The message “Tap here to use your Samsung Account” emerges on multiple Samsung devices, including S9/S8/S7.

Samsung account notice  keeps popping up

It has become irritating for us to see the Samsung account notice keeps popping up many times, and we actually cannot disable it.

How to fix the Samsung account notice keeps popping up?

You require to turn off notification settings. Hold the Samsung Account Notice and turn off the “Allow Notification” option.

Turn OFF notification settings


Navigate to Settings-> Apps option. Then, you require to click on more. Ultimately, you can set to reset the app preference.

Set notification preferences for individual apps


Navigate to Settings-> Apps option ->Hamburger icon (i.e, three dots). Toggle on Samsung Experience Home to block it.

Use Hamburger icon


If you are not unable to block the notification, then delete the Samsung Account.

Deleting the Samsung Account


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More ways to fix the issue