Xbox error code 0x803f8003- How to fix

Thought of playing on your Xbox and received an error message as soon as you started it and now you are totally lost on what to do. Then you are precisely on the correct website. This article is all about Xbox and the most troublesome error “Xbox error code 0x803f8003”. You can also see the forum thread.

xbox error code 0x803f8003
Xbox error code 0x803f8003

So, let’s just swoop in to the topic.

How to fix Xbox error code 0x803f8003

There are different methods to fix the error 0x803f8003:

Method1: Check your membership status

 As per Microsoft, something turned out badly 0x803f8003 Xbox blunder happens if your Xbox Live membership is terminated and you attempt to get to a game that requires the membership. The primary activity is to check the situation with your membership. Check-in with the assistance of your Microsoft account that you have effectively made.

Method2: Restart the Game

You can fix any ephemeral issues. In order to perform this, pursue these methods:

  • You have to push the Xbox button to initiate Home.
  • Choose the game tile and go to the Menu button on your remote.
  • Select Quit from the choices.
  • Hang tight briefly and afterward have a go at relaunching the game.

Method3: Restart your panel

  • Another convenient solution for this issue is to restart the support.
  • Press the Xbox button twice on your remote. It will raise the Guide.
  • Look down and select Settings.
  • Choose the Restart Console option and later select Yes to affirm.
  • The panel will right away restart.
  • Check into your record  and restore the game.

Method4: Execute a cold start

  • Like your PC, an inactive console can be fixed with a cold start or in other words a hard reboot.
  • Confirm that your Xbox is turned on.
  • Push and keep holding the Power button until the console switches off.
  • Unplug the panel from the electrical plug and separate all links.
  • Hold on for two or three minutes and reconnect the power block additionally to the distant.
  • Press the Power catch to control up the support. Check for any enhancements.

Method5: Wipe hard factory reset Xbox Console.

Resetting Xbox to default for investigating reason for existing is the same old thing, and it is additionally fixing mistakes, for example, something turned out badly 0x803f8003 error.

To carry out a reset, follow the below given steps:

  • Click on the Xbox button on your remote to have a look at the guide.
  • Head to the System and choose the Settings option.
  • Again, go to the System and click on the ConsoleInfo.
  • Select Reset Console alternative.
  • Under Reset your support screen, you have two alternatives.
  1. Restore to initial set up and retain my games and applications: Choose this alternative first. Every one of your applications and games will be saved in the unlikely event that you pick this other option.
  2. Reset and eliminate everything: This is a subsequent choice. On the off chance that the primary choice didn’t work, you could hard reset the reassignment with this alternative. Notwithstanding, this choice will erase every one of the games and applications introduced to your comfort. Your game advancement information put away in your Xbox cloud account will not be erased.
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Method6: Erase and Reinstall the Game.

Defiled passages in a game can cause Something turned out badly 0x803f8003 Xbox blunder on your reassurance. One technique to mend this trouble is to install the game once again. Here is the aspect by which one can uninstall any game on Xbox.

  • Go to Home and choose My games and applications.
  • Select See all choices to show all introduced applications and games.
  • Feature the games you need to uninstall, and press the Menu button on your regulator.
  • Select Manage games and additional items and select Uninstall all.
  • Reboot your Console and attempt to introduce the game from the Store or an actual duplicate.

Method7: Contact Xbox Support.

Contact support Xbox blunder 0x803f8003 something turned out badly.

In the event that nothing from what was just mentioned arrangements got the job done for you, the issue could be identified with Microsoft’s end. You can contact the help on their authority site and request an answer.

In the event that this is a record issue, the Microsoft Xbox backing should resolve the mistake or give an ETA to the ticket.

You are well on the way to determine something turned out badly. 0x803f8003 blunder by resetting the reassignment to its plant default settings. If not, you may need to contact the help in the wake of attempting different arrangements recorded in this article.

