Message blocking is active issue and its solution

If you are the person confused with “Free message: Message blocking is active” error and looking for a solution. It is the right article for you; here, we are going to discuss the reasons for message blocking and provide a solution for both Android and IOS devices. The standard step for any device is to check the carrier coverage-> Restart your device which will solve the minor glitches-> Check whether the spam message is blocking settings and other settings are configured correctly. The solutions discussed in detail for Android/IOS. Finally, as an additional, you will also get to know about recovering blocked messages on Android.

Message blocking is active

Right from olden days, text messaging used as an essential form of communication. In the smartphone era, it becomes even more popular by the arrival of various text messaging apps. The significant evolution of text messaging starts with the advent of Whatsapp. Nowadays, Whatsapp has become one of the most prominent messaging apps, with over 2 billion downloads in Google play. Also, people use the default messaging app that is associated with the mobile carrier for communication. In recent days people are encountering a lot of errors while using messaging apps. The main error pop is “message blocking is active.” Here we are going to see the solution to this problem.

Meaning of message blocking

Generally, message blocking is an option in the messaging app to prevent sending and receiving messages from other people. After messaging certain services that are not available are

  1. After message blocking user cannot be able to send and receive the MMS and SMS to other contacts.
  2. The inability of the user to send or receive instant messages.
  3. Also, even after message blocking certain available services are.
  4. The user can able to send the voice mail notifications to other carriers.
  5. Also, the user can able to send emergency alerts.
  6. We are receiving a message from third-party applications that indicate purchased content.

Reason for message blocking active

Many reasons cause message blocking. The most common reason for this message blocking is due to the temporary maintenance of the mobile carrier. Due to this message service from carrier is paused for a certain period and will resume after the period. Next one is block listed messages by sender or receiver. In the last case, the user might have blocked to send or receive SMS by disabling premium message access from the settings. Similarly, for T-Mobile, the message service is blocked by shortcodes.

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How to block messages in Android?

The text messages of the specific contact can be blocked with the following steps.

  1. Firstly, you can block messaging of the particular contact by adding the connection to the block list on your phone. It can be done by Opening Messages, Tap on the “Menu” option on the top right corner. In this add the contact to block list by pressing blocked connections.
  2. Secondly, if your default messaging apps do not offer the block list option, then the process can be done by downloading Third-party applications. 
  3. In any of the third-party application, there is an obvious step to block the messaging to specific contacts.
  4. Choose more settings on the top right, Tap on the Settings option.
  5. Scroll down and tap on a manage block list.
  6. Add the contact to block list by clicking the ‘+’ icon on top.

After applying these settings, you won’t get notifications from the messaging app/Third-party applications of the particular contact.

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Solution for message blocking active issue in Android

Several issues lead to signal to block in Android. The solutions are

  1. Firstly the short message blocking by the carrier can be identified by the help of error message “Message Delivery fail”.
  2. It can solve by contacting customer care.
  3. The customer care will provide a 10 digit carrier number.
  4. The message service is enabled once the carrier number entered into the settings.
  5. Secondly, the message blocking due to the block list in contacts.
  6. The blocked contacts removed by clicking the “X” icon in the block list management setting.
  7. The ultimate solution is to enable premium access.
  8. This setting activated by Settings->App management->Tap on Messaging app->Click more icon on top right->Click on Special Access->Choose Allow premium access to enable the option.

How to block messages on IOS?

Like Android, messages can also get blocked from IOS devices.

  1. Like Android, there is an inbuilt block feature in IOS.
  2. This feature enables you to prevent the phone number from calling, sending messages.
  3. This feature is inbuilt and activated without downloading any third-party applications on IOS.
  4. To block contacts on IOS devices tap on the contact menu.
  5. Block the connection by pressing “Block the contact” button at the bottom.
  6. Unwanted spam messages can be blocked in the default IOS messaging app.
  7. These messages can be prevented by pressing “Details” on the top right corner.
  8. Tap on the block to block the contact. 
  9. Also, you can block messages by using the spam tools provided by the carrier network.
  10. In this tool, you can block specific contacts by sending details to the mentioned mail ID in the device.
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Solution for message blocking active issue in iPhone

In iPhone, this error message frequently occurs when your phone gets updated to a new version. Most of the time, this error message pops out in a weird situation.

  1. The essential step is to check the iMessage app.
  2. Firstly you need to turn off the iMessage on the settings.
  3. After performing this step, you must try to send a message from the app.
  4. If the message sends correctly, then you need to sign out from Apple ID and then sign in again to solve this bug.
  5. If the word does not convey even after performing the above step, then you need to restart network settings.
  6. The network settings restarted by tapping reset on general settings.
  7. At last, if any of the above steps have not worked, then perform a hard reset on your mobile.

Reason for message blocking error in Gmail

There are four significant mistakes occurs while entering the recipient email address. They are

  1. Incorrect Email address.
  2. The mistaken dot at the end of Email ID.
  3. Spelling mistake in Gmail ID.
  4. Spacing in between the Email address.
  5. Also, on the other hand, sending Email to the unavailable Email address leads to blocking of the message.
  6. Sending a bulk mail leads to the indication of spam and message blocking.
  7. Sending the spam links continuously to mail addresses causes message blocking.

Solution for Message blocking in Gmail

  1. Firstly you need to ensure that the recipient mail address entered is correct or not.
  2. If the registered mail ID no longer exists, then it is better to remove the mail address and enter correct mail ID.
  3. Instead of sending bulk mail, send the letter at a stretch by creating Google group.
  4. Avoid sending mail that collects personal information.
  5. Because Google algorithm is designed in such a way to identify the spammers.
  6. Lastly, if the process of sending Email blocked for a day or two, then contact the helpline service to seek out this issue.

Recovery steps for the deleted text messages

The development of technology has made everything possible. Likewise, you can recover the deleted or blocked messages. Nowadays, smartphone technology is becoming smarter. It has an inbuilt feature to recover and restore the deleted messages. Every Android device is provided with additional settings to recover the lost data. The option to recover the lost data is  “Backup and restore”. This option can be enabled by pressing settings icon. By scrolling down, you might able to see backup and restore. By tapping this option, you can restore the selected SMS. Thus the SMS is restored. While reserve, it is better to choose an external storage device to store the backup. It prevents the collision in internal storage.

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T-mobile message blocking active

Generally, a message blocking is an error which arises when sending SMS. This issue occurs when the time, date, are not configured correctly. Also, it occurs when the latest update is not downloaded on your device. The rare way of occurrence of this error is by entering incorrect SMSC number. In picture messaging this error can occur when the maximum recipient limit is crossed. Also, it occurs due to the carrier of the t-mobile network.

Solutions for t-mobile message blocking

For Android devices

  • Check for cache data in Messaging app. If exists clear immediately
  • Ensure SMSC number is entered correctly in settings.
  • Uninstall and re-install the existing messaging apps on your device.
  • Restore default settings in APN.

For Apple Devices

  • Restore Network settings to default.
  •  Update your device to the latest version.
  • Try to put the t-SIM in other device and check if it is a network issue.

If the problem still continues then better contact helpline to solve the problem.


Like Newton said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. There is always a solution to a problem. I conclude that for message blocking active issue, the above mentioned are proven steps suggested by experts. So you can solve this issue with the help of the solution as discussed above.