Karan Mehta

My name is Karan Mehta. I am currently an electrical engineering student. I have other passion too to start a gaming channel on YouTube and to become the world’s number 1 tech blogger. Also, I want my biggest collection of movies and Web series. I love technology and passionate about to know more about that. My idol is Virat Kohli. The best things I love in him and inspire me is its hard work, attitude towards his work, never lose soul, dedication to the country and staying in discipline to be always best. I want to work hard and to be known all over the world for not one thing but many things. The thing I want from life is my parents, region, the country is known for me and they will be proud of me. I am passionate about my dream and to fulfill all my dream I will work very hard whatever it takes.


Game Pigeon Android

Game Pigeon Android: Utilize this app not only for iOS users but also for the android user excessively. A piece of great report for the android users that Gossipfunda implementing a perfect resolution for this.


Virus on Android

If you desire to understand Virus on android and Malware, which are existing in your phone, and also need some of the techniques to guard your device against them, then you have reached the right site.

Android Jones

Android Jones

Android Jones: If you desire to know about this great digital artist, Android Jones, then you can read this post. Here we had detailed about where this artist belongs and in addition with the fantastic art by the artist.

PS2 emulator android

PS2 emulator android

PS2 emulator android: If you desire to execute the PS2 games in your Android gadget and aspire to identify regarding the best emulators accessible in the store, then you have reached the best place. Here we implement the comprehensive knowledge concerning the ambiguities linked to PS2 games correlating to your Android machine.

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