How does virtual reality world in real?

How does virtual reality world in real?

How does virtual reality(VR) world in real? As a result, get a complete conception of VR in depth. Let’s satisfy your curiosity about virtual reality. You will not only get knowledge but also experience it.

For instance, imagine courtside seats at a sport’s finale, watching your favorite player play or studying in a classroom with teachers and classmates around without actually being at that particular place or virtual reality near me!!!  In addition, going to mars, jumping from the top of the hill, swimming with dolphins around, or diving deep inside the ocean and experiencing the beauty of depth without even touching water and getting your clothes wet!!  EXITING RIGHT!!?

Wondering how can this happen!!?

With newer and newer changes and improvements being made in the field of technology, the unimaginable has come to reality. Those things have also come into reality about which humans could have only thought in their dreams. So, consider the case of witnessing a sport’s finale, feeling the same excitement as if you were in the stadium, just by wearing a couple of devices, all at the comfort of your home. All this can be achieved with the use of an absolutely amazing and mesmerizing technology called VIRTUAL REALITY. Virtual means not physically present but presented to be so. Reality means something actually being present at the given place. So virtual reality in short means that the user can experience a realistic situation without being actually present there.

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Fascinating right??

This article will give a detailed information about what is VR, need of this virtual reality technology and devices, benefits of using VR devices and systems, demerits of using virtual reality devices and systems, how does VR work, etc. this article will also introduce you to terms like augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR). Also, a brief comparison between virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality is done.

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What does the term virtual reality mean?

VIRTUAL REALITY: Virtual reality is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment wherein the user experiences interaction with a 3-dimensional world. The main focus of this technology is on human senses such as hearing, vision, movement, etc. It is a technology which simulates basic human senses such as seeing, listening, moving, etc.

Previously, in the traditional user interface, human senses were used and awakened but not stimulated. The traditional user interface is basically based on giving the user a 2-dimensional experience whereas virtual reality is based on giving the user a 3-dimensional experience. The display technology is often the biggest difference between VR and the traditional user interface. In VR instead of a camera, the position of the user’s eyes is located in a simulated environment.

Need for virtual reality technology:

  1. Since virtual reality gives a real-time experience, the technology can be used to train future pilots, military people, giving them actual experience of the situation.
  2. It is going to find a large number of applications in medicine, technology, architecture and many other areas of our daily lives.

Benefits of virtual reality systems:

  1. Using virtual reality is very safe and has almost no risks.
  2. Since it gives a real-time experience, it is very enjoyable and satisfying.
  3. Since it is based on giving remote experience, it saves a lot of time and money.
  4. It gives the user a safe and controlled by user area for performing various tasks.
  5. VR helps us in experiencing realistic scenarios of given situations.
  6. It has found a lot of applications in many industries, fields, and domains.

Demerits of using virtual reality systems:

  1. Even though technology has evolved a lot over the period of time, but they’re still exist some issues in the functioning of VR devices.
  2. Another demerit is the psychological impact. A virtual world can be really addictive and can hamper human brain functioning.
  3. Virtual reality can prove to be one of the greatest assets to humankind but at the same time, it can deteriorate human connections and can be a threat to the social life of a human being.

 augmented reality (ar)

AUGMENTED REALITY: Basically, (AR) is one foot in the virtual world. Augmented reality creates pragmatic objects while the user still being in the real environment while VR creates an artificial environment for the user to dive into. Thus, Augmented reality uses specific sensors and specific algorithms to determine the position of the camera. The 3-dimensional graphics appear to the user from the viewpoint of the camera and its position. What the user sees in the real world is projected in the images created by the camera.

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mixed reality (MR)

MIXED REALITY: When real and virtual worlds are mixed, a new environment is created which is called as mixed reality. So, Mixed reality is a combination of reality and VR. Augmented reality comes under the roof of MR.

examples of mixed, augmented and virtual reality:
  • VIRTUAL REALITY: Video games such as ARIZONA SUNSHINE, BEAT SABER, TILT BRUSH, etc are based on VR.
  • AUGMENTED REALITY: Video games such as POKEMON GO, HARRY POTTER: WIZARDS UNITE, JURASSIC WORLD ALIVE, etc are based on augmented reality.
  • MIXED REALITY: The most trending example of mixed reality is Microsoft’s HoloLens.

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How does virtual reality actually work in real?

How does virtual reality actually work in real?

That is to say, the simulation of any virtual reality system requires the source of content(software) and the use of a device(hardware). The VR tools are expected to be realistic, natural to view and hear, high-quality images, high interaction possibilities. Examples of VR systems are headsets which display content in front of the user’s eye, special cables -HDMI (high definition multimedia interface), headsets working with smartphones like google cardboard (a phone that acts as both display and source of VR content).

  1. HEAD TRACKING: In head tracking, special sensors detect the exact position of the user within a Euclidian space. The special sensors record signals about movements in the real world and transmits information to the system. It registers the exact position due to rotation and records transition movements.
  2. EYE TRACKING: A camera pointing directly towards eye and IR light is used. IR illuminates the eye. A camera sensitive to IR analyses the reflection and sends the signal to the system which comes to know the direction we are looking at.
  3. MOTION TRACKING: It is a process of digitalizing movements for the user in the software. There are 6 degrees of freedom and to achieve a system that intends to provide complete motion tracking all these degrees of freedom are into consideration.
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Limitations in using VR systems:

The convincing the human brain that digital content is real is one of the biggest challenges. Also, the availability of content, cheap computing power are some of the limitations. But scientists and engineers working in the domain of VR are quite confident of overcoming these issues and already a good choice of such devices are available.

Applications of virtual reality:

 Virtual reality has found a lot of applications in various domains of life such as military, healthcare, fashion, business, sports, construction, architecture, scientific visualization, programming language applications, education, entertainment industry, heritage, engineering applications, media industry, telecommunication, and film industry as well.

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 Virtual reality appears more convincing only when the graphics are accompanied by audio since hearing and vision are one of the main elements of a person’s sense of space. Accurate environment sounds and spatial characters are a must for an amazing VR experience. Virtual reality has found a lot of applications in today’s era. This change in technology has made a difference in many lives.

For example: during pilot or military pieces of training, a lot of accidental deaths may occur due to a lack of knowledge about the way to respond to certain situations. So, the use of virtual reality devices in such cases will prevent accidental deaths in spite of giving proper training to the trainees. There are many such applications of using VR devices and systems. So, no doubt, VR is going to be the transforming technology of this decade, transforming the way we live and having a great impact on every individual’s life.

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