What is used for? Do you want to fix the MTP application error? Can’t find the perfect solution for your problem? Learn everything you need to know about the MTP protocol and why we use it! See how you can set the MTP protocol as the default for your phone. Even learn the difference between the MTP and USB mass storage. Having problems with the MTP host while transferring your files?  We got you covered with our article.

Some standard USB protocols are used on phones or tablets for transferring files. Now if you have used your phone for transferring files to your PC or laptop then you must have gone with two options. The option between MTP or PTP which are and most phones will only be limited to MTP. The MTP came earlier and was thus supported on most of the devices; modern devices support PTP also. But if you have a modern stand-alone camera then it may support only the PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). And if you look at really old smartphones then you will be limited to the USB mass storage. If you are an old android user then you must be able to recall it. But we will be talking about the MTP protocol in this article and its advantages.

What is MTP?

MTP stands for “Media Transfer Protocol” and it is the PTP communication protocol. This simply means that you can transfer the files automatically from and to any handheld device. It is widely promoted as the standardized protocol when it comes to digital music players using Windows Media Player or any other audio files. Now when your phone will use the MTP protocol it will appear as the “media device” to the PC. A few years ago it was only able to transfer music and pictures and nothing more. But it has changed over time which lets you transfer all sorts of data between your phone and PC. 

The MTP standard has changed a lot or you can even say it has revolutionized the data transfer technique. It mostly overcame the downsides of the USB mass storage by giving users more storage space. Before the MTP it was more like a one-way file transfer with your computer having all the access. And at that time if you try to access the storage you will get a warning that the storage is being used. This means that you were not able to delete any file from the smartphone itself.

But your computer does not need the entire access of your smartphone’s storage. This can interrupt your apps working and can leave you hanging in the middle. In the next section, we will see the advantages of MTP over mass storage.

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What is

Break the term to understand “com samsung android mtp application.” Here MTP is for Media Transfer Protocol, So this is a package name used for Samsung android mobile to control MTP protocols.

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Advantages of MTP

As we told you that a few years ago the standard protocol used by USB was the USB mass storage. We also saw what are the disadvantages of using USB mass storage such as complete use of the internal drive. However, MTP works differently as it works on the file level which is not the case with USB mass storage.

MTP does not give or expose your entire storage to your PC or laptop when your smartphone is connected. This allows you to use your phone while it’s being used by the PC with any query. Your smartphone shows only the list of files and directories which are needed at the time. For example, if your PC wants to transfer a file from your phone to your PC’s storage. Then the PC will send a request to the phone and after it, only the file will be transferred. This gives your phone a lot of control over its data and resources which are allocated to the connection.

Now if you don’t want to get a little deeper into the topic then you can skip this section. Let’s say your PC wants to transfer a file then it will send a request to your phone, then to your package If your phone feels like it can afford to give resources for transferring files. After the permission is given and resources are allocated for the task. The best thing about the MTP is that your system files will be hidden along with the files which you put in the locker. And if you send a request to modify a system file then the device will simply reject the request.

MTP vs USB mass storage

We already discussed the advantages of the MTP so you can skip this section if you want to. The MTP protocol is different from the USB mass storage as it does not expose the entire raw file system. This is because MTP operates at “file-level” which means not exposing entire storage to the PC. The package use to support this transfer system.

File Level Storage is the most widely used storage technology used on smartphones or modern hard disks. 

Now we will be just repeating ourselves if we tell you that your PC sends a signal to your smartphone for transferring files. However, we did not mention that your PC does not need exclusive access to your smartphones. So you don’t have to provide or connect the storage or even have to provide separate partitions. Only the Android has to know the file system which is going to be used and not the Windows. You must have noticed this when you connect your smartphone to the PC, your phone has the option to choose the USB protocol.

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MTP applications

If you want to select the MTP protocol on your device for transfers then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1.  Wake up your device and open “Settings”.
  2.  Now scroll down and look for “Storage” and tap on the menu button -> USB computer connections.
  3.  Now you will see the protocols which your smartphone supports, select the MTP protocol.
  4.  ALTERNATIVE: You will be greeted by a pop-up message in the notification bar with different USB protocols.

For Windows:

Open Windows Explorer and from there you can choose the MTP connection type, Windows will take care of the rest for you.

For Linux: 

Here it’s a little tricky as the MTP option will be included on the libmip and it will be available in the file manager.

For macOS:

Unfortunately, the Mac OS does not support the MTP since Google provides Android Transfer application for mac OS. The main reason can be the fact that the iPhone, iPad, and iPod use their file transfer protocols. Apple uses Android File Transfer from Google and in a nutshell, it’s an MTP client. 

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Setting MTP as default USB mode

If you transfer files between your PC and android then it must be annoying to switch again and again from USB charging to MTP. We do not like to change the settings each time we want to transfer the files. If you also feel the same then we got you covered with an amazing app. 

Method1: Using settings

  1.  Open “Settings” and look for “System”.
  1.  Now open it and select “Developer Option”.
developer option
  1. But if it is not enabled then go to “About Phone” -> “Build Number” and tap on it 10 times.
about phone
build number
  1.  Now search for “Default USB configuration” and select “File transfer”.
default USB configuration
file transfer by

Method2: Using a third-party app:

We are going to use a third-party app that requires root access. If you want to know about rooting your device then check out our article.

Method3: Using Rooting Android

Now follow the below-mentioned steps for how to Root Android 7.0:

  1.  Download the “MTP enabler” app on your smartphone from XDA developers.
  2.  Now install the app, open it, and grant the root permission to the app.
  3.  Once done simply select the settings which you want your phone to have. In our case, we will be selecting “Set your USB option” and setting “MTP” as default.

Note: Setting up MTP as default means setting app as default indirectly.

How to fix the MTP host problem?

You may be facing the problem of “MTP host not responding” or “MTP host not working.” This is due to unfortunately get stopped. Here gossipfunda has covered the guide to fix. It is very simple to solve the error with minimal effort, just follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1.  Wake up your smartphone and look for “Settings”.
  2.  Tap on it and look for “Apps & notifications” or “App manager”.
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Apps & notifications
  1.  Now tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and select “Show system apps”.
Show system apps to get
  1.  Search for “MTP host” and go to storage.
MTP host
storage of
  1. And Next tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear data”.
 “Clear Cache” and “Clear data” of
  1.  Now reboot your device and your problem must be resolved now.

NOTE: If you are facing a problem while transferring files because the PC is not detecting the smartphone. Then simply restart your phone and connect the device again, your problem should be resolved now. 


We learned about uses of, the MTP protocol along with the USB mass storage and why we don’t use it anymore. The advantages of MTP over other protocols such as PTP and others. We would suggest you search online if you want to learn more about the MTP protocol. And we would highly recommend using the “MTP enabler” to set the MTP protocol as the default protocol. However, you will require root access for using the app.

And for that, you need to root or flash your smartphone. It is not an easy thing to do so we linked our article to help you out. It provides other useful features also such as adding trusted locations and devices for transfer files. Or the option to transfer files over lock screen or not to share files, there are several different options. If you want to know about different features of the app then read the developer notes or check the XDA developers.

And if you are facing a problem with the MTP host then we listed the possible solution for the problem. We can’t guarantee that the solution will work because this error is not very common nowadays.