Can you unsend a text?

Suppose you think that you can delete your message from the receiver’s device if you send a random text to someone. But it is not the reality. Yes, it’s right that you can delete your message on WhatsApp & Telegram. If you are thinking of deleting your message to someone else’s device, then it’s right. You can do it. But in the SMS, this feature is not available. We got your problem. We have various points that can solve your doubts on: Can you unsend a text?

Unfortunately, if you are trying to unsend a text message, you can’t once you click on the send button. Neither you delete it nor you unsend it. Maybe, By good luck, you get no network connection, and you are sending the message. At that time, your message will not be sent.

Now we will suggest some strategies so that you can unsend a text message. We are telling you some important questions and their answers. Read them clearly and try to understand. You will come out of your problems with the unsend text message. 

And many more sub-topics you are going to learn in this article. Let’s start to get a basic idea about the topic.

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Can you unsend a text
Can you unsend a text

Can you unsend a text message?

Unfortunately, there is no feature to unsend a text message after being sent, whether you have an iPhone or Android phone. Just an option only you can do. You have to cancel a text message before the message is sent.

SMS is not the same as WhatsApp or Telegram. In WhatsApp/Telegram, the unsend or delete message feature is available. But not in SMS.

Let’s move ahead, and we will discuss some other options. We may delete or unsend a text message using any other way. Let’s go to check.

How do unsend a text message?

You can’t unsend a text message on your phone. If you want to unsend a text message, then you need to click cancel instead of send. Only then will it not be transferred from your side. And the receiver will not receive your message.

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But don’t worry. We have told you a great point in our other articles too. That point is to “never give up.” We have found a way to resolve this problem. We have described the way in the below content. Better to use WhatsApp, it provides one hour from the time a text is sent. However, on Telegram, you can delete the whole message of any time with just a click.

Is there any way to delete a text message before the receiver reads it?

The answer is NO. Right now, and there is nothing to delete a text message before the receiver reads it. Developers are working to develop more advanced features. Maybe, they will develop such a feature for SMS to delete a text message before receiving it.

Let’s read all the questions and answers on this page. You will get a solution because we have described an intelligent way below to resolve your problem. 

Is there any feature such as WhatsApp ‘all delete a text message’?

Still, there is not such a feature as WhatsApp to delete a text message. When you send a text message, then you can not delete that from the receiver’s device—for example, audio or video. You click on a note and hold it to delete. 

When you click on the delete icon on top, then you get three options. 

  1. All delete.
  2. Cancel.
  3. Delete from my device.

Note – If you want to delete from your phone, then you click on “delete from my device.”

If you want to delete your message from your receiver device, too, when you click on “all delete.”

Else you click on cancel.

In SMS, you get only two options.

  1. Delete.
  2. Cancel.

Note – If you click on delete, then your message will delete from your SMS box.

Else you click on cancel.

Can you permanently delete your text message from the receiver’s device?

Neither you delete a text message temporarily, nor you can delete your text message permanently from the receiver’s device. You can only remove the message from your device. 

To delete a text message from your device is not the solution. You want to delete a text message from the receiver’s phone. You can do it. Hurray up!

The smart way to control the life of your message – 

There is a third-party app available. You can choose it to make a solution to your problem. We will help you to set up the app.

Name of an app – tiger text.

It is an app that allows you to delete a message from the receiver device. If I tell you in easy language, then you can control the life of your message. How much time should your message live? You can decide by using the tiger text app.

On which device can you download the tiger text app?

You can download the tiger text app on your android, ios and windows too. Like other apps, it is also available on playstore. You can open your play store and search for a tiger text app and download it.

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How much do I have to pay for a tiger text app?

One more good news for the solution to your problem, guys. It is a free app. But there is a pro version available of the tiger text app. The cost of the tiger text app is $10.65 every month. The price of the pro version is the same for iOS devices and android. 

I want to suggest that first, you should take a trial of a free tiger text app. After that, you should purchase the pro version according to your needs.

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Why do users want to delete their messages from other devices?

There can be multiple reasons to delete your message from other devices. Let’s discuss some of them.


  1. Suppose you have made a spelling mistake in your message. And you have sent it to your boss, which can create a wrong impression on your profile.
  2. Sometimes you are sharing any secret information with someone via SMS. But after sharing the information, you think that the person is trustworthy or not. Then you choose an idea to delete your chat from your device or receiver’s device.
  3. There are some other reasons also. For example, if you have sent an unwanted message to anyone. Then you need to delete or unsend the message from the receiver device.
  4. Message to wrong person, means someone other meassage to someone else.

When you have made a spelling or grammar error while chatting with your employee or manager over SMS, it is necessary to delete a message for error correction. 

Suppose you are a new serviceman. You made any mistake like this. It can reflect on your image, which is why a feature of deleting a text message should be available on all devices for SMS.

Can I delete a text message from my iPhone?

No, both are almost the same on a topic. Android also has no such feature. It is a challenging point. So it would be better for you. Read your text correctly before sending it.

If you delete a text message from your android phone, then where will it go?

When you delete your text message from your phone, it will not delete it immediately. When new data has been created in your device, the device will mark the deleted data inactive.

Luckily, it is one of the best chances which you get. You can back your text messages using it. 

And the deleted text will go into Google drive, where you create your SMS backup. You can go there and check your data. 

When I delete a text message from my android phone, does it unsend?

No, it will not unsend. 

Can I recover my deleted message?

Firstly make sure that you have turned on your Google backup. It means you have applied for daily google backup. 

 If you have done all setups discussed below, you can recover your deleted text message from google drive. But it is not clear to say that you can recover your text messages without creating a google backup. 

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It is a risky action to delete your text messages. So everyone should have created their backup on their google drive.

I am giving you instructions here. Do step by step these instructions. You will get your SMS backup.

Instructions to recover text messages from the drive –

  • Go on google drive.
  • Open the menu option.
  • Select the setting option.
  • Select the option of google backup.
Can I recover my deleted message?

Suppose you created your google backup. Then you will see your device name. Choose your device name. There you will get an SMS text message option. Click on it.

Your SMS message backed up.

Note – these instructions are a type of condition as well. That means if you have not created your SMS backup option on your google drive. Then you can not recover your messages.

How can I recover deleted text on my android phone?

We have discussed the same meaning question just above it. You have to go with the same steps which you have seen above. But keep in mind clearly that the above condition is the same here too.

If you did not enable your backup option to create your daily backup, your messages would not recover. 

First, create your daily backup on google drive. You will be free for future problems to recover your text messages. 

To create a solution to your problem by yourself. It means you can create your solution by following discussed points.


Today’s topic is a very sensitive topic that most people want to learn about. You make any mistake in your SMS, and by mistake, you send it. Then you see what it is? How have you made this mistake?

Then you try to unsend your text message. You follow all the features given on your phone. But you are unable to delete or unsend your text message. In this article, we have focused on some questions. Through them, we can avoid this issue.

 I tried to give you the best content and solution to solve your mind doubt. It is not a case of which mobile phone you are using. Because on this page, we have written for every phone whether it is android or ios. We have discussed the steps to recover deleted text messages.