Android is behind a device that goes beyond merely operating to really making life simpler. It’s why your GPS can avoid congestion, your wristwatch can text, and your Ai can respond to inquiries. It’s the software that powers 2.5 billion user gadgets. Android powers everything from 5G cell phones to beautiful tablets. Our life has become so much simpler just because of this software called android. When we need to search for something on our phone, we don’t even type. These days, google assistant does it for us. It is a blessing in disguise, isn’t it? But why switch to android? Let’s discuss it from an iOS user’s point of view to understand the android com switch process.

Why switch from iOS to android?

Apple excels at what it does. They make simple to set up and use goods, but before you realize it, you’re completely engulfed in their ecosystem. For most of us, this isn’t such a bad thing; the environment provides several benefits, and life appears to be very pleasant here. However, even for those searching for a different IT job, it might feel unattainable. 

Listen, I get why switching from an iPhone to an Android device looks daunting. When it comes to transferring SIM cards, Apple is clever, putting real-life roadblocks in your way. You forfeit the sending and receiving iMessage’s and FaceTime conversations to those digits the moment you link your contact to a non-Apple phone. If you have other Apple devices, your buddies can still contact you through other channels, but they must do it through your linked Apple ID email.

For a variety of reasons, that’s a bit of a nuisance. Apple goods that aren’t iPhones, for example, are unable to be as connected as a smartphone. You’ll have to reconnect to Wi-Fi before seeing the newest iMessage’s within a group discussion or being ready to talk a FaceTime call, unless you already have a cellular iPad. Even if you maintained your devices linked to your new phone’s hotspot at all times, the configuration is far less handy than having an iPhone with you at all times.

Prepare for your smartphone to no longer be compatible with other Apple devices. If you’re used to Apple’s easy services, including Airdrop, Handoff, iCloud, as well as other connection benefits, you’ll miss them when you go to android. Furthermore, most items you’ve purchased with your Apple ID on your iPhone are platform-locked, so you’ll have to repurchase games and applications such as Minecraft or Filmic Professional.

Why is it the right choice to switch?

If you really want to test a different phone, if there’s a fresh piece of technology that seems very fascinating, or if a firm provides functionality that Apple can’t, go for it. This will not be the end of civilization as we know it. You’ve probably met folks who have made the group chat green and written down every iMessage reaction. Yes, there is an annoyance, and yes, there are comments, but your smartphone is awesome. It can perform tasks that your buddies’ phones cannot. It’s also yours. What does it matter? 

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But here’s my recommendation: Try to persuade your buddies to use a third-party chat program. That can be difficult; people don’t like switching chat programs, especially in large groups. It could help if you pick a network that most, though not all, of them have already used. In many situations, that’ll be a Meta property—whatever phone everyone has, WhatsApp, as well as Facebook Messenger, remains probably your best bets for textual content and video calls.

You’ll have a simpler time switching if you utilize a Google Account of your digital life. Because android is made by Google, it’s as if you’ve already dipped your toe into the Google environment. You could feel more at home on your own Android com switch if you already use Google Photos, Gmail, and Google Drive. Plus, most subscriptions purchased on iOS can be accessible on android without additional fees, which is a huge benefit of everyone being available for download nowadays days.

There’s a whole universe of phones out there, after all. Google, Samsung Bixby, OnePlus, Motorola, and perhaps even Sony produce distinct, intriguing gadgets that get better with each passing year.

  • If you’re searching for a new smartphone and one of them appeals to you, go for it!
  • Else If you miss your iPhone, you can always go back to it.
  • Else If more people buy the phones, they want instead of sticking to certain platforms, and Apple may be inspired to make its operating system less exclusive. I’m not sure whether genuine iMessage will ever come to android. However, if Apple could only implement RCS, we’d be able to have quick text talks across all phones.

Time to compare

Android com switch has a lot of features that the iPhone lacks. Split screen, the option to shut all programs at once, widgets that are constantly visible, numerous users, and so on are just a few examples. Whenever you engage on a web link from Gmail or another app, Apple defaults to Safari. Are you weary of using Chrome as your iPhone browser but Apple reverting to Safari whenever you open on an online link from Gmail or another app? Then go to android, in which you might set any web browser as your default app. Maybe not all, but you can even uninstall the phone’s preloaded web browser! Safari won’t let you do that.

Android com switch allows you a lot of personalization. By simply installing a launcher from the Play Store, you can alter the typefaces you use, tweak your alert tones, and even change the design of your whole user interface (App Store for Android).

Every year, Apple essentially re-releases the same technology with minor improvements like as a better camera, extended battery life, and one or two new features. Everything else, in whole or in part, remains the same. Apple used to build the iPhone larger and larger with every new product, but they ultimately had to stop since there was no way they could go any bigger. At the very least, Android com switch manufacturers are experimenting with new technology. Image recognition and fingerprints authentication are available here on the OnePlus seven and OnePlus 7 Pro. What’s more amazing is that the biometric technology is built right into the screen!

