How to make chrome download faster?

How to make chrome download faster? or How to make download speed faster in chrome? Gossipfunda has both solutions. Chrome, one of the most used browser (search engines software) across the world.  Also, has few errors in its processing.  Little equipping works will energize your chrome’s performance.  Read about hyperthreading and network connection facilities.  It can help you out when downloading chrome faster.  This article will help you out to explore enhancing your fast browsing. Let’s explore!!!!

How to make chrome download faster?


Google started as an internet services offering firm that grew its specialization in online advertising technology and search engine.  This multinational technological co is a limited liability company found in America.  It’s vast and widespread growth can be noticed from its placement in one of the big four cos such as amazon, Microsoft, and apple.

Google chrome

Chrome is a cross-platform web browser introduced in 2008.  This browser uses C, C++, JAVA, JavaScript, Python.  It functions in 47 languages and attains the source code from google. 

In May 2020, Stat counter and net market share state that 68% of the world’s browser market share.

Search Engine

Usually, billions of web searches take place in this search engine.  According to the comScore market, the market share of google was 65.6% of the American share market.

Google started its news service in 2002 which is an automated service.  It summarizes news articles.  Also, it hosts Google books.

How to download chrome browser faster?

Downloading speed of chrome browser can be triggered up by using a spacious network bandwidth.  It helps you to connect well with the network.  

Uninstalling unwanted apps and opening up the storage space can help you better. 

  1. See your firewall protection.
firewall protection make download chrome browser slower
  1. Make sure your antivirus don’t effect your downloading.
antivirus don't effect your to make chrome download faster?
  1. Clear previous temp files by using %temp%. Use RUN->type “%temp%”->Select All and Delete
Clear previous temp files
  1. Delete temporary files, history, cookies, save password and web form information.
Delete temporary files, history, cookies, save password and web form information
  1. Make sure your Hard Disk write speed working properly
Hard Disk write speed is important for download chrome browser faster
  1. Check for all processor are ON or NOT. Use msconfig.exe->Boot->Advance Option-> No of processors-> Maximize
 processor are ON or NOT
  1. Check for full RAM power to download chrome. Use msconfig.exe->Boot->Advance Option-> Maximum Memory->ticked
  2. Try CPU overclocking
  3. Try using turbo download manager:  It helps you to download bulk software even in low bandwidth.  Downloading via it can help you in fast downloading.    
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How to make download speed faster in chrome

How to make download speed faster in chrome

Update chrome

  • Open Google play store.
  • Tap on the three-line icon representing menu.
  • Select “My apps and games”.
  • Three fields will appear namely updates, installed and library.
  • From the updates section, select chrome.
  • Tap on update.

Safety check

Chrome can help keep you safe from data breaches, bad extensions: Check Now

Close any unused tabs

  • Open chrome
  • To the right of the address bar, select switch tabs.
  • You can see tabs open.  Swipe to close all the tabs.

Make sure page prefetch is on

  • Open chrome.
  • To the right of the address bar, tap more and select settings.
  • Under advanced, tap privacy.
  • Toggle on preload pages for fast browsing.

Enable parallel downloading: 

Parallel downloading is a useful feature to fasten your process of web search.  It is not a pre-installed one. So, to make use of it you should enable the process. According to key CDN, enabling parallel downloading will increase the speed of the internet by 33%.

  • Open Chrome app.
  • The type flags in the address bar and enters the experiment page.
  • On that page select the search bar and type parallel downloading.
  • Click on the drop-down option available there. 
  • Select the enabling option.
  • Prompt to restart will appear on the page.  Relaunch now.
  • After these procedures, you can see a good upliftment in the working of chrome. 

Reset and clean up

Restore settings to their original defaults

Restore settings to their original defaults

Clean up PC->Find harmful software

Malware protection

Ensure no malware is comprised in your chrome app Malware deals with illegal internet usage without the user’s permission by hackers.  They tend to download unwanted programs or may transfer your precious data to the hacker.  As chrome has an in-built virus detector, you can use it to have a check and delete it.

  • To use the detector, enter chrome.
  • Choose to clean up.
  • Automatically, it detects any virus present in it and reports.

Disable background running apps

  • Open chrome
  • Enter settings.
  • Select advanced settings. 
  • Under systems, toggle continues running background apps when Chrome is closed.
  • Toggle use hardware acceleration to off.
  • Relaunch chrome app.

Change network settings

Disable plugins

Plugins are useful, but sometimes it may slow down the performance of the PC.

  • To remove extensions, go to settings-> Extensions-> Untick enabled switch.
  • Use the data saver extension. 

Disable image content

  • Enter chrome
  • Select settings.
  • In the content field, select images and check options.
  • Now change it to do not show any images and press done.