How to setup Xbox properly to fix the issue

Let’s hop on to the setup of Xbox which is divided into three main sections, this will also fix the issue of Xbox error code 0x803f8003:

Tip 1: Enabling the connections

  1. Find the connections. Xbox One has a few associations with the unit which should be made first. These fuse the latest Kinect sensor, Internet affiliation, and your set-top box if you desire to see your satellite TV shows across the Xbox One.
  2. Interface with the Internet.
  3. Now connect with your TV.
  4. Attach the Kinect Sensor.
  5. Interface Xbox one to your power supply.  The Xbox One’s LED light indicator on the power supply should illuminate as a sign that there’s power.
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Tip 2: Execute basic setup

  1. Power on your Xbox One.

Turn on your Xbox One. You can prefer to power on your panel by utilizing your wired remote. Just keep pressing the Home button on your Xbox One remote to control both your panel and remote simultaneously.

You can likewise contact the front board of the Xbox One to control the unit.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a remote regulator, ensure you put in batteries first to control on your remote.

The Kinect sensor can likewise be utilized to turn on your support besides during introductory arrangement. There’s one more way to start your Xbox One by means of the Kinect sensor just by voice commanding “Xbox on” inside the range of your Kinect sensor.

  1. Pursue the on-screen directions.
  2. Pick your language.
  3. Pick your area.
  4. Select your network priority.
  5. Update your comfort.

Since this is the beginning arrangement, you should refresh your Xbox One. This is nearly ensured for introductory arrangement, paying little heed to the unit. For being able to download the update of around 500 mb in size, you have to be in contact with the Internet connection. After the update immediately your unit will update.

Tip 3: Completing your settings

  1. Pick your time region.
  2. Initiate the Kinect sensor.
  3. Check-in with your Microsoft account.
  4. Agree on the Xbox Live terms and conditions.
  5. Personalize the appearance.
  6. End the set-up measure.

All the above settings are for Xbox one. Learn more about the main thing:


In November 2001, Microsoft came up with a video gaming brand named Xbox.

Xbox consists of five applications commonly known as PC game consoles, multimedia services, Xbox live is an online help, and also the Xbox Game studios for the advancement arm. Along with the launch of native Xbox support, the brand was first presented in the US.

First Era: Xbox

The first Xbox was acquired by shortening DirectX Box, a reference to Microsoft’s representations API, DirectX. As Microsoft emerged with Xbox into the gaming console market, As an element of the sixth period of gaming, the Xbox battled with Nintendo’s GameCube, Sony’s PlayStation 2, and Sega’s Dreamcast.

Second Era:  Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was brought into the market as a lineage of the main Xbox in November 2005, battling with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii as a portion of the seventh time of PC game consoles. Numerous selling setups of the primary Xbox 360 model were put forward over its lifespan, moving the proportion of RAM and internal storage offered. While the latest updates appended, were an upgrade with the capability to purchase and stream music, watch TV commercials and films with the help of Xbox Music and Xbox video facilities.  Microsoft furthermore conveyed Kinect, a development control structure for the Xbox 360 which uses a general sensor system.

Third Era:  Xbox One

As the substitution for Xbox 360, Microsoft came up with Xbox one in November 2013 in North America. As a component of the 8th period of PC consoles, Xbox one combats with Sony’s PS 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U. The enhancements that were given this new form incorporates the capacity to record and stream ceaseless participation, and the capacity to work with a set-top box to watch association or satellite TV through the comfort with a refreshed direct interface and Kinect-based voice control.

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Fourth Era: Xbox Series X and S

As of late on November 10, 2020 the Xbox arrangement X and arrangement S joined the gaming console market. Identical to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S models, the Xbox Series X and Series S are high-and low-end renditions, autonomously as every one of the games furnished with this model are family playable with the assistance of two frameworks. The Xbox Series X is surveyed to be on numerous occasions as inconceivable as Xbox One X, with assistance for 8K objective and up to 120 housings for each ensuing conveying, with an apparent goal of 4K objective at 60 edges each second.

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So, from this article, I have given out ways to solve the error with a few options. So, if you are facing the Xbox error code 0x803f8003 error do give the above methods a try as any one of the above will surely work for you. I have also explained in detail the history of Xbox along with all the other Xbox generations. I hope this article has helped you all with thoroughly understanding Xbox, it’s working and also provided a detailed study of how to connect the Xbox panel. So do read this article and perform the above methods and in no time, you should be playing with the Xbox!