How to add a Signature, Calendar, Meeting, Customize Inbox in Outlook?

             After working with playful and cheerful Gmail and Yahoo, people feel a bit dried up to check emails in Outlook. Because I am one among those, who are bored up to open the Outlook. But touchwood, the features of Outlook make the user much more organized, useful, and practical. In this article, we discuss “How to add a signature in outlook,” the attribute called signatures and other parameters in Outlook.

             Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office 365. It’s a free application. It is mainly used in e-mail communication like sending, receiving, and sorting of emails. It is purely designed for business purposes. The user can even categorize and manage personal information as the outlook is made up of additional attributes like calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes. For example, via calendars, the user can fix appointments, organize meetings, track events, keep reminders using alarms, and synchronize with other user’s calendars.

Plus points of Outlook:

  • The consistent design of Outlook is a major plus point to users. Because of consistent look and design, users can daily log-in into Outlook without any confusion and continue their work. For example, if we consider Gmail, the name of the inbox sometimes keeps on changing like a new compose or new inbox. This kind of issue would not arise in Outlook; each and every element remains the same.
  • Users can check their recent e-mails even offline. In Gmail, users can read only the previous month’s email.
  • The creation and categorization of emails using different folders under inbox are pretty comfortable in Outlook. Users can even drag their folders and sort them alphabetically under inbox.
  • Users can track their e-mails by date, time, sender, etc in Outlook. Sorting of emails by size is an add on feature in Outlook compared to Gmail.
  • In Outlook, users can flag an e-mail in different colors, which assigns a priority to an email. This is not possible in Gmail. This makes the work platform more productive. For example, the red exclamation mark on e-mail in Outlook says it’s of high priority.
  • The next important item is the contact card in Outlook, which comprises a photo of the user and also provides the presence of the person. Presence indicates busy, offline, or available. By viewing the status, the users can fix meetings, appointments, assign tasks, make calls, or chat with the contact.
  • In Outlook, users can schedule their meetings by observing the other user’s calendar status. Even the user can personally make the calendar status busy if required.
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Outlook versions till date:

  1. Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, Outlook-2019
  2. Download latest Version 2020: Click Here

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What is Signature in Outlook?

Signature is considered to be the last section in any of the written work. Signature denotes a name or a nickname of the individual. It acts like a proof to the public by saying the document is thoroughly read and assessed. Earlier, the signatures are handwritten, stamps, or thumb impressions. As technology is evolving day by day, the style of signature is also undergoing many transformations. For example, electronic or digital signatures are widely used in today’s business deals. The below steps explains how to insert the signature in the email.

How to add a signature in outlook?

  • Open a new e-mail in Outlook. Click on the Insert tab in the new email, and then comes an option Signatures. Now click on Signatures.
How to add a signature in outlook
How to add a signature in outlook
  • After clicking on Signature, a new dialogue box named Signatures and Stationery opens, where the user can add the name by clicking on the New in E-mail Signature tab in outlook. Down in the Edit signature box, the user can write the gratitude words like yours faithfully,  sincerely, respectfully, regards, and thankfully. The user can even add details like address, phone number, business card, photo, etc under the name.
  • On the right side, there are few more options like an E-mail account in which the user adds the email account to which the signatures are associated. Next comes New messages which denote only new emails that do have the signature. And the final option is Replies/forwards, which signify only forward or reply e-mails do have the signature. Both New messages and Replies/forwards are optional, and it’s a user’s choice to set or put it to none.
a new dialogue box named Signatures and Stationery opens
  • If the user opens a new email, the e-mail directly comes with a signature, as shown below.
How to add a signature in outlook: the email directly comes with a signature

How to add two signatures:

  • Users can add two signature by clicking on Signatures under the Insert tab in outlook.
How to add two signature in outlook
  • When the user opens a new e-mail, by default, the first signature appears that is Srividya. By pressing the Insert tab again, the user finds two signatures. Both Srividya and Sunil. If the user needs the sign of Sunil, click on Sunil. At a time, we can place only a single signature.
default the first signature appears

This is all about how to add a signature in outlook. Apart from the signatures, calendars and meetings play a very crucial role in Outlook.


