How to text someone who blocked you?

Got blocked? How to text someone who blocked you? Texting a blocked number got you covered here! Blocking has become the new way of cutting someone easily. Maybe this is the same case with you too. It kinda feels sad when the back and forth conversation gets cut all of a sudden. Hey! You can always give it a second chance, right?! So, let’s begin, shall we? We have already covered what happens when you block a number on android? Firstly start by knowing whether you actually got blocked, or maybe it’s your bills that are preventing the text from delivering. Just kidding, here are the steps:

Steps to texting a blocked number:

There is no definite way. Let us tell you, there are just a few trial and error methods, but keep the perseverance high! (or maybe leave them alone. We don’t want any privacy invasion)

  • 1) The very first way is to send them a voice mail. Hear us out, send them a voice mail and check within how long do they respond to you. So as well all know if you are ringing someone and after a few rings, they still don’t respond, you get directed towards the voicemail option, or maybe if they are on another call and they refuse to respond to you in that case you are given the option to send them a voice mail. But, in case you have blocked, then this process works differently for you. You, as in not only any blocked person in general. So basically, you will receive a single ring, and then you will get an option to send them a voicemail and if all these clauses are met. Well, maybe..just maybe are blocked.
  • 2) When you try calling them again and again(no worries, we all do that sometimes out of desperation…you’re not alone) and you get to hear a voice of their mobiles conscious saying the number is unavailable, it’s almost certain that you are blocked. So if others can reach the number, but you get a response saying’s better luck next time, or putting it more bluntly, you are bLOCkEd.
  • 3) Alright, let’s try another way. Try sending them a if you send them a text and it says “delivered” or “read,” chances are you are not blocked!! Hurray!! But if you are not able to see any of it and there is just a blank space below your text..we are sorry to tell you…t-that you have probably been blocked. But this can also happen if the person that you are trying to reach has put their phone on silent or maybe on do not disturb…or even if they have switched off their phone completely. This would probably work on iOs as the android functionality is different, so all you can do is hope for them to text back if they use an android phone.
  • 4) And lastly, all you can do is call from another number to see if they respond. Like, come on! How long are you gonna keep this mystery some point, the truth has to reveal itself? If they respond from another number..then you have a chance of finding out why they blocked you, or maybe if you know the reason(*cough cough* apologize), you can still give them your reason and possibly get yourself unblocked. 
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Text someone who has blocked you

Oh, are still sticking around then..very persistent of you…now, let’s get back to the main reason for this blog…how to text someone who has blocked you. So here are some risky texting options that you can consider:

  1. Change your true caller ID. Yes, old school, but when they search this newly texted number, they might think who this…in short increasing your text of atleast getting read? We are getting somewhere, right?!
  2. You can try downloading apps that change your number and give you a very random arrangement of numbers. This again makes your number unrecognizable and hence getting a chance of your message getting conveyed. This can also get your area pin code changed, so another win! Be careful with the app you use though..some of the apps look very fancy, but they give no output, make sure you check this trick on someone you trust before actually approaching the concerned party.
  3. You can try calling on their office or home number if they don’t respond. We know, a bit intrusive, but there are chances that they might respond from that number so you can finally speak to them! 
  4. You can involve a third party to talk to them. Your best friend or theirs, or maybe a mutual trustee that can get your message delivered without adding their own extra words( heard of Chinese whispers, haven’t you?), which might get your message conveyed to them, and they might unblock you after that.
  5. 5) You can use someone’s else’s number and then use a voice changer to help you convey your message. This number can be any local landline or any person you trust. Make sure whatever you do, the person does not get mentally disturbed. This brings us to the next point.
  6. Beware of the legal consequences that you might have to face, as under the Caller ID act of 2009, spamming or repeatedly annoying someone by calling them is a crime. You might have to face legal changers if they take this matter to court. And hey..let’s be honest, you don’t wanna go to the court just under the crime of spam calling or invading someone’s privacy, right? 
  7. You can change your phone number. This might include a nominal fee, but if they are worth the try, then you might consider paying a nominal fee. But keep this in mind, the person might always block this new number there is no assurance, but dreams do come true sometimes
  8. Before you take another try at reaching out to them, really think about why you are doing all this. Is it worth it? Is it worth going to? Are you doing the right thing? Do you really deserve this second chance? If yes, then here is the last option you might want to consider.
  9. Try contacting them through other ways. You might have their email ID, insta ID, perhaps..or their Facebook profile? Twitter..Snap ID..what else? Discord? Reddit? Alright, get the idea right. Email them..try Google hangouts..WhatsApp call or text…maybe try direct messaging them on Instagram or Facebook…you can send them a message through Snapchat. Anything at this point might just convey to them what you want to say. So try every option that you can.
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So let’s go through each of these separately:

1) Blocked on WhatsApp

 If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, here are a few options that you can consider.

  • Try deleting your WhatsApp account, then re-register yourself. This might remove your account from all your contacts list. After you have created a new account, you can try texting them.
  • Ask a mutual to create a group. This group should only include the people you trust and the person who you want to talk this is a group..chance is the things you might want to sort out are now read by all the people in the group. So you get it? Only include the people who you know in this matter.

2) In case someone blocks you on Snapchat:

• Remember, you can’t text them directly. Like every other company, Snapchat too has its privacy policies, so you simply can’t text someone who has blocked you.

You can try creating a new account and send them a request through this account. If they accept this without knowing that it is can finally get a chance to talk to them on Snapchat again.

3) Blocked on Instagram 

The strongest of them all. The very holy Instagram..Probably the first app that taught us how to use the block feature rightly. So without further ado..let’s get into it:

  • You can create another fake account or spam account. Let’s be honest everyone has a second Instagram account these days. Nothing weird about that…so try using this little trick.
  • Try texting through a friend’s account. Once all has been said and all have been done, you can always delete the messages later. Thanks to the new insta features! 

For a safer side, you can try certain new websites that have been launched recently. Spoofcard, 

SendAnonymousSMS are a few to name. These applications help conceal your ID and send your text to the person who you want to talk to. All you have to do is log on to these websites, probably create an account, type your message and click send. There you all..that’s it..all done! Read how to Block/Unblock Someone on Instagram?

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Here are certain FAQs that you might come across. We have answered as many as we can. 

Q1) Are these websites you have recommended safe? 

Answer: We have to be honest with you here, yes and no. You have to try something out before forming a certain opinion, right? So give it a try. 

Q2) Some people try using the *67 code. Does this get your number blocked legally?

Answer: No, it does not. This can only work before you dual the number. So no, it won’t get your number permanently blocked from the company. Don’t worry about it too much. Just make sure you don’t spam it again and again.

Q3) How to change caller ID on iPhone?

Answer: The easiest way to do this is to go to the phone settings and turn it off from there. Although this might get your number to become unknown..if your number has been still remains blocked.

Q4) If the blocked person deletes all the chats, will they get deleted from your mobile too?

Answer: No, a copy of it still remains on your phone. But remember that this only works on normal texts. On Instagram, The unsend feature deletes the copy of that message from both your phone as well as theirs. On Snapchat, you get a small message “XYZ deleted a text,” while on ios you still have a copy of it. 

Q5) Are call blocking and text blocking different?

Answer: Blocking someone just sends their call to voice message as mentioned before. But just texts can also block. You might have sometimes blocked certain spam numbers, and this is the same. Find out if a person has blocked you on text too.

Q6) If you block a contact, can you delete it?

Answer: Yes! Of course, you can! Although in some smartphones, it gets saved in the recycle bin, which can be retrieved later