Verizon message+ crashing

Are you facing the problem verizon message+ crashing like me? Whenever I click on my Message+ App Icon, it says, “Unfortunately, Message+ has stopped.” Report or Ok. I rebooted it multi times, closed the App and also removed the battery out, and yet it is still crashing. Finall I got a solution for Verizon message+ crashing and hope it will work for you too.

We all have used the version message app, but for those who are not aware of this, let’s make a quick note and understand more about “Verizon Message” and read Messages vs Message+.

What is the Verizon message?

Version message an app used for texting. It combines all the texting conversation in your current compatible device. America’s most solid organization is dependent on rankings from the RootMetrics(US) National RootScore Report: 1H 2020. Has awarded the Verizon Message app as the best financially accessible cell phones on 4 public versatile organizations overall accessible organization types. Your encounters may change. The RootMetrics grant isn’t an underwriting of Verizon.Verizon’s organization was also granted as the best in general and won or tied six of seven honor classes, including by and large organization execution, dependability, information, call, and text just as the fresh out of the plastic new “network accessibility” classification. It has many key features present such as 

  1. Customizing fonts, styles, background images, etc in the conversation.
  2. Make and get hold of calls on a tablet device.
  3. You can even send eGift cards to your friends or family members.
  4. Additional features directly from a conversation, such as example:- yahoo, Kanvas, etc.

What are the key features of the Verizon message app?

Key features such as:-

Group chat:-

You can add up to 250 people in one single group. It also provides you the option of removing or adding any person you want in that specific group. Even options like customizing group themes or adding the most unique backgrounds are available in this app. Read also how to send a group text message from Android, iPhones, iPads, iPod

Driving Mode:-

A new option called “Driving Mode “ is also provided in this app. This option helps you to give a private space in the digital world. With the help of driving mode, you can switch off all the incoming audios, notification, and pop up through this app. It also gives a message to all the active participate saying that you’re driving and you’ll answer later. 

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Glympse in Verizon Messages:- 

This option helps you to share the live location in a conversation on a map. Even you can select the participants with who you want to share your live location.

Calling option:-

Calls on Verizon Messages allows you to make and get a voice or video calls on your tablet, and voice calls from viable smartwatches, all utilizing your cell phone’s portable number. They can be made over Wi-Fi or your cell organization.

  • You can even make an offer gifs, your very own symbol, custom foundations, and more with your loved ones.
  • These options make the app more user-friendly and interactive.
  • ####But many times this app may trouble you, sometimes this text message app may crash, issue of because of some reasons:-

What does the crashing of the app mean?

When a system or software application such as an app, website, etc stops functioning properly, it means that the application is crashed. An Android application crashes at whatever point there’s a startling way out brought about by an unhandled exemption or sign. There are many reasons for the app crashing or Message+ keeps stopping. Some of them are as follows.

Managing Memory of your device:-

The basic prerequisite of memory management is to create an approach to progressively allot parts of memory to programs at their appeal, and also free it to recover when now not required. 

Software development life cycle:-

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is used by the software industry to design, create, and test high standard software. SDLC gives an all-around organized progression of stages that help an association to rapidly deliver great programming which is organized and prepared for production use. 

Network management

One great approach to deal with this issue is to advise the client regarding the availability break and to offer, whenever the situation allows, the opportunity to accomplish something different. That might be interesting to accept an approach to deal with an organizational issue.

How to Fix Verizon message+ crashing

Many times we all have to deal with the problem called Crashing. From the above-mentioned information, we all know what crashing of an android app means, But what if this specific app keeps on crashing again and again? In this blog, we will deal with this problem Verizon message+ crashing or message blocking is active issue and fix it in our device so that we can have fluency in our messaging and chatting. Let’s look for some of the solutions to prevent the Verizon message app from crashing again and again.

Method 1 :-Clearing Cache and data from your device.

cookies are the records with low memory stores in your present working gadget at whatever point you click on any site in your program. It is stored in your device by distinctive tags. The server reads the tag and serves you with the information you need. 

