Android Recovery Mode

Android Recovery Mode

We all need a backup for our data that is important to us.
This mode enables the user to extract back the files and folders that he never wants to lose.
Please Have A Look How To Android Recovery Mode.

Android Recovery Mode: Different Devices

The basic concept is the same: Switch off the phone and switch it on (based on the user) by hitting various keys. Some models will automatically access the Recovery Mode and others will allow you to search through different Recovery Mode options.

Samsung Galaxy Series

  • Switch Off your handset or shut down.
  • Press and hold down the Power+Home+Volume keys.
  • You will enter recovery mode once the device logo is displayed and the computer restarts once.
  • Navigate to the “Recovery Mode” option and use the power button to enter.

Nexus Series

  • Old down the Battery key and pick It off.
  • If the touchscreen is not sensitive, you should easily keep the power key down for a few seconds before the system is switched off.
  • Push and hold down the control key and the volume key. You’re expected to see a lot of details about your computer and start at the top of your screen.
  • To function via the menu choices, using the Volume Up & Volume Down buttons.
  • The Power Key will be used to make a pick. Press Volume down two to three times and you can see the Recovery mode in the top right corner.
  • To grab it, click Control.
  • The white Google logo will come up, preceded by the Android mascot on his back again with the words No order below.
  • Push and hold the Power key, then push the Volume button once when holding down the Power key.
  • You can now see the Android app recovery options pop up at the top of your phone. To show the options, use the Volume keys and then use the Power key to select something you like.

LG G8 ThinQ, G7, V40 ThinQ, and other LG devices

  • Press and hold the Power Key and turn off the phone.
  • Push and hold down the Power key and keep down the Volume key simultaneously.
  • Once you see the LG emblem, let go of the Power key and press it again (you can keep hitting the Volume down key all the time).
  • The menu will appear and you can use the Volume key to highlight the selection and the Power key to pick it.
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Motorola Droid Series

  • Switch off/Shut Down your handset.
  • Click and hold down the Power+Home keys.
  • The smartphone is activated as well as the menu will be shown to access the recovery mode. 
  • Push that Power switch on the “Recovery Mode” choice. 
  • If your computer or provider is not mentioned above, try all the above methods. If nothing works, the only way of having a significant combination is to contact the manufacturer or to look for the official customer service website.

HTC U12 Plus, U11, 10, One M9, and other HTC models

HTC phones are a little different:

  • 1. get to Settings > Battery and uncheck Fastboot.
  • Switch the computer off by holding down the Control Key.
  • Push and hold down the Volume key and the Power key.
  • On the U11, the reset to the bootloader must be illuminated and the power button pressed to select it.
  • You can see the bootloader screen where you can use Volume Down to show Recovery and then pick the Power key.

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Android Recovery

Recovery Mode ANDROID

The options in Recovery mode differ from producer to producer, although some features are common on every phone.

Uninstall cache disk

Uninstall cache disk isn’t the same as the device cache and can not be removed in the same manner.

These are temporary files which are mostly used for system deployment, so that they are not obscured with personal data.

They can make the phone not work properly at some point, though, so you can scrub it out of “Recovery Mode.”

Wipe data / factory reset Factory

With most android problems, you can reset your phone and start again. However, it also eliminates all your data, so be sure to back up your phone documents.

This choice is also available from the phone settings, but if you are locked out or unable to access the App, you can also reset it from “Recovery Mode.”

Use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

Link your telephone to your Computer and supply commands from your Computer.

In particular, developers use this function for fixing applications bugs.

Android Recovery Mode No Command

The Android No Command is a very annoying screen that often appears while you’re trying to reboot your Android computer.

Sometimes when you boot to recovery mode, there are also a few times the rest of the icon on the Android robot or a triangle with a “No command” exclamation mark. In most situations, when users seek to reboot their handsets they have little trouble.

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It can be frustrating as if you have reset each Android device until you see this command button.

This screen doesn’t tell you about something and just says No order.

It might be just because it wasn’t you doing the best thing to do, but it might be confused because it doesn’t say something to you about what to do because it could shield the computer and make sure you don’t go into the mode incorrectly and uninstall the system or do anything and miss data that you’d regret later.

Truth Behind Android No Command Screen Error

You can not have a control screen if you deny or cancel Super Users Access when you update or upgrade application software or reset your computer from the Google Apps Launcher Widget.

In either of the instances, you need to reach Device Recovery Mode and finish the operation manually.

Note Point: You must delete your memory card and, in some cases, your SIM card from your phone before you start the process.

The procedure refers to you if you encounter:

> No order Screen / Dead Android Robot (icon)

> Handset not rebooting/rebooting When you display the robot in the triangle, you are in Recovery Mode.

Phase 1: You will do the following when you see the No Command button.

  • >>Always note that to find the correct combination for your machine you need to try a different button combination.
  • >>Push Power,Down Volume, Up Volume, Home to open the screen.
  • >>Try the alternate button combination below if it doesn’t fit.
  • >>Down & Up Push Voltage
  • >>Down and Up
  • >>Press Power + Down Power and Back Pushing + Move Up and Back

Phase 2: You can go ahead and pick Wipe Factory Reset or Wipe Cache Partition, just as you want to do in Recovery, by selecting the correct button combination and when Recovery Menus is up.

Phase 3: When the process is finished, you can continue further and reset your computer. You can see the “Reboot Machine Now” is outlined in blue. Only click Volume Up and then tap to pick it.

That is it!The above methods can also be taken when the Android app shows an error message or when “fast reset no command” pops up.

Android Data Recovery

Yet you don’t need to think about that anymore. Just after a command error has been repaired, automatically use Android Data Recovery tools to restore lost / missed data.

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So you can load Android Data Recovery software to get back data that was removed / wiped or was lost during the recovery of No Command screen after all files saved in the phone’s internal storage have been destroyed during the previous procedure.

There are conditions in which clients miss their records from Android phone / tablet until no command recovery issue has been fixed when no Command error has been fixed on Though Android.

In addition, you can access pictures, videos, emails, call history, call log, SMS, any device information, etc.

Measures after no command error on Android is fixed

Step 1: Please attach your Android Device Next to your screen, install your Android Data Recovery program and press “Data Recovery.”

Step 2: Select file types to search when your computer is successfully connected, Android Data Recovery should display the kinds of files it supports. It has tested all file forms by default.

All you need to do is pick the kind of data you want to get.

When you have rooted your machine, Android Data Recovery has two options: find missing files and search all files.

Selecting Search on all files will take longer, but the file will be scanned extensively.

Now press ‘Next’ for the restoration process to begin. Your device is now being scanned for missing information.

Next your phone is reviewed by the recovery system. It will take a bit of time to sit tight and relax in this process.

Step 3: Update and restore lost Android phone Data can be downloaded one after one after the scan has finished.

You can look up the stuff here and then click “Recover” to return it to your post.


From my point of view i have mentioned above the full details of the process. **Any damage to the device is not our fault. Do at your own risk.**