Single Click System Hack

Due to increasement of IT and its services, it makes all activity of human very easy. IT has lots of facility and some of the drawbacks of it which may cause heavy danger for a user. Nowadays each and everything is online, we humans are surrounded and meshed with network and its application. This IT had made human being very lazy. The era of IT has a lot of facilities and made human dependent on IT.

In a short gap of the Internet, we feel like lame, why we are so dependent on the Internet?  because IT has reduced human effort and the whole world is beneath under a single thumb. Each and everything is over the Internet and humans are damn crazy with the Internet. If we feel hunger just open Zomato/Swiggy etc. and ordered what we want, having free time we spend over FB, have any tour plan just in single click avail each and everything. IT is boon but use it carefully otherwise in a single second might be cursed for us. As human activity has increased over the internet so lots of fraud case also increased and it is possible to get all the details of any one over the internet, But you could safe it, How? read Single click System hack …

How your system/Bank account will be hacked!

By Mail fraud

There are lots of hackers who send a malicious attachment to the target user. People who generally less aware of Cybercrimes open the malicious attachment and get hacked. There are some other ways by which an attacker sends a wrong link similar to a bank, as soon as the user enters PIN code or other information it automatically sends to an attacker, an attacker could take its advantages and you will be in loss. Cyber experts have revealed there is much more way by which today’s hacker try to enter in other’s bank account and keep in mind never open any suspicious mail attachment.

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By Steganography

It is techniques of hiding data/sensitive information from an attacker but same technology might be reversed – A attacker hides a script in an image, it might be a hack target system. An attacker might be a good programmer and he could hide code inside the attracting image, generally, all of you when seeing a beautiful image we open it but it might be harmful to you. This single image could make your bank account zero, could leak your private information, could destroy you valuable Data base of your organization, etc. So don’t open the unnecessary attractive image when received from an unknown sender. 

By Social Engineering-

Social engineering helps to find more details about the target system. Generally, people share their all activity over social media. Now a day’s people are more active over social networking sites, they share all their activity over the Internet, it seems that we are in any race of show off. Just like- eating pizza at……., long drive from xx to xy…., Joined this company……, contact No……, family member……., and so on. have you ever thought that you have revealed all your information over a website and any one could gather all information and easily could gather lots of information about you, and this information will help the attacker to access your bank and other online properties? Being active over social networking sites is good but being blind over social sites may harm you, be aware.

Firewall issue-

Each software company like Microsoft or Red Hat are providing different tools to make safe your personal computer. These tools protect many attacks over the internet. Many of us turn off these tools. As Microsoft provides “firewall” in their Operating System, keep ON your firewall which may reduce any Cyberattack and you could also use any trusted Licensed antivirus software. A firewall is a security system of computer network or PCs, which monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and control them if firewall in your system disables your system will be easily hacked. There is an inbuilt firewall and you don’t have to pay any extra charge it is completely free with the operating system. Windows 10 provides real-time protection, try to use licensed win 10 operating system, will be more secure and safe.

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Cloning of ATM card –

Cybersecurity experts reveal, earlier fraud was happening by simple call but today’s attacks are Hitech, an attacker is using your card details and making duplicate card which is called cloning of card. Attacker use card reader in swipe machine at the local shop where you generally use your debit card. Then by another method they get your ATM pin and then finally your account will be clean. So always be careful at petrol pump/at store/etc. Swipe your card in front of you don’t let him go anywhere with your card. Be aware be safe!!!

Fraud by the Name of JOBS –

Each and every job portal has some fees, which need to submit by an applicant. In the case of online transaction check website address, before each website, there would be a lock sign or may start with “https://”, where ‘S’ denotes secure, in case you find only ‘Http://’, so never save your personal information on that websites. This website is hackable, so keep it in mind before any online transaction for Job portal sites/for any online shopping sites or else.

How to keep system/Bank Account safe from Hacker

Use Antivirus-

Antivirus is a defender software, it keeps your system safe from virus/malware/worms. There are lots of antivirus software in the market, As- Norton Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Avast Anti-Virus, Quick Heal Anti-virus etc. Never use any free downloaded antivirus. Free antivirus may be any spying software so always prefer only trusted antivirus.

Don’t click over suspicious attachment-

Many frauds are occurring via mail, by spoofing techniques attacker prepare such a mail, which looks like any trusted mail by opening attachment your system will be in control of an attacker. So never click over any suspicious attachment.

Don’t register over vulnerable websites-

In address bar look the address of website if you don’t find “https://”, then you should not register there and leave that website as soon as possible.

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Update your OS/System regularly-

Update the operating system regularly, Patch updates make your system safer. In Linux machine use “Sudo apt-get update” command which will update your system. In the window machine, it will be done by GUI.

Never share OTP/ATM Pin –

In any circumstances bank never ask ATM pin or OTP from any user. Be aware if someone calls you and ask and secret details just like PIN Code /OTP/any other secret details.

Use trusted online shopping sites-

There are lots of websites and claim a huge discount to attract customer, by seeing a huge discount never be a trap and check that website is safe/trusted or not then proceed otherwise it will be harmful.

Use personal PC for Online payment-

There are many software over internet for recording all activity of any user. Just like ‘keylogger’. Keylogger records user name and password and can send to a specific person who can misuse it. Don’t do any online payment from a cyber cafe.


Now you have understood about Single click System hack. So we safe. someone truly says that precaution is better than cure.

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