BenQ Monitor

Is gaming your Lifeline? Does gaming bring you the adrenaline rush in you? Are you a gamer? If yes, then I am sure you have already used or heard about the BenQ monitor. BenQ Corporation has always been the flag bearer in the field of Gaming. Due to the escalating demands in gaming and enthusiastic interest in gamers, BenQ has always remained a few steps ahead of other laptops and computer corporations.

A monitor is the user’s primary interface with the computer system, and therefore the design, looks, and comfy feel should be the utmost priority while considering any systems for purchase. The coverage is oriented towards advancement in technology, which improves picture visualization resolution, but sometimes the design and price value becomes the center of attraction.

About BenQ

To illustrate, BenQ is a Taiwanese Subsdiary Electronics Multinational Company that trades consumer electronics, technology products, communications, and computing devices all around the world. BenQ being the predecessor of Acer Communication and Multimedia was founded in the golden year 1984, which is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. The parent of BenQ is Qisda Corporation. Today the key people of this company are none other than Mr. K.Y. Lee with a distinguished personality who is the Chairperson of BenQ Multinational Company. Above him lies in the higher position, the CEO(Chief Executive Officer) and President of the company Mr. Conway Lee. They never left a stone unturned to represent their company in the frontline.

In the year 2005, BenQ obtained the division from Germany for mobile devices and came out with flying colors by becoming the sixth-largest company in the industry of mobile company by market share accumulation. After that achievement in late Sept 2006, BenQ separated from Acer and established itself as an independent Corporation and served worldwide. If you are interested in acknowledging more about BenQ gaming monitor, then feel free to visit the website

What monitor reviews say?

The numerous amount of monitor reviews focus on technical advancement, better performance than the predecessor, and improvements in image quality, resolution, and pixel count.

In reality, they don’t give a damn about taking design, style, or feel into account. Evolution in technology refers to the premium pricing of the product, but not when we can highlight the exceptional value of the product, we do. Type the BenQ VZ2470H on search engines like google. A general-use shows the incorporate superior image quality in courtesy with the high-contrast AMVA panel, high style, and a low price.

While every PC/ Monitor manufacturing corporation has its own distinct and extraordinary product design, most desktops portray features that are difficult to tell apart once you take a challenge to step back and distinguish them, then you are unable to see the logo. The now-familiar black finish, or you can say bezels, on the cover is a staple feature in almost every monitor. In that same vein, the inventors of BenQ have designed a white chassis for VZ, which displays extra attention to the detailing by providing white cables along with a white brick for power supply. Just adding a feather to the cap, BenQ monitors are designed with a zero-bezel panel from Edge-To-Edge so that it can create an illusion of a picture floating on the screen for the user.

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BenQ Monitor

The BenQ monitors are crafted to be a sleek, minimalistic addition to every home or office or at any corners. 1080p resolution and an IPS panel make this monitor great for viewing documents, web pages, or colorful content. The edge-to-edge display elevates the aesthetic appeal of the monitor and also makes for seamless dual monitor setup. VGA, HDMI, and display port provide easy connectivity, while built-in speakers and cable management, along with being VESA wall-mountable make this the ideal monitor for any workspace.

benq monitor
benq monitor
  • It has a comprehensive display of 27 inches with Full HD IPS of 1080p and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Furthermore, it comprises of built-in speakers and 250 nits of brightness.
  • For clarity, BenQ has got you covered along with a vast 178 degrees viewing angle from any point of viewing angle.
  • Are you worried about the damage caused to your BenQ monitor? Then lets us handle it. BenQ comprises of ultra-slim, edge-to-edge bezels destined for the real world. With bezels, you can configure multi-panels virtually without flaws with an extended view and extra spacious base. Nevertheless, it is sculptured to add up to the grace for your office as well as home.
  • Your eye health is also taken care of by BenQ monitors with Patented Eye-Care so that you can work for long hours. The Brightness Intelligence Adaptive technology adheres to the brightness for a compatible and comfy visualization. The zero flicker and blue light by the monitor safeguard you from eye strain and headaches as it delivers optimized images.
  • The cable system is integrally managed and neatly concealed within the monitor stand.

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Key Features

Cable Management System

The cable system that comprises of numerous wires, is invisible yet integrally managed and organized within the monitor and is covered neatly inside the monitor stand for better synchronization.


Are you worried about your precious laptop getting scratched? Don’t worry! We have got that covered with the carbon fiber crafted, created, and texture helps you to resist everyday scratches.

Sculpted Base

Gaze at the outstandingly crafted profile base, which eradicates the extraneous edges so that you can have a glimpse of the clean, shimmery, and functional base.

Ultra-Slim Bezel Design

It has the privilege to offer a furnished, visually spectacular edge-to-edge panel finish with ultra-slim bezels and an exclusive profile that beautifully complements every workspace.

