I Srividya, had 5 years of industry experience in companies like Bosch and KPIT. Optimism, confidence, dedication, hard work, sincerity, creativity and smart work are the strengths which made my career path successful. Efficient working has paved the path for onsite travel and made me win spot awards. I contributed fun ideas and conducted several cultural activities in the companies I worked. Overall participation in all fields enabled to strengthen my network in an organization.


Apple TV 4K

Apple 4K TV

Apple TV 4K: Super Smart TV with High Resolution. Inbuilt operating systems like Android or iOS gives TV a power to work like Mobile Phone. Let’s see every thing before buy.

Ubuntu Task Manager

Ubuntu Task Manager

Ubuntu Task Manager: This article demonstrates how to install/uninstall and drive the Ubuntu task manager both through the command line and the Ubuntu GUI (graphical user interface).



Yalp is an APK Store that allows you to download the apps. Yalp store has many features: browsing, reviews, blacklisting/whitelisting apps, or direct update. Yalp Store is an f-droid version of the Google Play store, which downloads the apps from Google Play Store as Android package (apk) files.

Fastboot commands

fastboot commands

What is Fastboot commands? Why you need Fastboot commands? List of commands that can wipe, format, reload your phone data and Android OS. Learn to use all Fastboot commands that you must appreciate. You must have understood that those commands shouldn’t be practised without possessing the knowledge everything it behaves, but that is not the predicament. You can examine all these commands.

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