Screen Overlay Detected Problems Quick Fix

Screen Overlay Detected

Screen Overlay Detected Problems

If your smartphone’s “Screen Overlay Detected” you are in the correct spot. Here we will clarify why and how this message will be presented. Take this reference step by step to take the right direction. Very helpful for screen overlay detected Samsung S-series like s6, s7, s8, s9, s10, s20, etc J-series like Galaxy j1, to j6, j7 duo, prime, crown, etc.

If your smartphone’s “Screen Overlay Detected” you are in the correct spot. Here we will clarify why and how this message will be presented. Take this reference step by step to take the right direction.

Reasons For “Screen Overlay Detected”

  • Problem: Screen Overlay Detected
  • Reason: When you perform a floating program, this issue appears and then you begin a recently installed application that needs access rights. Popular floating apps contain Facebook Messenger chat heads, which can float over other applications.
  • Smartphones Having Such Issue: Internet users complained that Samsung and Motorola smartphones, among other items, have faced this epidemic. On a mobile-like Vodafone and Samsung, AndroidPIT repeated the behavior.
  • Apps That Causes Such Problems: The problem was repeated with Drupe, but the error was blamed on ES File Explorer, CleanMaster, Lux and Twilight.
  • Technical Reason: Theoretically, an overlay monitor can compete with the permission-appealing dialogue, so you have to disable the feature for dialog interaction.


Quick Fixes: Screen overlay detected

Quick Fix 1

Before anything, you must check which app has got this type of permission to overlay over the screen with certain messages or sudden pop-up notification.

Follow these steps for Smartphone users(except Samsung Users)

  • Visit Settings App on your smartphone
  • Go to search option and type Draw
  • And choose option Draw over the apps.
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For Samsung Users

  • Go to the settings app on your smartphone
  • Visit Applications and then go to Application manager
  • Tap on options More and do select Apps that can appear on top

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Quick Fix 2

You can also fix this problem by checking the app’s permissions.

All the apps will pop up on the screen and identify the apps and disable them. Here are some tips on how the app which causes the problem can be identified:

Screen Overlay Detected Samsung s and j series
Screen Overlay Detected: Notification
  • Have you seen on your display an app bubble? If so, literally nearly probably this app is the reason. Either hide or deactivate the app bubble on the list.
  • Have you downloaded an app that changes colors or switches light on the screen?
  • Clean Master may be an agitator, it is recorded. Deactivate it if you look at Clean Master in the folder.
  • Disable all if there is no known cause.

Quick Fix 3

Now you can start the device again and check for permissions without getting in the way of a “Screen Overlay Detected” malfunction.

For users of Samsung: We have got a report which indicates the root cause could be one-hand keyboard settings. Enable this by going to Settings> Advanced Options > Function in a single hand.

Quick Fix 4

To rework the app(s) you have deactivated in stage 2, the overlay permissions need to be re-enabled. If you have turned off all devices, only the ones that you are using can be reactivated.

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Quick Fix 5

If the steps above do not work, you should take another step to resolve the problem. You need to use Android to handle app permissions in “safe mode.”

It means that you recall the device with which you have these issues.

  • First, click on your phone’s power button.
  • Hang on the pop-up prompt and press the power off button.
  • After a few seconds, another speed pops up and demands that you enable Safe Mode.
  • Click OK, in Safe Mode the system will be rebooted.
  • Next, go to Preferences and then to Applications when your phone is turned on.
  • Select the app that has a screen overlay question, scroll down and find it.
  • Pick Allowances on the app page.
  • Enable all permissions the user required previously on the permissions tab. 
  • After that, restart the machine.
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It’s a rather creative approach, but it is the best thing we have until Google makes the improvements necessary to avoid messing with the approval dialogues by app overlays. Newer Android models do not seem to fail greatly, and consumers of Android Marshmallow tend to say this.

Third-Party Solution

There are a few applications to deal with this problem. Because additional applications must be downloaded and ads are shown, we also suggest seeking the above manual solution first. But, if it doesn’t work, these apps could be worth a try.

Use Install Button Unlocker

Allow permissions to the apps when asked to resolve your problems. Once you have triggered the Download Unlocker button, retry the previously impacted overlay error operations. The mistake will stop if it works correctly.

Try Alert Window Checker

Then there is an Alert Window Checker that tests whether an app uses overlay screen authorization.

Alert Window Checker shows a device menu when you allow it, and whether the overlay authorization is used. 

moisture detected S7
moisture detected S7
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