Instagram Message Recovery

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to sign back into your 2FA account using Instagram Recovery Codes — a neat app that doesn’t involve your smartphone which helps in Instagram Message Recovery. Whereas Instagram recently announced that it supports third-party security programs such as Google authenticator. This could be used for 2-step authentication rather than a phone number, it also demands a smartphone or laptop, which deals with hacking or loss of your computer.

Two-factor authentication provides an extra security layer across a number of essential applications for the username and password. On Instagram, 2FA will make sure you sign up with a special code in a text message that you get. Type your address, and you’re in … Yet what happens when you try to sign in and do not have access to your phone?

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How to perform Instagram Message Recovery

We have presented different phases to do this watch our video too:

Phase 1: Enable 2—Factor Authentication

If 2-factor authentication on Instagram is already enabled, go to Phase 2. If not, you must allow it to access the retrieval codes.

  • To do this, tap Instagram at the bottom right of your profile photo.
  • Then the top right of the three-blade button, and the “Activate” key.
  • Tap “Two-Factor Authentications” and scroll to “Security and Secure.”

Phase 2: Access Your Instagram Recovery Codes

  • To access the recovery code, tap Instagram, and click on “Privacy and Security” and pick “Two Factor Authentication.”
  • Click “Recovery codes” and you’ll see a list of five individual numbers, each eight digits long.
  • If you use “Recovery code” and “Privacy and safety” you need to choose a set of three-blade codes in the left corner of your profile.
  • Under your passwords, your passwords can be checked and new codes received.
  • When you want to record your passwords, one of the easiest ways to keep track of them is to send a snapshot to yourself. And add a few keywords to your email (e.g. Twitter, Recovery Passwords) so that you can quickly locate them later.
  • Also, upload a snapshot to dropbox or Google Images, but you can find it difficult to find thousands of photographs.
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You can also copy the codes to the password manager in addition to screenshots: Lastpass, with the highest degree of encryption, is one of the most powerful solutions when you are not using a password manager in operation.

Therefore always write down the passwords, too. Even if you write down the codes anywhere, keep them secure. It would make it very easy for anyone to login to your account if they took your recovered password. If someone is attempting to access your recovery codes, click “Show new codes” and get a new package.

Phase 3: Using Your Recovery Codes to Log In

Your Recovery Codes will allow you to sign in to your Instagram from any smartphone, like your mobile, without the need for a text message code sent to your phone. Only sign up and enter every eight-digit recovery code (without spaces) on request. Simply enter Instagram. It is necessary to remember that every code can only be used once. When you’ve sent a recovery code screenshot to yourself, a simple way to keep track of the code you’ve used is to add a number to your email in communication to the server.

For example, “1” answers your email before you need the first recovery code in the list so you are aware that the first email has been used.

Whereas trying to write restoration codes can sound a bit crazy to access your Instagram, it doesn’t work, especially if hackers can use your phone number, link up it to a new SIM card and connect directly to two-factor authentication records.

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Is It Possible To Recover Instagram Messages

Instagram Message Recovery

Of course, you can, but what do you do if you catch yourself deleting valuable direct messages from Instagram? You may be using Instagram’s Direct Message Recovery service or app, but bear in mind that this is not considered a secure choice to access deleted Instagram messages.

Below you can find a full guide to restore deleted DMs from Instagram by using third party software.

Paths To recover Instagram messages free

Path 1: Free Recover Instagram Messages from User You’ve Sent

You’ve just removed talk or messages on your own account by removing direct messages from Instagram and they are still accessible from another Instagram user you’ve sent them.

Free Restore Instagram messages on the user you’ve sent And it is best to ask the person to send you chats or messages if you have not deleted them from your account to recover missing Instagram DM.

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Path 2: Recover Instagram Messages with Connected Facebook Account

If the above approach does not work for yours, only if Instagram messages are removed from your sender.

Once you link your Facebook and Instagram with each other then you can easily access the messages on both the sites.

Here’s how you’re going to do this:

  • Go to your official Facebook website to register with your Facebook password.
  • Take the Instagram Direct icon in the left menu bar and here you can find your Instagram Direct messages.

Path 3: Treatment for Deleted Instagram User Messages Online

This approach includes the use of the Instagram Message Recovery platform, which is claimed to have been created by the former Instagram employee.

It lets you recover deleted Instagram direct messages to your Instagram account on-line.

  • Go to the Instagram Email Recovery page and enter the username or profile URL of your Instagram.
  • Tap “Recover Posts” to continue the recovery process after signing in to your Instagram accounts.
  • Verify that you are a human and then perform Instagram message recovery.

Path 4: Manually restore deleted Instagram Direct Messages

Therefore, you have another chance to restore your deleted Instagram posts if you didn’t link Facebook to your Instagram account.

Perform as mentioned in below steps:

  • Open your Instagram profile using a username and password.
  • Click the Profile button at the top right corner, and then press the Configuration key.
  • Select “Privacy and Protection” in the pop-up window, then scroll down to find “Data Transfer”
  • Click on the “Allow Access” tab, you will be asked to check your identity, press “Sign in again” and enter your account code.
  • After that, enter your email address to provide a connection to a file containing your images, comments, profile information, and more information on Instagram, then click “Next.”
  • Now type your Instagram password and press the “Upload order” button. You will then receive an email from Instagram with the subject “Your Instagram Info”
  • Open your email and press “Download Files,” a ZIP file containing all the files you exchanged with Instagram will be transferred to your computer.
  • You have to now extract a ZIP file” messages.json” to retrieve all the messages you want to retrieve.

Now let’s find out more options for different devices such as ios, computer and mac.

How to Use Fucosoft Android Data Recovery Android

  • Phase1: You have just nothing to do, simply download this powerful software. And then link your smartphone to Pc and choose the option to retrieve data from the menu bar.
  • Phase2: Now just simply allow USB Debugging and link your smartphone to a PC. It automatically detects your phone once enabled.
  • Phase3: Select the file types you want to retrieve, such as Gallery, Images, Contacts, Notes, etc. And press “Next” to start scanning your Android files. Choose Data Style
  • Phase4: After searching, previewing, and choosing the images and other data you need to recover, then press “Recover”
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Fucosoft can allow you to do so if you are an Android user. Forget missing images, videos, emails, text messages, call history, Whatsapp, Android devices, and documents, please pick Fucosoft Android Data Recovery.

Recover missing memory device files as well as SD card / SIM card. It may retrieve historical data by mistake, rooting, update, factory reset, machine crash, virus attack, etc. Very easy to use and also supports Android devices with 10 Q/9 P, etc.

How to Retrieve Deleted Instagram Photos on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user then this software will blow your mind and will prove that it’s the best software you got to download, if you are interested in retrieving your deleted or lost messages.

Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery

  • Retrieve data directly from iPhone / iPad, or retrieve data from iTunes / iCloud backup.
  • You can now have a look deeply and choose what you want to retrieve.
  • Runs on all iOS platforms and is fully compliant with the new iOS 13.

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How to Use Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery

  • You have to just download and install this software on your PC and then run it.
  • Now just simple link/connect your iPhone through a data cable to the PC.
  • Then wait for this software to identify the device and press “Next” to start. Link iPhone to PC
  • Now pick the data types including Images, Videos that you want to retrieve.
  • Once done click the download button to start to retrieve all the lost messages.
  • Once the scanning is completed, you can have a deep look over all your retrieved data.


Here, I have mentioned and explained above how you can recover your Instagram messages. Perform at your own risk, any damage is not our concern. Feel free to ask any doubts in the comment section.