Control Android Phone from PC

Operating a small screen can sometimes be a challenging task. Not for all but surely for some like How to control android phone from PC. Some jobs need a larger screen than your Smartphone since some of us are not aware of a way to work it out, so we compromise and decide to perform those certain tasks on the small screen, ignoring the fact that the same can be achieved by doing it on our laptops/desktops.

We all are surrounded by technically advanced gadgets but how to use them is the big question here. We are going to discuss some of the ways by which we can connect our computers to our android phones that might be beneficial for the audience who are struggling with this process.

Methods to Control Android Phone from PC

So, let’s jump into these ways.

Method 1: Connecting through Windows

A built-in “your phone” program is included with Windows 10.

“Your Phone” is a built-in program that allows you to view your 25 most recent images, send and receive text messages, and handle phone calls from your computer. A screen-mirroring option is also available from Microsoft, although it only works with a restricted number of devices.

You must simultaneously install the “your phone” program on the Windows 10 platform and the same application on your Android smartphone. Just launch the application and login from the same account on both devices. All you have to do now is follow the directions on the screen.

Method 2: Using Airdroid

Airdroid is a third-party application that is trusted by many users. One can easily manage to connect an android device to his/her computer, given that the user has an active Wi-Fi connection. 

You will need to install the Airdroid application on your android device and simultaneously visit the website Scan the QR code displayed on the web application from your android device, and you will be amazed to see how well you can take control of the files on your android device through your computer.

Method 3: Using TeamViewer

TeamViewer is software used by millions. Its main purpose is to control the screen of the device it has been linked to. It is being used by support teams of many big alliances to fix the issues reported by their clients in an easy way. Well, an individual like me and you can also use it in order to control our phones from our respective PCs.

You need to install the “TeamViewer quicksupport” application on your mobile phone and TeamViewer software on your computer. (It can be done by visiting the windows store). Then you need to put in the ID displayed on your phone to your computer. Just give all the permission it asks for and click on start. Voila! You have full control of your android device on your computer.

Method 4: ApowerMirror

You don’t want to miss out on this useful approach. ApowerMirror is a sophisticated tool that allows you to broadcast your phone’s screen to your desktop and operate Android from your PC using your mouse and keyboard. Meanwhile, this application allows you to have the same experience as you would on the phone, but with the added benefit of a bigger computer screen.

Here you can connect your phone to your pc via two ways. Let’s discuss both to control android phone from PC:

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First way: via USB

Install the ApowerMirror application on your computer. Ensure that the mobile device’s USB debugging is turned on. Connect your Android handset to your PC with a USB cable. If a notice box appears on your phone asking for permission to install this app, hit “Accept.” The software will alert you with a pop-up window once it has been downloaded and activated. “Don’t show again” is selected, and “START NOW” is pressed. The program is activated once all of these steps have been completed. The connection will now be successful if you follow the directions on the screen.

Second way: via Wi-Fi

You may also use WiFi to operate Android from a PC, but both devices must be connected to the same network. On an Android smartphone, open the app, choose “WiFi Connection” mode, and then press the “M” symbol. Then choose the device with “Apowersoft” in the name. Your phone’s screen will shortly be projected onto your computer.

When confronted with a larger screen, you have more options. It will be ideal for watching movies with the family or playing PC games. You may easily enter even while sending SMS or Emails by using the keyboard and mouse. This program makes it simple to snap screenshots and record screen history during the procedure. By the way, if you want to stream music to your PC, your Android must support Chromecast. You may also download Google Home from the app store if you don’t have a Chromecast.

Method 5: Using MirrorGo

MirrorGo seems to be a popular way to operate an Android device from a computer. Users might utilize a keyboard and mouse to achieve an amazing experience by mirroring the Android screen on a PC. Users will be able to receive alerts from their mobile device on their PC at the same time as long as it is turned on.

How to use it?

Download MirrorGo for PC from the official MirrorGo website. Start the program on your computer and use a USB cord to connect your Android device. The program will be automatically configured after a time. You may choose to use your computer to entirely handle your Android smartphone after the connection is available.

Method 6: Using Vysor

Vysor is comparable to AirDroid Cast in terms of functionality. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and even Chrome OS. It comes in either free or premium editions. The free plan is enough for getting a flavor of what’s available, but it’s limited—ads are there, and you can only connect over a wired connection.

Vysor, on the other hand, is unique in that it requires absolutely no setup or configuration. All that’s left to do here is turn on USB Debugging. Simply install software Vysor on your computer, then connect your phone. Everything occurs on its own. Along the way, an app is downloaded to your Android device. You may remove it at any time by navigating to Options > Apps & alerts on your Android smartphone.

When the installation is finished, your phone’s screen will be reflected in a window on your desktop. Take snapshots, capture your screen, and adjust the volume using simple buttons. Everything else on the simulated touchscreen can be done with your mouse to control android phone from PC.

You don’t have to worry about app compatibility with Vysor because it’s a screen-mirroring service. Anything that works on your Smartphone will work on your computer. Gaming is included, albeit latency will be a concern in applications that need quick reflexes.

Method 7: Join

If you prefer to continue reading a web page that you’ve viewed on your desktop on your cellphone while you’re at the bathroom or running errands, this app is for you.

