Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

You want to know the reason solution for why your Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working.
Then You’re on the right page if your Firestick remote doesn’t work or pair.

Why is my amazon fire stick remote not working?

You’re on the right page if your Firestick remote doesn’t work or pair.

Just imagine you are watching a wonderful web series and you need to go to pee. You paused the Fire Stick to the TV remote, but there would not be anything happening. You start to press the buttons continuously, but the device wouldn’t answer and the movie would continue to play.

What you would decide to do now? Neither you can leave the series to move forward nor you can decide to forget about the natures call.

In the expectation that rebooting could just be a trick, You disconnected a plug from the power supply.

FireStick usually rebooted, but it didn’t work remotely. It takes a couple of more minutes to know that the Fire Stick was incorrect. You should want it patched if you have experienced similar issues and if your remote Amazon Fire Stick does not work.

Here is, therefore, a look at the different causes and solutions that I have tried to mention. Continue to read!

New Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

New Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working
New Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

I described common reasons for FireStick / Fire TV / Fire TV Cube remote problems. Follow the step by step procedures, I am sure you will sort out your problem.

1. Check Your Remote Batteries

It consumes a lot of power to operate. I can say without a doubt that if the Remote is not operating, the batteries are very likely to go uncharged after using FireStick for some time and getting into battery drainage problems several times.

Upon warning, the battery is drained. I’ll put my bet on the battery if you stop working unexpectedly on your remote Fire Stick (nothing in the middle of the night when you don’t have a spare battery).

Personally, I still don’t know why portable batteries eat so much. In only a few hours, the battery often runs dry.

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Alexa, voice recognition, and voice control technology is used in the remote Fire Stick. Perhaps some would like to blame Alexa. But it doesn’t always listen like that, the remote. To start listening, you have to press the Alexa button on the remote.

Good quality alkaline batteries

Nonetheless, good quality, alkaline batteries, and convenient new batteries are the only likely solution. So always try to keep some in-home if you don’t want to face problems.

I could even only have suggested the rectifiable alkaline battery. One of the remote batteries leaked and a white coating on the connector was left. Not until I scraped off the white material, was even the brand new charger.

Forgive me if I’m not that confident of the battery I should replace. This also makes me realize that removing batteries and searching for any other battery traces from the leakage on the connectors would be a good idea. You can only get the Fire Stick to operate remotely if you clean them.

And I almost forgot to say one more thing. You’d probably already know the’ +’ (plus) and’-‘ (minus) ends of the battery.

If your Amazon Fire Stick remotely does not work even after battery connectors have been washed and new batteries used, continue to read for further remedies!

2. Check Pairing Of Your Firestick

Normally, the device is pre-paired with the remote FireStick box. You will automatically need to do so if it is not paired. Or, if your FireStick remote neighbor/replacement doesn’t work, it’s likely it doesn’t work.

It’s easy to pair. Just go through the steps mentioned below.

  • Connect  FireStick into your TV’s HDMI port.
  • Turn on the power mode for both
  • Try to Boot Up your remote by holding the home button for at least 10 secs.

If it doesn’t suit, click home for 10-20 seconds and hold it down again. Up to 7 Bluetooth devices with a remote controller can be attached to FireStick. You will have to remove at least one of them if you already have 7 devices connected.

Look How to enable this feature:-
  • Go to settings option available at the top
  • Bluetooth Devices and Controller must be opened on another screen.
  • list of connected devices pops up.

Also be aware that if your FireStick device is not paired with the remote in the first attempt, try again.

It normally connects for the first time, but 2-3 attempts may be required in rare cases.

If the problem remains, the next solution should be tried to reset and repair the remote solution. This solution does really work and many users use is a solution. Give a try to it.

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3. FireStick Buttons Not Working

Usually, the buttons don’t work if your FireStick system doesn’t suit the gap. Keep the Home button for at least 10 seconds remotely to combine it again.

If it is not yet running, follow the steps to uninstall and re-pair your Remote with FireStick.

Note: Do NOT restore the FireStick to factory settings using the following steps. You simply uninstall, unpair and pair your FireStick again.

  • Disconnect your FireStick from the power source (either unplug the adapter from the power outlet or from the FireStick device)
  • Now hold down the following buttons (all of them together) for at least 20 seconds: – Back button – Menu button – Left part of the navigation ring
  • Take off the batteries from the FireStick remote
  • Power on your FireStick and wait until you see the home screen on your TV
  • Insert the batteries back into your FireStick remote 6- Wait for 1-2 minutes
  • Your FireStick remote must have already paired.

4. Check Your Remotes Compatability

This is not a concern for those who have trouble with their remote unit. The FireStick & Fire TV devices feature a decent variety of in-house and third-party telephones.

FireStick also supports Amazon game controllers and third parties which can be used as remote device interactions. Any official Amazon offer that clearly says the FireStick compatibility works with your computer.

Some inexpensive remote replicas with the same interface and style are also available. Such goods can quickly become original, but will ultimately not work. Test the seller’s authenticity before you buy Amazon Fire Stick remotely.

5. Check For Any Damage In Remote

Did anyone just dropped the remote unknowingly and got damaged. Don’t take the stress you can either buy a new remote or you can have other solutions mentioned below here.

The only option is to purchase a remote replacement. The good news is that the remote substitution doesn’t cost much. For about $10, you can buy them. Look up at Amazon, go and turn.

A custom remote can also be used for Netflix and other applications with dedicated keys. Some remote devices are also controlled by volume. Recall that Amazon’s design lengths are not inherently. Purchase a highly valued product (4 or more) and positive reviews.

6. Use Fire TV Remote App as Backup

Your brand new Remote is not working. Or, at midnight you just ran out of the battery and no batteries were available.

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This does not make FireStick unnecessary for your device. The Amazon Fire TV Remote App still enables you to control the device. The software transforms the smartphone into a remote device and allows you, just as you would with the remote device, to communicate with FireStick.

All Android and iOS devices can be reached using the Amazon Fire TV Remote software. Go on and download and configure your application with FireStick or Fire TV. Just ensure you are connected to the same network using your smartphone and your FireStick device.

7. Other Generic Solutions

There are also other reasons for remote problems. It’s usually unlikely, but I don’t want to mention it.

Consideration is given to the distance of the Amazon Fire Stick from the device. The remote functions well if the device is within 10 ft. Take the remote back to the TV in the range if there is a big room or hall.

The FireStick is connected by Bluetooth and not by infrared rays to the device. It makes it impossible to see each other on the remote and FireStick. Nevertheless, it could block the signal by holding the unit in the cabinet or an enclosure. It’s a good idea to open it to see whether that’s what caused the problem.

Try not to keep many electrical devices close to FireStick because it can cause signal interference.


The batteries always relate to all Fire Stick remote problems. The battery drains away more quickly than I like. I still retain spares, however. I installed my phone for backup, too, with the Amazon Fire TV Remote app, and would like to share it with us in the comments below if you have new or different experiences.

Hence, tried my best to cover all the problems and their respective solutions for Amazon Fire Stick Remote Issues.

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