Portable Wi-Fi Router


Have you ever dreamed of using a portable Wi-Fi router connection? Using mobile data all the time is extremely expensive here in the US. The average price of a GB of mobile data is $8! We Americans pay a crazy amount for just a GB of data. The United States ranks 188th in the prices of mobile data all over the world. India, which ranks first, has an average cost of only 9 cents per GB! We pay almost 90 times the amount they pay for a GB of data.

Italy, too has a cost of 43 cents per GB. Internet access shouldn’t be a luxury for people outside their homes! It’s ok when you’re inside your home or workplace using the Wi-Fi, but once you step out of that Wi-Fi zone, you got to think and use your mobile data. You need to use it judiciously else you’re going to have to pay an extremely high carrier bill.

Moreover, mobile data is just on your phone. You can’t use it on your laptop or Wi-Fi enabled tablet. Using your Hotspot consumes a crazy amount of battery, which then requires you to carry a battery pack with you. We Americans don’t deserve to live like this! In this world on innovation, there must be something out there that would help us overcome all these prices and help us survive in this connected world without incurring high prices.

Well, you opened the right article if you’re looking for an answer to all these problems. Today, I am going to tell you about an amazing new technology—an answer to all your internet portability problems.

Enter: Portable Wi-Fi Router

What you can do using one is endless. Picture this scenario with me. You are sitting on some beach in Havana. You need access to the internet because your boss needs a file from you urgently. Just turn on your Portable Wi-Fi router, connect your laptop to it, and send it immediately! Your boss is impressed, and you’re satisfied too. How great does that sound?

These Devices come with sim card slots instead of cable slots. Remember how we went from a wired telephone to our mobiles? Yeah, this is what it is. It replaces your ethernet cable with a sim card, especially for Wi-Fi routers. These offer you different rates than your phone carriers. You can buy cards for prices as low as $3/GB! How about that now. You’re saving about 40% by using a mobile Wi-Fi router, and you have tons of added advantages with that.

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Advantages of Using a Portable Wi-Fi System

1. Price

One of the main advantages has to be the price. Portable Wi-Fi devices are a little expensive (about $100 or so), but the prices they offer per GB are much less than that of mobile data, as I wrote above 40% less! In the short term, it may seem expensive, but you can use this for years, and in the long term, it is going to save you money with every GB you use. Let’s assume the price of the router to be about $125. With every GB you use, you are saving approximately $5. So, after using about  25GB of Internet data, you’ve covered up the cost of your Wi-Fi router! An average American uses 5.1 GB of mobile data per year. If that is substituted by a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, you can cover the cost of the router in about 5 months!

2. Portability

The idea of carrying around a Wi-Fi network in your backpack seems amazing. These things weigh under a pound and are the size of a small box, which makes them easy to carry around in your backpack or a sling bag. It is convenient to use as all you have to do is turn it on, and it goes on for hours. The best thing is you can connect multiple devices to it simultaneously and have superfast internet on the go for all those devices. Connect it to your laptop, phone, iPad, iPod, and other Wi-Fi enabled portable devices.

The best feature which comes under portability is to use it anywhere in the world. Companies offer cheap rates for internet worldwide for frequent travelers, and they can avail those offers for seamless internet wherever they travel. Or, if you have a local sim card, you could simply swap your existing one with that and get even cheaper rates for your portable internet connection. Companies like WorldSIM and Skyroam offer fantastic prices for global data.

Skyroam offers its Solis X router with 1 GB of Global data per month at $249! This is an amazing rate given that you can use that 1 GB of data anywhere in the world. It has coverage in more than 130 countries, including all major countries of the world.

3. Security

Traveling anywhere in the world or even in your own country, there is always the uncertainty of safety over wireless networks. The chance of getting hacked by hackers or getting your information stolen through the Wi-Fi network is possible. You want to remain safe from these kinds of attacks. These networks are usually unsecured. It becomes easy for people with malicious intent to eavesdrop on you through these internet connections. Portable Wi-Fi connections come with WPA and WPA-2 encryption, which adds a layer of security for you. Moreover, this device is used by you only! So, you get uninterrupted bandwidth because no one else is present on your network to hog it up and leave nothing for you.

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Getting hold of your MAC address is extremely easy if you are using a public wi-fi network, and the threats of that are pretty serious and concerning. People can also malicious setup hotspots which look like real Wi-Fi networks, and they can use those to collect your data and use it for any sorts of things. Instead of all this, wouldn’t it just be much safer if you carried along with you, your own Wi-Fi network?

4. Use it at home too!

Internet down? No problem! You have your own Wi-Fi network right in your backpack! Turn it on and your back in the game! Did you know California has nearly 500 blackouts a year? Between 2008 and 2017, it experienced nearly 4300 power outages! Now that may be a problem that’ll take time to resolve, but until then, you’ve got your handy Wi-Fi router to power up your internet needs even when the power isn’t there to power them 😉.

The uses for a portable Wi-Fi network are endless. I once used my Wi-Fi router on my 4-hour drive from Orange County to Vegas to use my Chromecast in the Mini-van. That was one of the best decisions I took because I trust me. There is nothing better than 4 hours of The Big Bang Theory.

After reading all of this, you might surely be wondering, “Yes, I do want to buy one. However, there are loads of them available online…which one should I go for?”

Well, don’t worry, I got that covered for you. This is one of the best portable Wi-Fi routers I came across.

Skyroam Solix X

Skyroam Solix X is a device that you won’t regret buying. It has loads of features that only a few other companies have thought of, let alone implement them. The router is sold through Skyrom’s links. Some of it’s unique features of Portable Wi-Fi Router are:

  1. It has a 4700 mAh battery. It can go on a full day without needing a charge, and to charge it, you need the industry standard, USB-C cable.
  2. You can connect up to 10 devices to it! That includes your laptop, phone, iPad, Chromecast, and hey look! You have still had space to get into the good books of your friends.
  3. With the Skyroam Solis X, you don’t need to take a webcam with you again! It has an 8 MP wide-angle camera included in it, which can be used to live-stream videos or capture photos/record videos. Solix X also comes included with a fully customizable Smart Assistant
  4. It works in over 130+ countries. The Sim-Card that comes included with it operates in over 130+ countries if you choose the global package! No need to change sims anymore or your network provider, Skyroam has that covered for you.


Here in the US, you can get Wi-Fi on-the-go for as low as $3/GB with it and $9/Day for the Unlimited Global Daily Pass. While you were paying $8/GB in your own country, with this, you’re paying $9 for as much data as you want, all around the world!

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There is even an Unlimited Global Monthly Subscription at $99/Month. You get 20GB of data per month at fast speeds, which then slows down after you have consumed your 20GB, but the best part is, it still is Unlimited!


There are the Skyroam Solis X and lite, the only difference being that the lite doesn’t offer the 8MP camera, Speaker, Microphone, Bluetooth, and the Smart assistant but comes for $60 less!

I think Mobile Wi-Fi is something everyone should own even if they aren’t frequent travelers. It is an excellent device for everyday use, be it in your car, in a café, in a mall or literally anywhere. The pros easily outweigh the price of the portable Wi-Fi router.