The application is a Chrome extension. After you have completed installing the app on your Android smartphone, you may link it with Chrome. After you’ve done that, you can use this app to transfer the tab you’re looking at directly to your Android device. You may also transfer the feature to your device from there. Furthermore, the software allows you to type text directly in the application on your device. It’s not just that, but you may send SMS and other files as well. Additionally, the software has the option to snap a snapshot of your Android smartphone.

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Of course, you don’t have complete control over the Smartphone you’re using, but it’s still useful for a few specific apps. The app is really quite light. As a result, you could save a large amount of space and RAM. As a result, the computer is less likely to crash. The program works in both directions, as well as pinging a variety of articles out to the PC.

Method 8: Deskdock

Deskdock is another excellent program for controlling your Android smartphone from your PC. You will need a USB connection to connect your PC to your Android device in order to use this software. As a result, the Android device’s screen will become a second screen.

The program works on Windows PCs, Linux computers, and Mac computers. It is absolutely feasible to connect numerous different Android smartphones to a single PC with the aid of this programme. The program allows users to utilize the mouse and keyboard from their PC on their Android device. Furthermore, you may just select the Mobile application, and that is all there is to it. You can now pick up the phone with a click of the mouse.

Using your computer’s keyboard, you may type and send text messages. In addition, you may copy and paste URLs that are both lengthy and nonsensical. Users may download the programme in both free and premium versions, according to the makers. To receive the premium version, you’ll have to pay $5.49 for membership. The premium edition unlocks keyboard capabilities, as well as a new drag-and-drop feature and the removal of advertising.

The software is limited in its capacity to broadcast videos, which really is a drawback. This capability is available in a variety of programs, including Google Remote Desktop. Furthermore, you would need to deploy the Java-based Environment (JRE) on the system you are using in order to use this programme. This, in turn, may expose any security flaws in the system you’re utilizing.

Method 9: Pushbullet

Pushbullet allows users to synchronize multiple users for the purpose of sharing files and sending messages.

In addition, the app includes checking your WhatsApp messages. As a consequence, the user will be allowed to text on WhatsApp. You may also check any new messages that have been received. Bear in mind, however, that your WhatsApp communication history will never be restored. Not only that, but until you upgrade to the premium version, you won’t be able to send more than 100 messages each month, combining SMS and WhatsApp. The premium edition will set you back $4.99 per month.

The software is jam-packed with excellent features. You may use this app to operate a number of different gadgets.

Method 10: Tasker

Tasker is a great programme for controlling your operating system from your PC. This software allows users to set up events and triggers on their Android devices. As a result, the user may program their phone to respond by itself whenever they receive a new notice, change their position, or create a new connection.

In fact, Tasker compatibility is included into a few of the other applications we discussed before, like Pushbullet and Join. It allows the user to control a wide variety of smartphone features from a website page or a Text message.

These were some of the ways by which an individual can access his or her android phone from a computer. Aside from that, there are several benefits to connecting a phone to a computer. Let’s jump into that.

  •   From your PC, you may receive and make calls.
  • From your PC, you may quickly send and receive SMS.
  •  File transfer options are also available when managing Android from a PC.
  • Transfer photographs, movies, documents, and other files from a PC to a smartphone or from a smartphone to a PC with ease.
  • Make better use of your Smartphone.


Here you have learned how to control an android phone from a PC. You may operate any Android operating system from your computer using these services. Some, like MirrorGo, are designed specifically for gamers, while others offer a little bit of everything to suit the demands of any user. Decide what you want to do or what work you need to finish, then pick one and install it right now. Once you’ve determined which Android to PC program is right for you, download it. Play Android games on a PC or take advantage of the millions of apps available on a larger screen.

You’re probably eager to give it a shot. Read the instructions above and select the option that best matches your needs.


How can I control my Android phone from PC with broken screen?

This answer is based on the assumption that these requirements are satisfied.

  • On the PC, you use the Chrome browser, which is logged in with the same account as on the phone.
  • The Developer Settings options “USB Debugging” and “Allow unknown programmes to be installed” are both activated.
  • If all the above-mentioned prerequisites are satisfied, the following steps will allow you to operate your phone from your PC:
  • Vysor Plugin should be installed from the Chrome webshop
  • Vysor will be launched. If the phone is already connected, this should detect it.
  • When asked, allow the Vysor app to be installed on your phone.
  • After the phone has been discovered, it should appear in the list of available devices. You may open your device and use it from your computer.

How can I display my phone screen on my computer via a USB cable?

Scrcpy is available for download on GitHub. For Windows PCs, just go to the Microsoft download page and choose between the scrcpy-win64 link for 64-bit Windows and the scrcpy-win32 program for 32-bit Windows.

  • The components of the package should be extracted to a specific folder. Scrcpy may be started by double-clicking the scrcpy.exe file.
  • Now it’s time to get your Android phone ready. Before attaching it to your machine with a USB cord, go to developer settings and activate USB debugging mode. To summarize, go to Settings > About phone, hit “Build Number” seven times, and then go to Options > Developer Options, where you’ll activate “USB Debugging.”
  • Attach your Smartphone to your pc after you’ve done so.
  • To execute the scrcpy.exe file, double-click it. You’ll first get a pop-up on your phone that says, “Allow USB debugging?” You’ll have to consent to the message in order to proceed.
  • Everything should operate normally after that. The screen of your Android phone will display in a session on your PC. Control it using your mouse and keyboard.