Sophisticated and stylish design

BenQ is empowered with the premium quality of etching texture and sculpted base that prevents fine scratch whirls and eradicates extraneous matte edges for a clean and functional look.

Multimedia Enjoyment

It is embedded with HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports for the users who can enjoy multimedia fun and entertainment by conveniently switching between two media sources without troublesome plugin and plug out.

Super-Fast Response Time and Refresh Rate

It has super-fast 1ms GTG response time and 60/75Hz Refresh Rate to eradicate motion smear for streaming a smooth videotape and trouble-free gaming experiences. Dramatic transitions and fast-moving actions render flawlessly without any lag or ghosting: stream video-tapes and immersive gaming without any delay.

Best Deals

BenQ IPS Monitor

Customer Rating in 100%92%
Price$159.99 ±$20
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum1920×1080 pixels
Screen Size27 inches
Display TypeLED
Item Dimensions18.23 x 7.20 x 24.09 inches
Item Weight11.00 lbs
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Refresh Rate60 hertz
Size24″, 27-inch (IPS)
Purchase LinkClick Here

BenQ EX3501R Curved QHD Monitor

Customer Rating in 100%85%
Price$550 to $649.99
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum3440×1440 pixels
Screen Size35 inches
Display TypeLCD
Item Dimensions17.48 x 8.82 x 32.83 inches
Item Weight21.28 lbs
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Refresh Rate100 hertz
Size32″, 35″ QHD / 100Hz
Purchase linkClick Here

BenQ EW2780Q

Customer Rating in 100%80%
Display Resolution Maximum2560 x 1440
Screen Size27 inches
Refresh Rate60 hertz
Size27″ QHD IPS
Purchase linkClick Here

BenQ PD2720U Thunderbolt

Customer Rating in 100%79%
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum3840 x 2160 pixels
Screen Size27 inches
Display TypeLED
Item Dimensions23.37 x 24.19 x 6.43 inches
Item Weight23.13 lbs
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Refresh Rate60 hertz
Size27″ (Thunderbolt 3), 35.5″
Purchase LinkClick Here

BenQ 1080P Monitor

Customer Rating in 100%91%
PriceFrom $137.99 to $170
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum1920 x 1080
Screen Size27 inches
Display TypeLED
Item Dimensions8.50 x 25.20 x 19.20 inches
Item Weight12.10 lbs
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Refresh Rate60 hertz
Size27″ 75Hz
Best DealClick Here

BenQ EX2780Q Gaming Monitor

Customer Rating in 100%86%
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum2560 x 1440 pixels
Screen Size27 inches
Display TypeLCD
Item Dimensions24.17 x 7.72 x 18.07 inches
Item Weight0.21 ounces
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Refresh Rate144Hz monitor
Size27″ QHD IPS 144Hz, 28″
Best DealClick Here

BenQ EL2870U 27.9″ 4K Ultra HD LED

Customer Rating in 100%87%
PriceStart From $450.06
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum3840×2160
Screen Size27.9 inches
Display TypeLED
Item Dimensions25.87 x 7.64 x 18.74 inches
Item Weight12.57 lbs
Purchase linkClick Here

BenQ PD2700Q 27 inch QHD 1440p IPS Monitor

Customer Rating in 100%85%
Aspect Ratio16:9
Display Resolution Maximum2560×1440 pixels
Screen Size27 inches
Display TypeLCD
Item Dimensions9.44 x 25.24 x 16.43 inches
Item Weight15.20 lbs
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Refresh Rate60 hertz
Size25″, 27-inch ( WQHD, Factory-calibrated)
Buy NowClick Here

Why BenQ Monitor?

The following technology makes the BenQ Monitor most attractive for gamer as well as normal users.

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Low Blue Light Technology

The Low Blue Light lowers hazardous blue light to reduce eye strain, especially during prolonged use. BenQ’s low blue light Technology blocks high blue light energy(420-480nm) emitted from your computer monitor, which package harm your eyes once it reaches your retina. But in the case of BenQ, you will never feel uncomfortable even after using it for a prolonged time. Not only Low Blue Light Technology but also a customized reading mode was modeted called the ePaper mode. It is designed especially for those who are habituated to remain updated with newspapers every morning. Fortunately, it gives you the experience of reading a real newspaper. By usingmodes feature, the ePaper Mode aids you with convenient reading.

Flicker-Free Technology

The Flicker-Free technology virtually eradicates harmful flickering at all brightness levels to tackle eye fatigue. Also, you can synchronize the amount of time that you spent with your PC to prevent eye strain and discomfort. It is believed that 20-20-20 regulation prevents and tackles digital eye strain. On the contrary, when a workaholic person is fully concentrated on his work, the 20-20-20 rule is nowhere to consider significant. Therefore, BenQ has sculpted the screen time feature for you all.

Another feature called the Eye Reminder is an advanced technology developed to work according to your PC’s screen time so as to keep a check on the amount of time spent with your monitor concerning work. You can set a period for yourself while working, and once you reach the screen time, a message reminds you that you need a break. Overall, this makes you a more disciplined version of yourself so that you can manage time with your work and rest.

