Samsung account notice keeps popping up

Customers using a Samsung device must have been familiar with the message “Tap here to use your Samsung Account”. This message has been appearing on many Samsung devices including S9/S8/S7. It has become annoying for the users as the Samsung account notice keeps popping up every several minutes and they even cannot disable it. The account notification settings have also been greyed out. If a user tries to change notification settings, it does not work and he cannot disable this notification.

If the device is taken to any Samsung Experience Service to disable it, the notification self-enables automatically in a minute. The user is taken to an agreement without a “deny” option if he follows the notification. This agreement asks for additional information about the user and asks them to share a lot of personal data. The message seems a desperate persistent effort by Samsung that they don’t want the users to ignore. 

Samsung account notice keeps popping up
Samsung account notice keeps popping up

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How to fix the Samsung account notice keeps popping up?

  1. Users need to turn off notification settings. The users just need to hold the Samsung Account Notice and then turn off the “Allow Notification” option. The notification will not show again. But if they don’t get this option while pressing the Notice then they need to follow some other method.
  2. Users can set notification preferences for individual apps. They need to get to Settings and choose the Apps option. Then, they need to click on more. Finally, they can choose to reset the app preference which turns on notification of all apps.
  3. Another way to stop this notification is by going to Settings. Then choose Apps and the hamburger icon (i.e the three dots) and click on the Special Access option. Go to Notification Access. Toggle on Samsung Experience Home to block it.
  4. The last way to block this message is by deleting the Samsung Account if the user is unable to block this notification. For doing this step, the user needs to go to the settings. Select the Accounts option and select the Samsung account to be deleted. Tap on Remove Account. The Samsung Account is removed. If the user wants to use the account again, they can re-add the account on their phone. This will fix the issue of Samsung account notice keeps popping up.

Note: Again, the users can go to the settings option and choose App Notification and turn off notification of all apps by clicking on a switch beside it. Now, they just need to turn on the notification off apps they want excluding Samsung Account.

How to fix Samsung Account Keeps Stopping?

Samsung Users have been getting this message- “Unfortunately Samsung Account has stopped” which the service called “Samsung Account” has crashed on the device. Samsung Device keep this service running in the background. It is basically, the company’s way of getting in contact with devices associated with Samsung Account. The device is always in-sync with the servers even when the internet is turned off. The company makes use of Samsung Account to keep its feature “Find my Mobile” working. Even if a user loses his device, he can always make use of this feature to reset it remotely by logging in to Samsung’s website.

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The message- “Unfortunately Samsung Account has stopped” comes when the information on the user’s phone is not matching with the company’s server. This message tells the user to update that personal information in their server. Most of the time it also becomes the reason of Samsung account notice keeps popping up, fixing this issue will fix popping up issues too in any android device.

Method1: update profile

Some of the steps to remove this message from the device are:

  1. The user can go to Samsung’s website on a browser and click on the Accounts option using a phone or a computer.
  2. They need to log in with the credentials that they use for their Samsung’s Account.
  3. The users can update their profile and correct the information provided.
  4. The users need to check their phone now, to see if this error occurs further.

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Method2: Clear Cache, Clear Data & Reset

If the problem continues, they can also troubleshoot their device. The steps to do so are:

  1. The users need to clear the cache and Samsung Account Service Data.
    • To do this, users must go on the home page. Open the Apps option from settings. Then, the users can tap on the Samsung Account in the default list. Or they can tap on the three dots (hamburger icon). They need to go to the “Show System Apps” option to display pre-installed applications. Go to the Storage option. Click on Clear Cache. Now, click on “Clear Data”. Lastly, click on ok.
  2. Some Cache partitions can get corrupted. The users can wipe the cache partition in such cases. To do this, the users must turn off their device. The power button and volume up button has to be pressed and held for a few seconds. The green Android logo will appear, then release the keys. To highlight the “Wipe Cache Partition” option users need to press the volume down button several times and the power button to select the option. To highlight the “Yes” option users need to press the volume down button several times again and the power button to select it. After wiping the cache partition, press the volume key again to highlight “Reboot System Now” and the power button to select it.
  3. Another option to fix this issue is to reset the device. The user must go to the home screen and press on the Settings. Tap on to Accounts and tap google. Enter the google email address and tap on remove account. The account will get removed. Before resetting the device, the user must take a backup of his important files in the device. 
  4. The users can even reset their device with the recovery mode. They need to turn off the device first. Then the power button and volume up key have to be pressed together. The green android logo will appear, release the keys. To highlight “Wipe data/factory reset”, users need to press the volume down key many times. The power button is used again, to select this option. Again, press the volume down key to highlight “Yes-Delete all user data”. To start the restart, the power button has to be pressed to select that option. After resetting, start the device.
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Why is Samsung not giving notification?