 You should follow these basic steps to remove cache from your app:-

  1. Tap on the Settings menu 
  2. Scroll down the menu and click on Apps 
  3. In the Apps determination section, look for the Message+ App 
  4. tap on Message+ app 
  5. Select Storage 
  6. You will get choices to Clear Data and Clear Cache
  7. Tap on both the option. and it will fix verizon message+ crashing.
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Method 2:- Old Version Of Verizon Message App

One of the reasons behind the app crashing may be the usage of the old version. A simple and quick solution for this could be removing and again inserting the battery in your device. You can also reboot your gadget. Some devices do not have the option of removing the battery. For this condition, you can try the rebooting method that is much simple and quick compared to the battery removing method. This trick helps us to solve many problems and speed up our mobile. 

These steps can help you to perform this method:-

  1. Hold up the Power button of your device until the screen becomes dark.
  2. You will see the option of Reboot on the screen. 
  3. Tap on that option and your device will reboot.

Method 3:- Long term usage of the app

Using the app for a long time can also be a problem. For fixing this issue you should follow all the steps carefully. This method will help you to prevent your app from crashing. 

  1. Stop the forces of Phone in your mobile. 
  2. Clear all the cache present in your browser.
  3. Turn off all the notification in the all apps.
  4. Also, do not forget to turn off all the settings that are related to your WiFi, MMS, Contacts or app related to Message+.
  5. Setting->Click on the Application manager -> tap on the More option.
  6. Open the Modify System Settings.
  7. In the last step, You have to reboot your mobile and rollback all the settings.

Method 4 :- Updating the software

Programming or Software refreshes may offer you a lot of advantages. Updates can add new highlights to your gadgets and also eliminate absolute ones. Un-updated software can also be one of the reasons for this particular problem.

Try out these steps to update the software in your gadget:-

  1. Open the Apps screen.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Scroll and select the Software Update option.
  4. Snap Download Update Manually 
  5. The framework will look for and check for any of the new updates. 
  6. If there is, you just have to download and introduce it.
  7. Check again whether the Message+ issue was fixed.

Method 5:- Reinstalling the apps:-

Reinstalling the app is the best option for any issue in the particular application or app. This technique helps you to solve many app-related problems, and you also get the benefits of new updates.

Check and follow the steps to successfully install the Verizon Message+ app again on your device:-

  1. Click on the Application Manager
  2. Open the Google Play Store
  3. Click on Clear Data
  4. Reinstall the Message+ app

Method 6:- Remove battery

If you have remove battery option ,then must apply and check once most of the time it fix the issue of Verizon message+ crashing.

Method 7:- Uninstall updates:-

This is one of the method you may use to fix this problem

  1. Open Settings option. 
  2.  Click on Applications 
  3.  scroll down to list and you will find Messages+ option.
  4. Tap on that and then uninstall updates
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Method 8:- Force Stop and Restart the App

  1. Go to Setting->App management->Message+, Stock MessagesContacts, and Android System-> Click Force Stop for all the apps. 
  2. In the same section, Clear Cache and Clear Data for all apps.
  3. Apply all notifications to OFF Mode on the Message+ and Stock Messages app.
  4. Restart the device
  5. Following all the above steps, reverse the process to Message+ and restore the standard settings

 Method 9:- Reset your device:-

If you have tried all the above steps but still have this problem then, this is probably the last method. This will help you to get rid of the crashing Verizon Message+ app permanently. But, also note that this trick may also delete or clear many files, folders, and data. You can transfer the files in one of the pen drives and can also remove your sim card if you do not want any contact to lose. 

You should follow these steps to perform this method:-

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Backup and restore option available.
  3. Make sure that the Back up my data option is enabled.
  4. Roll down and you will find Factory Data Reset
  5. Click on the Factory Data Reset option
  6. Click on Reset Phone to confirm all the selection 
  7. Tap on Erase Everything
  8. It may take more than 10 Minutes to reset your device. 
  9. The device will automatically start again
  10. Check if the Verizon Messaging+ app is now back to normal.

 That would help you to provide a working version of the app

Method 10:Contact Customer Care

If none of the mentioned methods work for you then contact Customer Care


The above all methods will help you to fix the problem verizon message+ crashing permanently in your device. This will also make your app more fluently and more user friendly. If you have fixed your phone by any of the mentioned method then please do provide feedback, if you used something else please mention it too to help others.