The Steam client’s configuration files are deleted during this procedure, causing the client to generate fresh default configuration files the following time it is run. The user must quit the Steam client and go to the Steam directory on their PC in order to implement this fix. The “ClientRegistry.blob”, “appcache”, and “config” folders should then be deleted. They may restart the Steam client after deleting these files, and the cloud sync functionality should work as intended.

Third-Party Software Removal:

Uninstalling third-party software that could be interfering with the cloud sync feature is a fix, however it can take some research to figure out which programme is to blame. Errors with cloud sync can occur when third-party software, such as antivirus or firewall programmes, is set up to prevent Steam from accessing the internet. To implement this fix, the user must first identify the offending third-party programme and either delete it or set it up to provide Steam access to the internet.

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Reset Network Configuration:

Any connectivity problems that can impact the cloud sync capability can be solved by resetting the network settings on the Steam Deck. Resetting the network settings on the device to their normal values will remove any network configurations that could be interfering with the cloud sync capability. The user must access the settings on the Steam Deck, choose the network settings, and then select the option to restore the network settings to their default settings in order to implement this fix. The user can try to sync with the cloud once again after resetting the network settings, and the problem should be fixed.

Reach out to Steam Support:

If the user has attempted all of the suggested fixes but is still having problems with the cloud sync feature, they may get help from Steam support. Steam support may be able to address the problem with more sophisticated solutions and can offer advice on troubleshooting techniques tailored to the user’s scenario.

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Many users have found the cloud sync problem with Steam Deck to be annoying. Despite the early excitement surrounding Valve’s portable gadget, the problem has made some gamers less enthusiastic. The Steam Deck is still a very new device, so as with any new technology, there can be unforeseen complications that crop up. The cloud sync issue has been noted by Valve, and a patch is currently being developed. Users can wait while Valve works to fix the problem or attempt some of the recommended remedies in the meanwhile. It’s important to note that the Steam Deck has a lot of promise and that, once these first problems are resolved, it may be a fantastic portable gaming system.


Can I transfer my offline game saves and settings to the cloud?

No, in order to upload and download game saves and settings, the cloud sync feature needs an internet connection.

How long does it take for cloud-based game saves and settings to sync?

The size of the data and the speed of the internet connection affect how long it takes for game saves and settings to sync with the cloud. While bigger files could take many minutes to sync, smaller files might just take a few seconds.

Will every game on the Steam Deck be compatible with the cloud sync feature?

The majority of Steam Deck games that enable cloud saving will function with the cloud sync functionality. However, some older games might not be able to save to the cloud or sync with the cloud.

Will the cloud sync function be affected if I use a different Steam account on the same device?

The cloud sync feature may be impacted if you use a separate Steam account on the same device since it will have its own set of game saves and settings that might not be synchronised with the cloud. To guarantee flawless syncing, it is advised to utilize the same Steam account across all devices.