Brightness Intelligence Technology

B.I.Tech, also known as Brightness Intelligence Technology of BenQ, has created monitors with ambient light in your visual environment and the on-screen content. It energetically adjusts screen brightness for the most seamless and comfortable experience of picture visualization throughout the day. It not only manages your screen time but also keeps a check with the customized screen settings synchronized by you on the monitor. The latest generation of Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology adjusts on-screen brightness as well as accurate RGB color temperature automatically following the inbuilt sensors for real-time detection. The perfect synchronization between on-screen brightness and ambient light always keeps a check on eye care. So be careful about your customized settings

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Color weakness mode

The Brightness Intelligence Technology (B.I.Tech.) adjusts screen brightness and the ambient light for the comfiest viewing experience of the environment.

E-paper mode

The simulated classy e-book mode crafted seamlessly to facilitate clear black and white reading layout without any background distractions and suitable on-screen brightness for a comfy reading experience with suitable text formatting.

Eliminate Eye Strain

The B.I.Tech, also known as Brightness Intelligence Technology, keeps a check on the monitor and eradicates eye strain in any ambient lighting. Therefore, it adjusts the brightness of the screen for the comfiest visualization experience possible.

Darkroom mode:

The dark mode is prevalent nowadays. Dark Mode privileges you with optimized and synchronized settings of the three main pillars of picture quality: saturation, contrast, and brightness. Thus, it provides better sharpness, vibrancies, and clarity towards detailing of the image and creating the best-customized setting for work and rest.

CAD/ CAM Mode:

The CAD/CAM offers the best contrast on 3D color lines in case of any projects and representation. Now you can easily identify the major and minor details in alter monitor color, complicated object wireframes, and we assure you that you will never miss a line again.

Dual View:

BenQ has facilitated to enhance your workflow by switching on to DualView to showcase various designs with different display modes side-by-side.

  1. Exceptional Color Contrast, Brightness and Resolution
  2. 2K QHD Monitor

Gear up with gorgeous and crisp graphics brought to you by 2K image resolution. Now you can work conveniently with 100% RGB

Wide Viewing Angle:

BenQ is equipped with the brand new IPS technology, which facilitates up to 178° angle in vertical as well as with horizontal planes to provide its users with vibrant and clarity in the images at all perspectives.

  • Affordably priced for a 4K HDR computer monitor
  • Low response time
  • AMD Free Sync support
  • Good color reproduction
  • Decent build quality
  • True 8-bit color width.
  • Dual HDMI ports, one is MHL enabled, VGA port, and headphone jacks for interfacing.
  • The box I got had an HDMI cable and VGA cable within.
  • Year warranty. Go to the BenQ website for warranty detail
  • It has limitations with the HDR output.
  • It includes master class sub-par wide viewing angles.
  • The major drawback is its low brightness and contrast.
  • The brightness uniformity is disappointing.
  • Poor sound quality output from speakers
  • No height, swivel or portrait adjustments
  • Some models don’t include speakers.
  • No USB port.
  • No DVI or display port. It’s not a deal-breaker as it has HDMI with MHL (Mobile HD Link).
  • It has a relatively small number of service centers across India as compared to other companies. You have to buy it at your own risk.


BenQ monitors have come so far to expertise their excellence in the field of monitors in the platforms like gaming. It has a unique feature to track a good record in case of suitable pixels and lighting to enhance gaming. It incorporates many such attributes that are many monitor designing companies try to endeavor. Those are as follows- Entertainment monitors, Business monitors, e-sports monitors, 4K monitors, software, 4K UHD Monitors, Eye Care Monitors, designed designer monitors, photo Vue Photographer monitors, VideoVue Video post-production monitors. Not only that, but BenQ also has other accessories to add a feather to the cap such as:

home projectors, business projectors, portable projectors, smart projectors, Large Venue projectors, Interactive Classroom projectors, Exhibition and Simulation Projectors, InstaShow Wireless Collaboration, 4K projectors, interactive flat panels like- smart signage, education interactive flat panel, double-sided signage, transparent signage, accessory, interactive flat panel software, bar type signage, google jam board and wireless presentation such as install show, SH240, and accessory. Everything about this monitor is the best for gamers. It seems like it has never made any compromises in satisfying the needs of the gamers.


In my opinion, there’s no doubt in the looks, and comfy feel that the BenQ’s primary design goals with the VZ2470H are outstanding. It has white chassis all around it, which stands different from the crowd in an ocean of grey and black displays. The integrated stand along of the BenQ monitor with an edge-to-edge zero-bezel panel depicts that any desktop computer using the same is absolutely a better option to get your work done. Luckily though, there is a ray of hope in this desirable technology too. AMVA is a panel type we are impressed with not only for its excellent picture contrast quality but also for the 100% RGB color accuracy as well.

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