How To Block a YouTube Channel: What’s the Need

You should know how to block a youtube channel and the reasons why you need to. This platform provides you with videos that are really very helpful but on the other hand, it has some bad sides. YouTube features thousands of videos that cover almost any imaginable subject. This platform provides you with videos that are really very helpful but on the other hand, it has some bad sides. By using a built-in YouTube feature or plugin add-ons, you can block certain types of videos from being viewed on your computer.

Over the years, youTube has grown in curating videos for us based on our viewing habits. You will need to play outside of the rules of YouTube to block YouTube channels and use a cool third-party app to help you out. So this is where the whole topic is about. Don’t skip and read the full article below.

how to block a youtube channel
how to block a youtube channel

Pause view history or just use the “Incognito” feature on YouTube

Until going on to the more complex ways of blocking content from YouTube, let’s give this easily overlooked tool a nod. You can explore the YouTube app to view your watch history and you can delete it. You will have to return to this page to get your watch history back on again. Use the “Watch History Pause” button, by clicking on your profile image in the upper right, then Settings-> history and privacy.

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Review what is on your YouTube homepage

Next, the ongoing method of blocking YouTube videos should be tested at least partially.YouTube or any application provides you a recommendation based on your watch history and previous history.

Click the three-dotted menu icon next to the title of a video on your YouTube homepage (it is invisible to hover your mouse through the correct area), and then click “Not interested” in order to block the videos that come from certain channels from appearing in your preferred list.

You can choose a number of reasons why a video, including the “I’m not interested in this show” option, is not of interest to you. When you choose that, your preferred list will no longer contain videos on this channel. Notice that this does not keep the river, but only from your YouTube URL, from appearing in search results. You can go a step further if you want to ban outright outlets.

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Use the in-built feature to block Mature Content

Follow the steps:-

  • Access the website of YouTube.
  • Tap on your circle profile button at the top right corner of the YouTube page.
  • Scroll down and pick the Restricted Mode option from the drop-down menu.
  • To activate the feature, click on the button next to Activate Restricted Mode. When activated, the button switch turns blue.
  • Tap on this window button below the Restricted Mode switch to prevent other computer users from shutting off restrained mode.

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Block YouTube and other unsafe websites in most browsers

You should install the uBlock Origin add-on for your Internet browser if you want to block access to the YouTube website and to other allegedly unsecured websites. The add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari is supported by the uBlock Origin. This add-on can also block ads and various kinds of scripts on specific web pages, including JavaScript. Click on the link below for the Web browser to access the add-on of uBlock Origin.

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox 
  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Opera
  • Safari 


Block Channels from Appearing in Your Recommendations

You totally presume that you’re in those kinds of video seas now and you want to see more of them if you’ve tapped one or two bogus or dodgy videos back in the past. It ensures that they will be shown in your list of recommended shows.

The first move not to view videos from these channels is to click on the menu icon next to the video’s thumbnail in your’ Recommended’ column, then on the’ Not involved.’ Do this in your recommended list for all files.

Then click “Suggest” on your YouTube site and then “Based on your Watch History” for a look at the entire history of your watch to prevent similar videos from showing as those. This is the basis for Youtube recommendations, which encourage you to delete inappropriate videos by clicking on the cross next to them from your watch history and they do not influence your potential recommendations any longer.

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At least every couple of months, it’s good practice to do this sort of purge and your homepage is clean of all that you don’t want.

Use Third-Party Plugin

I have studied a lot on this matter but can’t find any perfect method to block any specific video channel. So, for that, you can use a third-party plugin. Nevertheless, the Video Blocker plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Opera can also be used on your browser to block videos and channels. This extension allows you to ban any videos on a particular channel or video form and make them unavailable as never before to YouTube. We are not suggested and even a search for the name of the channel does not produce results.

This is a little further down the list as users report mixed feature outcomes. Nevertheless, the plugin for Chrome works very well with me and offers an alternative to automatically ban those YouTube channels by simply right-clicking a video with one of their links and choosing “Ban videos from this site.” But, it’s not 100% accurate for everyone while it works great for me as I said. We will use the plugin on Chrome for test purposes, while Firefox and Opera will also be subject to the same instructions. If you don’t like any specific video available on youtube then you can simply block them. Both recordings will be removed from your eyes immediately.

But, the first time we tried this for ourselves, it didn’t work with us the above process. Block-Youtube-Channels-Video-Blocker. One way to use Video Blocker is to click on the Chrome extension icon in the Video Blocker and turn on “Blocklist.” To add a channel to your blocklist, go to “Add fresh” in the left panel.

Block Unsafe Videos For Kids

YouTube has created a mobile app named YouTube Kids for Android and iOS. The software only allows children to access children’s healthy materials, as the name suggests. It also helps parents to ban more videos of their choice and to test the time during which their children can access YouTube videos.

The YouTube Kids app can be downloaded from the Android devices Google Play Store or the iOS app store from the Apple App Store.

Block YouTube videos using BlockTube

You can download the BlockTube add-on for Firefox from the BlockTube website.

Its Features and How it FUNCTIONS

  • Visit YouTube to block specific videos or content.
  • The playlist interface will still work normally, even if the video is disabled on the playlist.
  • Block videos or channels based on YouTube video title keywords and/or regex meanings.
  • Hide or block the pattern tab on YouTube.
  • Secure the password to prevent the modification or elimination of video block settings from other users.
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Managing Your Blocklist

There are a lot of options you can choose from once you’re in the Video Blocker app.

  • Channel item: You will enter precisely the full name of the (case sensitive) channel where you want to block the images when this option is picked. Copying/paste the name of the channel is easier, but can also be reached by yourself.
  • Wildcard: The “Window” option is the same, but it’s not case-sensitive. This functionality is suitable for blocking many similar-type channels.
  • Keyword: It detects all videos that contain a certain (not case-sensitive) keyword. Only enter the keyword and Video Blocker can check for and make all suggestions.

You can also apply a Video Blocker password to avoid other people installing or disabling block list channels. But it doesn’t exist on Firefox and macOS, and only in Chrome can you use it.

Click on the Video Blocker extension icon and tap “Secure” on the left-hand side of the screen. And you will find a choice for setting your password. In the menu Video Blocker, press “Health” Press on “Privacy” Be vigilant not to prohibit someone from eliminating the Video Blocker feature. By enabling this feature you can know that who tried to view the content and what they tried to watch. After enabling it you can block them from watching that respective subject.


So my dear friends, as we all have heard that “EVERY PROBLEM HAS ITS SOLUTION”. The above-mentioned methods are the solution to your problems related to How To Block a YouTube Channel. All the above-listed solutions are easy and simple. Just try it whenever you face such problems.

I hope you got over it …..Stay tuned, and let us know your other problems related to and allow us to help you out.