Mayank Menghani

A lover of science and technology to use that for creating art, with passion for poetry, photography, and travel. A BCA graduate with interest to solve problems of day to day life, innovating tools to make life a lot simpler. My favorite hobby is getting lost in the world of imagination. I’m waiting for robots to conquer the world. Just another person who loves to live life every day and having great joy to learn from younger people. Innovative minds attract me and new inventions distract me. Working on my dreams just like everyone else.


Intel i9 10900K

Intel i9: The modern Core i9-10900 K is for sale. While, the newest Core i7 and Core i5 ranges seem very prosperous, not only in courses of specs and advanced capability. But various distinctly against still very robust Ryzen rivals in aspects of pricing and authenticity.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Bluetooth Speaker: If you love noise, you’re compelled to enjoy the Special Bass series of Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones from Sony. It’s a subject of choice, whether that’s extra or not. I ignored it while hearing to it, due to the overall quality of its audio output. Believe me. I’ve never noticed that before.

Toshiba Radius Laptop

Toshiba Radius Laptop: As various pixels in a notebook, would you compress to? The company Toshiba is adopting the Satellite Radius 12, a 12-inch compact with an unrestricted 4 K touch panel, to reduce the limitations. But there’s also to it than pixel count: This monitor is more vigorous than most of the other monitors of this measure. Professionals a chance.

Acute Angle PC

Acute Angle PC: I was eternally prompted that there were Mini PCs precisely identical. Typically a rectangular case, with only the colors more or less discrete. But then I noticed one that broke the faith: the Acute Angle AA B4, a machine that has a triangular pattern and is attractive enough to be utilized in the office as a portion of improvement.

Realme X3 Superzoom

The Realme X3 SuperZoom is due to be released in Europe on May 26, one of the company’s profoundly awaited smartphones forecasted to crazy sport Camera | Display | Processor | RAM specifications. This mobile, as its name suggests, is supposed to offer excellent zoom capability for the camera.

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