There are different factors that stop notifications on devices. Enabling or Disabling any function that might block the notification might be one of the reasons why Samsung devices might not be giving any notifications. However, we can do a few things to restart the notifications as opening quick settings and disabling power-saving mode, and do not disturb mode. This might work sometimes.

Samsung account notice keeps popping up- How to Fix
Samsung account notice keeps popping up- How to Fix
It has become irritating for us to see the Samsung account notice keeps popping up many times, and we actually cannot disable it. So How to fix the Samsung account notice keeps popping up issue?

How to block notifications on Samsung?

Samsung might give us notifications to add a Samsung account or any other such things. The users can always block such notifications. There are various steps to block Samsung notifications:

  1. The user needs to open settings in the device.
  2. Tap on the notifications bar.
  3. Next, tap to see all the notification.
  4. Tap to show the system apps.
  5. Click on the dropdown arrow and select All.
  6. Tap on any app to disable its notification.
  7. The user can even disable all notifications.

Samsung phones have a second app store in them. Users can find applications for gaming, digital stickers, and other exclusive deals from Samsung partners. If the users accidentally open the Galaxy Apps for the first time, they get lots of notifications regarding announcements and alerts. These notifications are different from the notifications we receive generally and they cannot be silenced in the usual way. However, users can always disable these notifications:

  1. Users need to open Samsung Folder.
  2. They need to open Galaxy apps.
  3. Click on the hamburger menu or the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  4. Tap on Settings and then tap on notifications.
  5. Slide the button to off the notification.

How to enable notification on Samsung?

Users can also enable notifications of apps if they have blocked them earlier by following some steps:

  1. Go to the home screen and click on settings.
  2. Go to the “Apps and Notification” option and click on App info.
  3. The user can find the notification option.
  4. Tap to enable the notification of the application.

Another way to do so is to:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to application and click on Application Manager.
  3. Tap on the application.
  4. Tap on the Notifications option
  5. Click on Allow Notification.  
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How to Customize Notifications in Samsung?

Notifications allow us to stay connected and know if something new has happened in one of our apps. We can keep important emails and messages on the top but it might get annoying to be reminded to open an app we barely need. We can always block and unblock these notifications. However, there is another way of seeing the notifications we want without disabling any other notification. With customization, we can keep notifications we want at the top, to be seen at first.

The steps to customize notifications are:

  1. The users can go to their home screen.
  2. In the menu, they need to click on settings.
  3. Click on the “Notification” option.
  4. Tap to see all options.
  5. The apps that are used recently will open. 
  6. If the user wants more apps, he can click on the “Most Recent” option.
  7. Tap on the “All” option.
  8. Next, we need to find the app that is to be customized and tap on it.
  9. Depending on the app, there will be a lot of options to customize the notifications.
  10. Click on the category that needs to be customized.
  11. Explore the various options in it. The options can be notification style, sound, vibrate option, app icon badges, and allowing the notification on the lock screen. We can also make changes in the do not disturb mode.
  12. Our notifications are customized as per our needs. 

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Samsung account notice keeps popping up on some devices. This notification takes the user to an agreement, in which the user has to share personal details, without giving the deny option. Users can, however, disable this notification by following some steps. Sometimes Samsung account keeps stopping if the information of the user in a device varies from the Samsung server. In such a case, the user needs to update that information in the server by logging onto the Samsung website through his credentials. If some notifications stop coming in our device, we need to clear the cache to restart it again. We can also enable and disable some notifications from our Samsung device according to our wish and can also customize the notifications in our device according to our preferences. 

Samsung account notice keeps popping up- How to Fix