Realme X3 Superzoom

The Realme X3 SuperZoom is due to be released in Europe on May 26, one of the company’s profoundly awaited smartphones forecasted to crazy sport Camera | Display | Processor | RAM specifications. This mobile, as its name suggests, is supposed to offer excellent zoom capability for the camera.

Samsung Galaxy A Quantum: New 5G phone with quantum technology

The Korean group Samsung has introduced a distinct Samsung Galaxy A Quantum 5G smartphone that will surprise you. Well, this mobile phone is supposed to be based on quantum technology, that will be a modish word for most of y’all. So, presume how impressive this smartphone will be with 5G blueprints. Learn the entire post till the end to grasp all regarding this quantum smartphone.

Oppo A72 and A52

Oppo A72 and A52: While the most significant smartphone companies spin from the impression of production distress owing to the current global circumstance pandemic, Oppo is on a launch spree. The Chinese smartphone company is all brave to unleash a couple of new receivers early in Europe – OppoA72 and Oppo A52 – according to a new announcement.

LG Velvet

LG Velvet: All LG lovers are focusing on LG Velvet, trenching the alphanumeric description in admiration of more compact titles. The company first burned a concern in the teasing of their most advanced “raindrop” camera theory on the tablet. We got interpretation on the title next, followed by an official video that exposed the phone in all its brilliance.

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