Calendar in Outlook forms a major role in fixing meetings or appointments. The user can even create multiple calendars and view all calendars on the same pane side by side at the same time.

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Users can proceed by below points to view the calendars on the same pane:

  • Click on the calendar button, which is located at the leftmost bottom in the navigation pane. Now right-click on a chosen month. By right-clicking on the month, the user can select an option Open in New Window to display the calendar in a new window pane. Also, the user can tick mark the other calendars, which are to be viewed side by side with the month you chose initially.
Click on the calendar button
  • The below screenshot explains how different calendars share a single window. Calendars can be differentiated from one another by applying color formats.
how different calendars share a single window

How to send a meeting request from a calendar:

In Outlook, the user can fix a meeting or an appointment from the calendar. The user can even share the calendar with others and vice versa.

  • Tap on the calendar button on the home page and then click on a particular date to fix an appointment or meeting.
How to send a meeting request from a calendar
  • This opens a meeting request mail format, wherein the user can enter a subject, select a location, mention timings, write the body of the text, assign priority, put the status to busy or free, and call the attendees by clicking on invite attendees. The user can even select the reminder option in the meeting request mail, which reminds before it starts.
meeting request mail format
  • There is an option called recurrence, which specifies appointment time and how many times does this scheduled meeting occur.
  • After filling all the information and just click on the Send button. This meeting request reflects both in the sender’s and recipient’s calendars who are invited for this meeting.
  • In appointment mail format, the user cannot select the meeting rooms, while in the meeting request format selection of meeting rooms is possible.
appointment mail format

Salient features that are unaware:

Delay delivery:

Users can schedule a delivery time for emails in Outlook. For example, lesser priority mails can be scheduled to send after a particular time and date. After composing an e-mail, go to Options and select Delay delivery. A dialogue box opens wherein the user needs to enable Do not deliver before and enter time and date so that the mail cannot be delivered till that point of time.

Do not deliver before

Generate an appointment, meeting, and contacts from a single window:

Composing new meeting requests or switching between emails and calendars happens to be confusing many times. Then better the user can fix an appointment or meeting in the same window by dragging the email with its content into the appointment or meeting mail. This can be done by clicking the drop-down arrow of the New Items button. The drop-down menu of the New Items button displays options like E-mail messages, appointments, meetings, and so on.

Generate an appointment, meeting, and contacts from a single window

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Quick Parts:

Suppose the user wants to send a bulk of emails writing a similar text. Then to save time, highlight the text which recites again and again. Now save this text in Quick Part Gallery, under Quick Parts, which resides inside the Insert tab of a new e-mail. The user can save the text like a quick part or auto text by clicking on the gallery drop-down. After configuring the quick parts, whenever the user tries to type a similar text, outlook detects and recommends the rest of the text to be added. The user appends the rest of the text by simply hitting the Enter button.

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Quick Parts

Customize inbox and messages:

Users can customize or view the inbox in a colorful way by clicking on the View tab and then select Change View. By clicking on View Settings, the user can format the inbox by adding columns, sorting emails, and changing fonts. Similarly, the user can add colors to e-mails and calendars, which helps to prioritize our work. For example, green to read e-mail and red or yellow to unread ones.

Delegation of tasks:

Tasks are like duties or jobs assigned to ourselves or to others. In Outlook, the user can assign a task by clicking the Task under New Items. If the user wants to assign a task, then click on Assign Task on the menu bar under task. Wherein the user can fill the details like start date, due date, status, priority, and information regarding that particular task. Now enter the names of the recipients and press the Send button. This process will allocate the tasks to employees. The user can track the updated copy of the task and view the task’s status by enabling the options to keep an updated copy and status report of the task.

updated copy and status report of the task


In conclusion, we have learned how to add a Signature, Two Signatures, Calendar, Meeting, Appopintmant, Delay Delivery, Task, Contact, Customize Inbox in Outlook? Also covered to send a meeting request from a calendar in Outlook. Outlook shapes the person to be more organized and systematic while working. The above points evaluate how necessary the outlook is in this business world.