Clear browsing data regularly

Clear browsing data regularly

Whatever search engine you use, it has the habit of all the information.  It may look like useful to re-access the same website again, but it adds a lot of storage and affects your performance.

To clear browsing history: Settings< History < Clear browsing data.

Clear cache

Cache refers to the corrupted data that cannot be accessed and reused.  But it stays at the app storage itself.  Clearing it can help to increase storage and fast downloading ability.

  • Open settings.
  • Enter storage option.
  • Select used space after the device calculates all the storage segregations.
  • Now, it shows three options namely, applications, pictures & videos, and audio.
  • From applications options, select chrome.
  • If you scroll down. You can see an option named clear cache.
  • Tap on it.
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Cookies and other site data

Go to setting->Privacy and security->Clear history, cookies, cache, and more

Maintenance of storage

Storage is an important part while using your phone.  Whether using chrome or any other apps too, it needs sufficient storage to function well.  You have a few ways to deal with storage issues if your phone memory is insufficient.

  • Expandable memory:  Your phone’s or desktop’s memory will surely have another option to expand its storage capacity.  Use an SD card on a mobile phone to store more content as well as for efficiency.
  • Cloud storage options:  In your desktop, if working is slower then try to adapt to a cloud storage software.  It can help you to store a vast amount of memory along with easy accessibility.  Google drive is a much easier option to adopt.  The majority of the people using mobile phones are enriched with google products for its inevitability.  Not only google drive but many cloud storage apps and software are available today on websites and even in the form of apps.  

Free up space for the device.  This act may look like a simple act but it can help the device to use its resources only for present functioning and not for any other background running apps.

Tips: Avoid running background apps. Reset Chrome settings to default so it may run freshly.

Few advanced methods for your fast connectivity

Personal internet connection

When your chrome book functions slower, there is a possibility that even your network connection may have issues.  Using such websites like,, can help you to check the net speed in your location.  Net testers that can be used while browsing the internet can be done for live testing.  You have various internet connection testers like Ookla speed tests, OpenSpeedTest, SpeedTest.

In case any disruptions are identified, then contact your service provider.  They can help you sort out the issues by troubleshooting the connection.


Hyperthreading is a process where parallel activities of app programs and operating system works are done.  It uses a single microprocessor and works efficiently.  Enabling it can help you to run with many apps simultaneously.

  • Open chrome.
  • Type chrome://flags#scheduler-configuration in the location field
  • In the dropdown option available in Rh corner, transfer default settings to enable hyperthreading on relevant CPUs.

GPU rasterization

Rasterization is a process in which 3D objects like images are simplified according to the device’s supporting ability to 2D images. 

Follow the same process as if hyper-threading, by selecting the drop-down option and toggle on rasterization. See GPU Overclocking in Blog.

Power wash and factory reset

Chrome’s main energizer is power wash and factory reset works.  When power wash is done, all the accounts registered with that app will be deleted; all data or cache will be permanently erased.  This gives fresh activeness to chrome so that it works well.  Ensure that whenever you do a power wash, you delete useless extensions and plugins too.  This is because when memory has some cache or unwanted data in it, there are possibilities to retain such errors.  Even after power wash, such errors occur which denotes that still, some errors are present in the device.

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Factory reset:  Whenever a factory reset is done, it refreshes the account and app installed in the device.  In no way it deletes data or cache present in the app or device.  It erases only your cookies (temporary data).  Even bookmarks, browser history, and saved passwords will remain in it.  Enabled extensions will toggle off by itself.  You need to re-enable it whenever you do a reset if needed.  

Useful apps for perfect maintenance of your browser

  • The great suspender:  This app involves the suspension of all tabs which are unused within a configuration time.  
  • Toby chrome: It has all your tab collections.  Instead of leaving your tabs unclosed, this app saves all the tabs where you left it. 
  • Tab snooze:  It remembers and notifies your tabs for re-usage.
  • Black origin: Helps for script blocking extension.
  • Chrome android browser: By simplifying the codes, slow loading pages are loaded quickly.

Reasons for slow processing by chrome

  • Heavy usage: The newer device you use, faster will be processed.  If you use the same device for long days, then its resources will drain.  This deficiency in resources is a major reason for the slow effect.  Outdated devices and apps can lead to such errors.
  • Usage of extensions:   Mini modules that help you to deal with ad blocking, cookie management, easy access to apps are called extensions.  For easy usage, such extensions are used more by people.  But they are an added memory for app and device as well.  It’s better to be away from such icons and shortcuts.  Because it may slow down the performance.

To energize your Chrome’s downloads, follow the above-mentioned methods for both How to make chrome download faster or How to make download speed faster in chrome.  It can stimulate the working of your Chrome and help you for fast browsing too.  Try the above-mentioned steps and enhance your downloading capacity.   Use digital access to empower yourself with updates software and online education platforms which will energize the human resources of the country.