Android vs iPhone Security- Which OS is safer for the user

Gone are the days when hackers and attackers used to target only computers and laptops. Mobile phones are more susceptible now than ever. When we talk about mobile security, we must talk about android vs iPhone Security. These two are the leading operating systems for mobiles these days and they both have their pros and cons.

Keeping your mobile phone secure from hackers is very critical because the majority of our data nowadays is in our mobile phones. If they are hacked, we would be in deep trouble. Besides taking some steps for your data security, you can also make a wise choice between an android phone and an iPhone.

Let’s look at the security features in both Android and iPhone:

Android vs iPhone Security
Android vs iPhone Security

Android Vs iPhone Security – Let’s Dive In

To understand which OS is safer, let’s compare the security features:

Android Security

Android is an open-source OS. This means that there is no central authority that regulates it and the applications that are available on it. This may come as a matter of suspicion for some users and may seem like there is no real aspect of security here.

We have also seen that only the most high-end phones keep getting subsequent updates when it comes to the OS. However, it is worth noting that Google itself takes care of security for Andriod users.

Android users also have options like downloading a good android VPN or customize their security features in the OS.

If you want to take advantage of the flexibility of the Android OS, you should choose one of the more mainstream models so that you are supported by the OS update cycle. If not, you will soon lose compatibility with the newest updates and security features as well. Download a VPN apk and make sure you use it to connect the device to the internet for an added layer of browsing security and protection from cyber-attacks.

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iPhone Security

Contrary to the Android OS, Apple OS is owned and regulated by Apple which means that all apps on the Apple store are approved and regulated. This means that Apple has strong control over their devices’ security right out of the box.

When it comes to being able to customize settings, you can’t do much because Apple has certain design rules that they want to be followed. There are security features that you can customize like app security permissions.

Apple users face some restrictions based on the apps they can access and even devices they can connect to as per Apple’s directive but this only makes the OS much more secure with lesser data points being touched during its lifecycle.

There is one major con though, with no external antivirus software available, any security loophole that Apple may miss can cause potential harm to your device without you having any control over it.

You can always download a VPN apk for iPhone as well and make sure your connection to the internet is safe and secure.

So what is the verdict then? Android vs iPhone privacy, which is more secure? We’d say Apple OS is far more secure but that doesn’t mean that Android lacks behind, it makes up for what it lacks in the OS with top-notch antivirus apps available on the play store.

How to Secure your Android or iPhone from Cyber Attacks?

There are several steps that you can take with downloading a VPN apk that can help you secure your android or iPhone from malware and external data breaches.

1. Download a Robust VPN

Your best bet is to download VeePN for android or ios. This will allow you to have a layer of security between the server your device is connected to and other people connecting to your device as they will connect to a separate server first. Not only this, this will aid you in being secure from cyber-attacks when you connect to a public network. You can always try VeePN’s free trial and observe how it aids in faster browsing and a more secure connection.

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2. Do not Download Suspicious Apps

Although you will not face this issue with iPhone, the Google Playstore has plenty of apps that may be a way to inject malware into your device. Always check the reviews of the app and the app developer and see the comments from previous users. Make sure you do not download anything from third-party websites and stick to using the official Playstore apps only.

Do not install a fishy app on your phone as it can come with different kinds of viruses and malware that can render your phone useless and also help attackers use your personal data.

3. Update Your Phone Regularly

No matter how annoyed you may be by updates, always schedule them timely, and make your phone is up to date. Updates for both iOS and android OS have security patch updates that keep your phone more secure. This in addition to a good android VPN can save you from cyberattacks.

4. Choose a Strong Pin or Password for Your Phone

Always choose a password, pattern, or pin on your device that isn’t easy to crack or isn’t too predictable. This will keep the device secure in case someone gets ahold of it. You should also invest in getting a remote data wiping website as well. This will allow you to remotely wipe all the data on your device in the event that it gets stolen.

Which OS is safer? The Final Verdict

By now, you must still be asking the question of who is the winner in the android vs iPhone security debate. It is important to note that both companies have their own approaches to security and both are fairly secure.

Apple likes to keep the reign in its own hands while Google likes to hand it off to the skilled developers and the users to customize the OS for their needs. We can’t choose one winner but both companies have their shortcomings when it comes to the security of mobile devices. The rise of cybercrimes is only just beginning and has strengthened during the pandemic. We need robust solutions without any loops to continue storing our personal information on these mobile devices.

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Let’s Recap

Neither Apple nor Android devices lack good security features, however, they may differ from each other. Both OS do not let go of security. It is still wiser to download a VPN apk on either of your devices so you are protected from malware through connecting to public networks. A good VPN will also protect your data if you are making a purchase online. This way, your personal information will be protected from being stolen or being used in a scam.