How to find archived messages on messenger?

Have you archived your message on FB messenger and searched to get it back? We will take you out of this bad situation. We all know Messenger is related to Facebook. In this article, we will discuss How to find archived messages on messenger?

Methods to find the archived message:

There are two ways to find archived messages on Facebook messenger. In the first the web method. First, go the facebook.comand after login there with your email and password. Now on the top of the Facebook profile open messenger. There you see “Sell all in messenger” at the bottom of the page, click on it. Now click on the settings gear after this click on “hidden chat” and then all archived messages will show there.

In the 2nd method, we use the messenger app. First, open the messenger app on your device. Now click on the search bar at the top of the page. Enter the name of the person which you want to see the chat. Now when his profile opens that chat of person and you can see chatting of you both there. Doesn’t care if it is archived or not by searching you can see all the chats of that person. 

How to find archived messages on messenger?
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Messenger is a great tool for Facebook to chat with friends and whenever we want to hide any person’s chat on messenger, we archive his chat. Now we learned how you can see that chat you hide. In this article, how to find archived messages on Facebook messenger. Hopefully, this article increases your knowledge.


Q1. Can I use messenger without a Facebook account?

Solution: Facebook and messenger are connected to each other. If you want to use messenger you have to create a Facebook account first. But when you delete a Facebook account you will see the option to only delete a Facebook account not a messenger account. It means you can still use the messenger after your Facebook account is deleted.

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Q3. How to archive messages on messenger?

Solution: To achieve messages on messenger. First, open the messenger app and then click on the person’s chat which you want to archive. Now swipe left his chat. After this click on more options there and click on archive. Now your message is archived.

Q4. What happens when you archive a chat on messenger?

Solution: When you archive a chat on messenger then that chat will hide from the list but will not delete and to see this chat again you can use the method given above. That will help you to see that chat which you archived.