Skype keeps Crashing: How to fix it

How to fix Skype keeps crashing? Skype, one of the most useful apps for video calling. This apps helps for video calling with our friends. Skype has wise usage even in the business world. This application supports various kinds of devices. For example, Android mobiles, personal computers, laptops, iPhones, and elsewhere. The recent survey gave the conclusion of “Crashing of Skype”. The survey shows that Windows 10 users are facing problems while using Skype. The users complaining about the sudden exit of the application while using. This is a real issue of concern. As Skype has a variety of useful applications, its sudden failure can cause problems to many users.

Many users consider Skype as one of the best telecommunication applications. This software provides the users good services like direct messages, voice and video calls, and other services. All these are available on Skype for free or for a reasonable amount, with great discounts. This software is compatible with almost every device like PCs Laps, Smartphones, Xbox one consoles, and even Smartwatches. All you need is the internet to access your friends in any part of the world.

Though Skype is a very good application that connects people around. But many users of Skype are facing problem in accessing it. It is under the light that most of the Windows 10 users are unable to use Skype. Why is this happening? And, why users are facing problems while using it? Why Skype is crashing? Is it the problem of Windows 10 or the skype application? What are the causes of this problem?

Skype keeps Crashing
Skype keeps Crashing

Let us know all the answers in this article. And let us take a look at some basic questions like the reasons behind it.

Skype keeps Crashing: How to fix

Let us consider if you are in a meeting with clients. You are presenting something or under a serious discussion. And suddenly a window pops up that you can’t able to use Skype currently, please restart the application. This can be a terrible experience. Or let us think of another situation, where you are calling with all your relatives. Suddenly you disconnect because your application fails to run. This would spoil the entire mood.

When this message pops up on your window you have no other choice but to close the window and restart the application. Even if you consider it and restart, it keeps crashing. There are many reasons for this skype crashing. It can be a compatibility issue within the application, or system update, or anything. Whatever the problem is, the user should try to fix this error. Also, do not miss spacedesk.

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Let us see some methods of fixing this problem.

Method 1: Update the application.

Making sure whether the application is the latest version can be a major fix to the problem. Most of the older applications do not compile with the modern systems which can cause these kinds of errors. If your application is not in the latest version then immediately update the latest version of it. The user can update to the latest version by following the steps:

  1. Open the Skype application on your Windows 10 device.
  2. At the top, in the menu bar, search for help.
  3. Then click on the “Check for Updates” button.
  4. It is an automatic procedure of Skype checking for new updates. Until the process completes be patient.
  5. If your application is the latest version, it is fine else, download the latest version.
Skype keeps Crashing: download the latest version

We all know that; Skype is an application of Microsoft. It is been always working on fixing the bugs. One can also give a try updating the operating system to solve the Skype keeps Crashing error. How can the user update the operating system?

Simple steps need to be followed to update the operating system.

  1. The user needs to press the Windows + S key.
  2. Then lookout for the Windows update option.
  3. Then the user has to check for updates.
  4. For this, the user has to just click on Check for Updates option. Then
  5. Be patient until your system finds an update for you.

The user has the luxury to update Skype automatically by following some steps.

  1. Open the Skype app on your PC.
  2. Complete the sign-in procedure and log in to your account.
  3. In the menu bar, look for the Tools option.
  4. Go to the Options button.
  5. Then go to the Advanced option. There the user can choose the automatic updates option.
  6. Turn this option on for updates.

In this way, you will not need to check for updates regularly. If this trick does not work then we will move to our next method.

Method 2: Reset application.

Resetting your skype can also be the solution to this problem. As sometimes it is the default application due to a lot of information. The user can reset their application, log in to it and use it for a better experience.

Let us now see how to reset skype.

  1. The users have to open settings by going to the windows icon on the left bottom then pressing on settings.
  1. Click on the “Apps” button there.
  1. Once you click on the option, you find various options.
  2. Select for Skype application.
  3. Once the user clicks on Skype, then select Advanced options.
  4. Under the reset title, you will find repair and reset options.
  5. Select the reset button. And click on it.
reset skype

That’s all the steps you need to follow. If you now open your application you can find it is completely new. As a just installed app.

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Method 3: install skype again.

Try to uninstall the application and install it again. Well, this does not make sense to most of you, but do it. Many errors can be cured by reinstallation. By doing so you are not only getting rid of an older version of the app but also installing new bug-free software.

So, this can be a useful fix. How do I uninstall Skype and Install it again? The user can do this by following simple steps.

  1. Go to the Settings. By clicking on the windows button and then on the settings option.
  2. Go to the Apps option and click on it.
  3. Then search for Skype. And click on it.
  4. There the user can find Uninstall option. Click on it.
  5. Once the user clicks on the Uninstall option, an alert pops up on the screens. This is to confirm the uninstallation. Click ok and continue.
  6. Now, the user has to go to the website. This is the official website of Skype. Click on the Download option to download the application.
  7. Install the application as per the given guides.

By doing this you can successfully install skype after uninstalling it. The users can also uninstall the application by opening the Control panel. Then click on Uninstall a program, then select Skype.

Skype keeps Crashing then successfully install skype after uninstalling it

[Note: Make sure the users are downloading Skype from the official website only. If you are not sure which link to use then click to download Skype. Downloading skype from any other website can bring you troubles.]

Method 4: Installation of Media Feature Pack.

The users have to install Media Feature Pack to run some apps smoothly. There are some apps for example Skype needs the installation of Media Feature Pack for a smooth running of the application. This statement is true, especially for Windows 10 users. So, how to install this media feature pack? Continue reading to know the complete guide.

Installing Media feature pack:

  1. Click on the link. This is the media feature pack link on Microsoft’s official website.
  2. Scroll down to more information. There you can find Download information.
  3. Click on the link with the name Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10. Then go to the Downloads.
  4. Click on the latest version and confirm
  5. Once it is done restart your computer.

And that’s it. Media Feature Pack is on your computer. Now try accessing your skype application on your Windows 10 device. The problem mostly solves. If this does not work then don’t worry, we have another fix for you. So, do not stop reading and continue with us.

Method 5: Run Windows Troubleshooter.

  1. To run this the user first has to click on the windows icon on the left bottom of your screen (Start).
  2. Then go to the Settings option.
  3. There you can find multiple options, search for the Update and Security option.
  4. In Update and Security go down looking for the Troubleshoot option.
  5. Then in the right tab, select the Run the troubleshooter button.
  6. Give it some time. And wait until the instructions on the screen. This fixes errors in your computer.
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And that’s all. Now try to run your skype application on your Windows 10 device. This method mostly works. This is all for this article. Let us quickly jump to a conclusion and quickly rewind everything.

Let us wind-up:

In this article, we have seen five simple yet effective methods to prevent Skype from crashing. We had some discussions on the reasons behind them. Skype is a platform of over a million users. By considering that bugs are common in any field. But the major question is why is the error occurs?

 So, as we already discussed, compatibility issues with the modern system are the major problem of this error. One of the best ways to solve this kind of error is Updating Skype. Yes, this solves many problems but if it does not, then try others. Like reinstalling the application, fixing issues with troubleshooting, and others. Sometimes the error may cause because of hardware the user uses. So, make sure you are good hardware like a camera and mic.

Hope this article is useful. To all the users who are breaking their heads, the “Skype keeps Crashing” problem can now find ways to fix it. If you feel we missed anything then make your comment in the comment section and let us know about it. If you like this article useful then please share it with your friends and family members. Let us meet in the next article. Until then adios friends.

Stay safe stay healthy.

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