Is Windows Defender enough for your PC in 2021?

Is Windows Defender enough for your PC in 2021? At the time when Windows Defender was launched in the market, people were very excited, but soon the various favorable and unfavorable reviews were given by the users of Defender. And here we are going to talk about is your PC safe from the virus if you only use Windows Defender to protect the system? Also, we are going to provide you with the information which will help you to decide whether can you rely on it or other antivirus needed? Furthermore, you will come to know about the Parental Control feature of Windows Defender. Explore and review whether you can depend upon Win Defender when you are using its Parental Control feature!!  Know about combined results of various assessments conducted to know where it stands in front of other anti-virus systems available in the market

All you need to know about Windows Defender

  • Microsoft Corporation develops a defender for Windows OS.
  • It is basically a component of anti-malware that is provided by Microsoft Windows. It means it is there to protect your PC.
  • The defender was successfully expelled in the year 2019 on the 6th of December.
  • It operates successfully on Windows systems named Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
  • It is interesting to note that it is renamed as “Windows Defender firewall with advanced security” antivirus in the windows systems of Windows 10 and later.
  • Talking about the time when it was released then, you must know that it was broadcasted as an anti-spyware program that can be downloaded by the users of Windows absolutely for free.
  • It is a program launched for Windows XP and later followed by Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Included with Windows Vista and later and with Windows Server 2008 and later.

Subsequently, knowing all these facts, this question will prevail in your mind: Is Windows Defender Enough?

So here we are providing you information about the same.

Is Windows Defender Enough?

This is a program related to anti-spyware techniques to protect your PC from slow performance, security threats, and different pop-ups. It keeps your system away from spyware and various undesirable software stuff.

Presently, if you are using Windows 10, then you should have this known that Windows Defender is already inbuilt in Windows 10. This means that Windows 10 is already protected with WD. It’s amazing! Adequately, Windows Defender will scan all the programs you open. It will also show you new updates related to Windows Update so that you can keep yourself updated. Adding to them more, It provides will the facility of scanning your PC in-depth. You will be gladder to know that all these features are accomplished by Windows Defender automatically. WD is pre-installed in the Windows 10 version, and so there is no mess while utilizing Windows Defender.

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Windows Defender working or not?

Hearing all these automatic features, you must be curious to know whether your PC has been established with Windows Defender? Checking this is a very easy process!! You just need to open the Task Manager and select on the Details Tab. As you will scroll down, you will have to look for MsMpEng.exe and check for its status. In the status column, you can easily find out whether the Windows Defender is working or not.

Windows Defender working or not?

The defender will not be running if you have added anti-virus. You will be pretty happier if you find it! For that search for it->click on monitoring->Windows Defender firewall is on/off status is shown.

Windows Defender’s parental control feature

Next, you will get to know about the information on the Windows Defender’s parental control feature.  The Parental Control feature windows defender only works with the browsers of Microsoft. Non-Microsoft browsers do not have the facility of the Parental Control feature. Though you have turned on the parental control, you must take care that this does not apply to non-Microsoft browsers. Your PC has partial Parental Control!! Don’t rely upon the Parental control feature of Windows Defender. In  Microsoft Edge, you will find an option “Microsoft Defender SmartScreen” in the setting.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

Not only this, but many other features of Windows Defender are limited to the only browsers of the Microsoft. Unlike the feature of printer control, the internet security feature of Windows Defender is also only limited to browsers of Windows. This implies that the non-Microsoft browsers need to get another system or software installed in your PC to protect your data on the internet. Furthermore, there are various security problems faced by users. These problems arise because of the reason that an integrated Password Manager or VPN security is not included with the Defender.


There are various advantages of using the Windows Defender. It is provided with the feature of detection of real-time threats. This is a useful feature of using it. It provides you with the detection of the Firewall. A precious feature so that you can keep an eye upon what your child is watching on the PC; this is known as Parental Controls feature. You will be pleased to know that the functioning of the Defender will not affect your PC’s speed. It has a library of virus protection based on the cloud. This will not affect the performance of your PC at all. It is known that soon Windows Defender will come up with new and latest changes in it. It will be a more advanced version that would solve all the difficulties faced by its user.   

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Functioning and Speed

It is very interesting to note that Windows Defender does not affect your PC’s functioning and speed. It keeps itself away from your way of the smooth running of your PC. Dissimilar to the other antivirus software that keeps interrupting in between while you are using your PC, the Defender is something unique!  It does not slow down your system’s speed and does its work quietly and without causing any kind of irruption between you and your important work.

With all these remarkable features, Windows Defender is not easy to use. When you first operate, you will surely come up with the difficulty of using it efficiently. This is an undeniable thing that you will prefer the one which you will find more comfortable to use and is user friendly. You may become habitual of using it with time, but you will raise some trouble at the start. Well, you may guide with Windows Defender, or you can search the web for it.

Windows Defender or Antivirus

Though WD provides you with various features, however, you need to use another antivirus software whether you use its free version, but it is required. Defender saves your PC from spyware, but there is a high risk of getting a virus on your PC. Many people say that you cannot use another antivirus If you are using Windows 10. This is a very false statement!! You would be happier to know that the Defender can be used with another free antivirus.

It will not affect the functioning of the Windows Defender. Using another antivirus will make your PC free from any kind of malware and virus. Choose the one which provides your PC guaranteed security from viruses and malware. It also fails to provide full protection to your PC. Straight it does not have a VPN or an integrated Password Manager. It would be best if you were very precise while choosing some of the software for your device’s security because security is something essential. These problems regarding security and protection from viruses and malware can be considered as the drawbacks of using Defender!

Reviews of Windows Defender

With this, you come to your next point, which is related to the reviews of Windows Defender users. As mentioned above, users come up with numerous senses when they are asked about its working. You may be happier to know that it completely protects your PC from spyware and other unwanted software. It is quite discouraging that people say that if you only rely upon the Defender for protection of your PC, then your PC is undoubtedly going to have a virus. According to some of them, the feature of real-time protection also failed to block nasty files. The performance of Windows Defender isn’t good enough!  When compared with other antivirus systems, it is seen that it does not have a good position in that race! It lacks somewhere behind. Various other antivirus systems provide a much better service as compared to WD.

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So guys shortly concluding with what we all get to know about Is Windows Defender enough for your PC in 2021, we can say that it is a good antivirus software provided with Windows10. It does not affect the PC’s functioning, which is a plus point while comparing it to other antivirus systems. They keep interrupting in between and do not let you complete your work efficiently.

Although there are various drawbacks of using and relying upon the Defender, you can make it a useful one just by bonding it with some other antivirus system. They both will protect and secure your PC from malware, spyware, virus, and internet frauds.

Here we have included the reviews of other users so that it may be helpful for you to decide whether you need it or not! Better to use defender with an antivirus.

Feel free to share your experience with us in the comment box and let us know about how Windows Defender was helpful or untuneful for you.