How to enable USB debugging on android with black screen?

People often panic and try switching ON the phone which usually doesn’t and gradually give up the hope on the phone and the data in the phone. One thing to remember at this point is that your phone screen is dead and not the data in the phone, hence, the data in the phone can be retrieved using USB debugging. How to enable USB debugging on android with black screen?

Mobile phones in recent times have been a very important element in one’s life, thinking of leading a life without mobile phones would be difficult, in fact just impossible. As the mobile phone is not only a device used for communication these days but a device that would bring a one-stop destination for multiple purposes. It would not sound wrong if I would say that in this modern generation quarter of life runs on a mobile phone as life progresses with mobile phones.

It just becomes so much a part of your life and not realize it. if one would want to read a newspaper he would just surf it on the mobile phone rather than fetching it from a newsstand, if you would want to spend some time refreshing up with songs you would probably play it on your phone and not on the radio, if you are stuck with a verbally complex word you would possibly check the meaning on the internet and not go through the dictionary page by page in search of the word, I could give examples like these and it would just go on and on.

When it comes to an electronic device that is so important to you, the contents in the device would ultimately be important to you, be it the files and documents that you have stored on the mobile phones, be it those pictures that were clicked to cherish the memories or be it the passwords and credentials that you have saved in the notes of the phone. It would be a nightmare that your phone crashes and you are not able to see anything on the phone but a black screen. But this is very much a possible nightmare one can come across. This mostly happens due to system failure, which anyone would expect.

Retrieving data from your black screened android device

People are mostly unaware of the methods by which they can retrieve their data with a black screen, broken screen, or a dysfunctional touch screen. You can follow the methods to retrieve the data at your home itself by following some simple procedures. Methods of retrieving data:

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Using a mouse via OTG cable:

If your touch screen is unresponsive or a black screen then even a mouse can do the job by simply connecting the mouse through an OTG cable but before starting this procedure you will first have to check if your android device supports the OTG cable and the mouse or not, as not all phones support OTG and mouse. You can check it in the COMMS section of the device, if it supports you are all set to follow the procedure:

Step1: connect the OTG cable to the mobile port and the other end to the mouse.

Step2: use screen mirroring: mirror your android phone’s screen to your laptop or pc and then use the mouse to navigate through the options in the phone.

Step3: use the mouse to navigate through the options in your android phone, you will have to go to the options and then press about the phone and then go to developer options and tap on build number 7 times which is to enable the developer options.

Step4: now come back to about phone section where you will be able to find the “USB DEBUGGING” option click ok to enable USB debugging.

Now you will be able to retrieve the data.

Using debugging software:

This method is particularly used when you have got a black screen on your phone and using a mouse and OTG cable is not helping. for this, you will have to install software that can do the job which is the android data recovery software. Follow the procedure to recover the data:

Step1: Download and install the software on the pc/laptop and connect your android phone to the pc.

Step2: launch the program from the left sidebar of your pc. You will shortly be able to see “android data extraction” displayed on the screen, choose the data you would want to recover, and press start to proceed further.

Step3: select the android device and write the model of the phone, click “next” after entering the required data.

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Step4: Follow the instructions that will be displayed on your pc to enter the download mode. Click start. The download mode will help you in downloading the files.

Step5: once you are done with the steps the software will start analyzing your phone. After this, the software will categorize the files which you will be able to preview. After previewing you can keep the files you want to retrieve and later press recover.

The recovered data will be saved on your pc automatically.

How to enable USB debugging on android with black screen?

This is one more such technique in which your pc does the whole of the job. there is a command which has to be followed in the ADB toolkit which will help you in enabling the USB debugging option in your phone. This technique is a little complex and good computer knowledge is recommended to continue with this technique. The following steps have to be followed to retrieve the data from your phone:

Step1: Download the ADB toolkit.

Step2: Extract all the files to a folder.

Step3: as by default the USB debugging will be off you will have to enable it. You can enable it by pressing and holding the power button, volume up button, and home buttons together which will lead you to ClockworkMod recovery.

Step4: After the recovery mode loads you will have to run ADB by typing “ADB devices” in the command prompt.

Step5: Type the following command in the command prompt section ” ADB pull/data/media/clockworkmod/backup~/desktop/android-up

This will help you enable USB debugging on android with a black screen.


What is USB debugging?

It is a developer’s mode in android phones which will help you make changes to the device.

Is USB debugging safe?

It is commonly used by developers to connect and transfer data from the android phone to the pc. As this involves a high risk of virus interference to the corresponding device if any of the devices carry it, it is not considered to be safe.

What is the use of USB debugging?

This is a method of establishing communication between an android phone and a PC, this can help in transferring files and many such functions.

Does USB debugging drain the battery?

Once you connect your android phone to the pc via USB port it will start charging and the rate at which charging occurs is much more than the rate at which draining occurs.

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What happens when you enable the developer’s option?

Enabling developers option can help you install custom read-only memory (ROM) and settings onto your android device. It is used for receiving and sending files to a pc.

Is it safe to enable the developer’s option on my android phone?

These are the setting options that a regular user doesn’t use, only for the developer’s usage, the use of this option inappropriately without having any prior knowledge can lead to dangerous actions on the phone.


Data is precious and can be important at different intensities. losing data can be the consequence of a user’s action and sometimes it can be lost due to unprecedented reasons. Data being so important cannot be let go just like that, hence, there are different techniques developed by the developers for recovering the data and one of the chief methods for recovering the lost data from an android phone is by USB debugging technique. the USB debugging technique can be useful in many ways, but one of its most important use is to recover the data.

Having a phone with a blacked-out screen or a damaged screen cannot be used in a user-friendly manner and enabling USB debugging can get you to veins. And hence, there are few methods that can be used to make it simpler, which not all are aware of. Hope the techniques mentioned above can make your job much easier.