Fixing the storage issue

MicroSD card slots for more capacity, a folding phone (even though I despise them and believe that this aesthetic should be phased out entirely, much like the hideous fashion sense of the 1980s), a functional pen/stylus, and much more are all features that Android com switch users have that iPhone users do not.

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Although Android com switch phones possess their advantages, some individuals still prefer iPhones, which is perfectly OK. Some people may favor Apple because of its ease of use. iPhones are simpler to grasp and comprehend, which is especially beneficial for those who aren’t as systematic when it comes to customizing technology to suit their requirements. iPhones offer iCloud, a storage server that may be linked to other Apple devices, in addition to a simple user interface.

Never Ending Options

Niche, hard-to-find chargers, connections, and headphones will be obsolete with an Android phone. A USB-C port is found on the bulk of Android phones, and it is the same socket that is used to charge many current devices. If you want to have a single cord for all of your technological demands, and Android is an ideal choice. 

The broad array of Android phones is unrivaled when it comes to diversity! Decide which features are most important to ourself, and you’ll be able to discover a phone that meets your needs.

Look no further if you’re a photographer seeking for excellent picture stability and camera specifications or if you’re a parent looking for a gadget that can withstand adolescent abuse.


The ability to modify nearly anything to good suit your requirements, tastes, personality, and style is one of the android’s finest aspects. The possibilities for customizing your digital companion are nearly unlimited, through widgets to keyboards to customized icons. On an Android, you may adjust the following features.

Home screen: Don’t you like the way your app manager looks or feels or the general layout? Makeover it from top to bottom! The open platform of the Android com switch allows you to effortlessly personalize the app launcher on your home screen, from changing your phone’s wallpaper to adding amazing special elements to your background!

Widgets: If you’d rather glance at stock market movements without fiddling with a browser window or complicated program, Androids enable you to install customized widgets on your main screen. Widgets provide you with quick and simple access to the documents that matter to you the most.

Icons: Do you want the emblem of your favorite team to be the symbol for your sports app? Do you choose a cupcake emoji for the logo of your cooking app? Go ahead and customize it all from your widgets through your home screen on an Android device.

Keyboards: If you’re texting your adolescent and don’t know what “ICYMI” or “WDYM” means, get a keyboard that has Google Search built-in. Are you a meme monster that wishes you could have a keyboard with all of your favorite images? Not to worry, there’s a keypad for that as well!

Google Play Store

You may access your Google Play Store if you have an Android phone. It not only has hundreds of thousands more programs accessible to download than its contenders, but it also leads the sector in terms of free, user-friendly software. You may even get access to some of the most popular applications on the market by downloading an app with adult configuration options to assist in monitoring your teenager’s cell phone usage. Also, don’t forget to grab the Lease app for simple payment and shopping choices!

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Android’s various phone options help not just feature seekers but they also make selecting budget-friendly smartphones easier than ever. Whether you’re searching for a high-end phone or something basic and utilitarian, the Android com switch provides a wide choice of high-quality handsets to suit any budget.


On Android and iOS, privacy is a contentious issue: Both Google and Apple claim to get your utmost respect, and both sides will argue that their data privacy policies are superior.

Apple distinguishes itself by the amount of data processing it performs on your device rather than in the cloud: this means it knows less about your patterns and lifestyle as Google does, even though data like the restaurant you frequent every week is stored on your iPhone rather than on Google’s servers.

Google might claim that knowing more about you (such as the restaurant you frequent every week) provides it the authority to make your life easier—for example, by ensuring that that restaurant shows towards to the front of your search results on both the web and android. It gives a more tailored experience across a wider range of devices and apps.

Much of the information transmitted back to Apple (including what you’re looking like and where you are) is anonymized and cannot be linked to you. Google prefers to develop a more detailed profile of you. It’s primarily an issue of trust whether you rely On google to utilize most of the data it possesses responsibly as it promised.

Apple does gather email addresses and phone geolocation (for Find My iPhone, for instance) and installed applications (to promote new apps), but the data it collects is more limited. It also makes its own applications more secure—Safari has cross-site tracking built-in, and iMessage is heavily encrypted on both sides of the chat.

Wrapping it up

There at the conclusion, the decision on which software to use is entirely up to you. I would not really blame you if you went with either option, even though they both have benefits and drawbacks. I just believe you should be doing your homework, overlook the Apple brand’s reputation for status above usefulness, and recognize that the Android com switch isn’t as horrible as some of your colleagues claim. You could discover that a robust Android phone with enough user-tailored capabilities is just ready to be your latest communication center for a reasonable price.