How to Edit Videos Online – A Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Beginners

To boost audience engagement, you need to have excellent online video-editing skills. This comprehensive guide will help your videos get maximum exposure. So, here we are with how to edit videos online.

People use video to do a range of exciting things, from capturing family moments to shifting their entire business online. If you have a capable camera in your pocket, then making a video is a cakewalk. You can then take advantage of a massive range of video editing tools available to edit these videos and make them high-quality seamlessly. 

Whether you want a simple drop-and-drag online video editor or a professional-grade editing suite, you can easily find the right tool at a pocket-friendly price. Learning how to edit a video can be a never-ending process, but you are on the path to success if you can get the basics right. Here is a step-by-step video editing guide for beginners. 

How to Edit Videos Online

How to edit videos online- uncomplicated step-by-step procedure

To edit videos online can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. However, no matter how perfect you require the ultimate video to be, you will observe the procedure is way more delightful if you take some time to ensure preparation from the very start. Different categories of videos have additional requirements, so you will have to make sure that you choose the right online video editor. You will have to try to keep your shooting process efficient to avoid throwing off the editing procedure later.

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The screwdriver of the online video editing process depends on several factors, including the category of the video you want to create, your creative procedure, and the editor you select. Below is a detailed description to approach online video editing based on your requirements. You must follow these steps to make the video editing procedure simpler and more enjoyable: 

Create a project file and import the video clips –

 This may seem very basic, but we promise it will pay off. After opening your selected online video editor, you will have to decide on a few specifics. Firstly, name the project. Then, create a project folder to which all of your video clips will be imported. If you are creating only a few videos, then this process should be simple. 

However, if you plan to make videos regularly, you will have to regularly organize all your projects so that everything can be easily accessible. Additionally, you will have to decide on specific project settings, such as frame rate and immediate resolution for your final video. 

Once the project is appropriately set up, you will have to import all the video files from the navigation menu. However, you can also simply drag and drop the required files directly to the editors. 

Keep all the files well organized –

 If you are working with a limited number of clips, then dragging and dropping all the media into the editor would be enough. However, for more complicated projects, it would be appropriate to keep every file well organized. 

You can create a single bin for the video files, a single file for audio files, and a single file for graphics to ensure a simple editing process. However, if it’s a more complicated project consisting of different scenes, it would be best to split every file so that every scene can have all the assets in a single place. 

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Select and mark a required portion of the footage –

 For this step, you will have to check all your footage and choose the parts you are going to use. This way, it would be easy to eliminate unnecessary clips. You can also remove audio from video and use it accordingly.

Proper assembling of the footage –

 To assemble the video, you will have to go to the video clip that you’ve already marked. Some common issues to check out include timing (especially having specific video segments go on for very long) and having a jarring or awkward transition between scenes or cuts. Also, you will have to drag the clips into the timeline and assemble them all from start to end. 

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Put in the effects you prefer –

 After assembling the video almost entirely, you can include any effects you like. The effects can be anything such as overlays, transitions, graphics, and filters to enhance the overall look of the video. This particular step also includes cleaning up the audio and adding your preferred color grading. 

A specific number of effects are expected to brighten and bring out the best in your video. However, you must ensure that you are not creating a gaudy video by going overboard with the effects. 

Export the video and share –

 After completing your video editing, your final step is to export the video and share it. When you select the sharing option, you should be able to share your video directly on platforms like Facebook or YouTube. Also, as a video editor, you can have some built-in settings to optimize these online platforms and even get them to post for you directly. 

However, suppose you want to embed the video on your personal website, Upload it on social media or share it with your clients and family via discs or flash drives. In that case, you will have to ensure that you select the most appropriate file formats and settings during the course of the export procedure. Currently, the most popular and common setting is exporting the video as a .mp4 file along with H.264 compression. However, a more storage-efficient H.265 would likely be the best option for a more extensive video. 

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There are a lot of steps that go into editing a video online. From shooting the video with premium quality audio, to appropriately assembling both the audio and video files together to share it on various platforms, there are multiple factors that you would have to keep in mind. 

Remember that not everyone gets it right the first time. It’s best to take the time to familiarize yourself with what is available out there before committing to the right editing tool. Once you identify the right one, be patient and dedicated to mastering to edit videos online. With time, you should be on your way to editing videos like a pro.