Viber video call not working

You might have come across the spectrum of the Viber video calls and how at times they don’t happen to work properly. Have you wondered what exactly “Viber” is?

We all have a busy life. We spend most of our time on our gadgets because of our work. In today’s world, we are never really left with enough time too, and check up on our friends in person. So, as we do for every other thing, we have to turn to technology here as well.

What is Viber?

Viber is what connects you to your family and friends. “Viber” is freely available on the play store. The application allows users to make free calls to their loved ones. It also gives the user access to text or sends pictures to anyone they wish. It also allows its users to make video calls. According to the stats, the application has recorded active users that were almost equal to the active users of WhatsApp.

Video calling with Viber

 Viber is part of a Japanese e-commerce company, which is designed to give the best experience to its users. For several years now, it has been equipped with the ability of video calling. The users can easily video call their loved ones without any extra charges. Earlier, only the desktop users were able to avail the video calling feature but later, with high tech updates, all android and iOS users got the access to make video calls at ease. Viber video call is very useful, especially for small businesses for conducting business meetings. They can also conduct conference meetings and even attend international calls with the clients.

How to make a video call with Viber

Viber gives its users an amazing feature for video calling. Isn’t it amazing that with the help of this wonderful application, the user can easily talk to their friends and family whenever they feel like? The following steps give detailed instructions on how one can make video calls with the help of Viber.

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1.      First of all, the user needs to turn on their internet connection and open the Viber application.

2.      After doing that, the user has to open the chat of the person with whom they want to do the video call.

3.      Now,  click on the video call icon that is placed on the top right corner of the chat


The user can also place a video call through the “contacts info” screen. For that, follow the following steps:

1.      Click on the contacts icon on your home screen and wait for it opens up

2.      Now, tap on the contact screen

3.      Long press and select the contact that you want to video call

4.      After doing that, click on the “free video call” icon

The video calling feature provided by Viber is very safe and secure. There are many options available for the feasibility of its users. The users can send a text message while they are enjoying the video call. There is an option for turning off the video on both ends if you seem to be more comfortable with that. The users can also mute the call in case of any emergency or just for fun. The users can also turn around the camera or transfer the call to the desktop. Despite all this, it is ensured that the call is totally encrypted and completely secure.

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Viber video call not working and how to solve it

Even though the app is designed in a way to cause minimal problems, it too like any other application can start acting weirdly. However, these problems are not fatal and can be cured easily. Most of them only require you to have common sense.

1.      Activation of Viber application

Even though this might look like a child’s play, some users tend to make silly mistakes while they are at it. Make sure that while you are activating the application and verifying your phone number, that your SIM card is valid.

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The user needs to confirm that the SIM card is valid and the activation code is registered properly.

2.      Viber video calls not ringing

One of the most recurring issues with the Viber video calling feature is the problem with incoming video calls not ringing. Normally, the Viber video calls don’t ring when the phone is locked. The user has to change the app settings if they want to avail that feature. Another reason could be an unstable internet connection and could be solved by establishing a proper internet connection.

3.      Viber not working on Wi-Fi

When the phone is on sleep mode, the default settings of this application does not allow it to connect to a Wi-Fi connection unless the user wakes up the device. This issue can easily be solved if the user turns off the “Wi-Fi sleep policy” of the application from the mobile settings.

With the help of the above-given steps, you should be able to solve your problem of Viber video call not working. In case the issue keeps recurring. Refer to the below points.

Fix video and sound issues on your device

There is a high chance that the problem is within your cell phone and not in the Viber application. It is, however, not a big deal. This is a very frequent complaint and it could happen to anyone. It is nothing to worry about. The user needs to follow a couple of easy steps to get this fixed. We have listed the solution in its apt sequence. The following steps shall help you with the recurring issue:

1.      This might sound naïve, but the user needs to ensure that the camera and the microphone of the device are not physically blocked at any chance.

2.      The user needs to make sure that the camera and the microphone of the cellular device are intact and faced in the right direction.

3.      The user also needs to check if any dust particles are causing the blockage. If this is the case, try cleaning it with a dry cloth or a cotton bud.

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4.      Now, the user needs to ensure that there is a proper internet connection access to the device. Make sure the mobile data or Wi-Fi is on. The user needs to check and ensure that there is at least one bar on the mobile data or Wi-Fi icon. (It can be spotted on the top right corner of the mobile phone). If the user is unable to locate even one bar, and then they need to move to a different and open space where the network is easily accessible.

Some new ways

5.      If the above steps don’t seem to work, try restarting the application and try again.

6.      If it still doesn’t work, switch off your device and then restart it. Then, try again. Go and check if the issue continues to abstain.

7.      The user needs to make sure that the device is properly charged. If the battery strength of the device is low, it is advised to charge the phone ad nit use it till it’s fully charged.


This article will help you about all your needs related to Viber video call not working. Hope you enjoy the article. Keep visiting.