How to check readability score/statistics of content?

In this article, I’ll be jabbering on how to check the readability score/statistics of your article. I assure you this will completely change your approach of writing an article. So, let’s just get in motion because this article is going to be super enlightening and every small detail will be addressed.

As rightly said, to reach a million readers you need to stand out from others. And if you are a budding content writer then accomplishing recognition is your main motive. To do so you need to follow a few steps and the most crucial amongst all is coming up with such content that is not just unique but also easy to read and understand. Every writer should not only focus on one age group instead write such crisp content that can be easily understood by school students as well. This will surely increase one’s growth and reach a huge set of audience.

how to check readability score
how to check readability score Statistics

Now, what exactly is readability?

We all know how considerably essential communication is in today’s world. So, if you are vague or uncertain while interacting in person, it is quite possible for the other person to beg your pardon or simply ask you to repeat. But this is not feasible in the case of writing, as all these precautions should be taken beforehand only. You need to write your content in such a way that the reader will understand what you plan on saying. This is where readability comes into the picture. Readability can assist you with conveying your message such that it is clear and straightforward.

Various components of your composing can add to comprehensibility, similar to word decision. Picking a word that is new or complex when an easier word fills a similar need can prompt helpless comprehensibility—for instance, stating “bothered” rather than “stressed”.

Meaningfulness is a critical factor in client experience. Available substance assembles trust with your crowd. The degree of intricacy of the content, its commonality, decipherability and composition all serve the purpose into how absorbing your content is.

 Instantly the question arises why readability is vital

Focusing on high readability enhances the probability that the audience will obviously comprehend your thinking and views. High clarity reduces misinterpretation and allows the reader effectively to handle the data that you’ve shared without exhausting a great deal of energy.

In business, especially in advertising, readability is vital, in light of the fact that it can influence how drawn in readers are with your substance. For instance, if an item portrayal gets loaded up with language and complex subtleties that the visitor can’t see rapidly, they may lose intrigue and choose to not make a buy.

Readability is somewhat significant on the grounds that Google thinks of it as a key positioning component. This depends on human conduct on sites. On the off chance that the normal individual views site content as too hard to even consider perusing, they’ll click somewhere else. Google loves meaningfulness since it improves UX. Content which is more obvious will be simpler to explore. This will urge readers to remain on your page.

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Readability Score:

Basically, readability score provides the writer a rough idea of which grade reader group his content will be targeting. The score distinguishes an evaluation level estimated to the quantity of long periods of education an individual has had.

Both the Flesch Reading Ease and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level rely upon conditions that address ordinary sentence length and typical syllables per word. The Flesch Reading Ease score provides an accuracy rating in a scale extent of between 1-100.

The content gets considered easier to understand if the score’s high. A score of more than 80 is held for messages expected for kids. Scores under 60 are seen as difficult to read. Typically, online content should be designed with a score within 60-80 on the Flesch Reading Ease score. This is hard for a local English individual to achieve without changes.

The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level scale relies upon the U.S school grade levels. For example, a 3.0, for example, suggests making that can be seen by a third-grader yet most master reports fall some spot in the extent of between 7.0-11.0. That is why we need to check the readability score of content.

How readability score is measured:

Most equations ascertain readability score dependent on estimations, for example,

  • The quantity of long words
  • Word length
  • The quantity of rare words
  • Sentence length
  • Separation of heading and subheading
  • Active and Passive voice sentences
  • Max length of the paragraph
  • Transition words

The equations at that point think about one or these components to the all-out number of words or sentences to create a score.

All things considered; readability scores are not a subjective judgment of composing. They don’t represent language issues, spellings, or voice. An article with a few syntactic blunders can get a higher readability score than one with amazing language.

Likewise, the readability of a book covers a few components that an equation can’t measure. These incorporate social references, word decision, and voice. Checking all these we can check readability score.

What is a decent readability score?

A decent score to work for, for people in general, is a Flesch Kincaid grade level of 8. This is satisfactory for 85% of the general population to effectively comprehend. The easiest method to check your composing is available is to check:

  • Your Readable letter grade
  • Your Reach score

Preferably, your composing ought to be a Readable evaluation A with 100% Reach.

For grade levels, the score relates to the USA training framework. An evaluation level of around 10-12 is generally the perusing level on culmination of secondary school. Text focused on the general population should focus on an evaluation level of around 8. That will guarantee your content is decipherable by generally 85% of the general population. Famous fiction once in a while scores above grade level 6.

It’s significant that regardless of whether you are composing for an exceptionally instructed crowd, a lower score is as yet liked. Especially in business composing. Profoundly capable readers actually incline toward the time saved by plain English.

What is a decent score relying upon your crowd?

  • In the event that you are writing for kids, focus on their particular evaluation level or lower.
  • On the off chance that you are writing for the overall population, focus on an evaluation level of 8 or lower.
  • In the event that you are writing a future top-of-the-line novel, focus on an evaluation level of 6 or lower.
  • On the off chance that you are writing for an alumni crowd, focus on an evaluation level of 10 or lower.
  • On the off chance that you are writing for a postgraduate crowd, focus on an evaluation level of 12 or lower.
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It’s significant that regardless of whether you are composing for a profoundly taught crowd, a lower score is as yet liked. Especially in business writing, individuals profoundly capable in perusing actually favor the time saved by plain English.

How to check readability score/statistics of content?

Let’s have a look at the methods where you can check the readability score:

1. Microsoft Word

Now, I am damn sure many of you were unaware that Microsoft word can provide you a list consisting of:

The total word count, sentence count, paragraph count, character count and the most important part of our article the Flesch Reading Ease Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level and also passive voice.

The question that comes in your mind right now  is that how to check the readability so let me show you the steps:

  • Open Microsoft Word and open your article there.
  • In the Ribbon section at the top, you will see the “Review” option, select it.
  • Then select the very first option that is Spelling and Grammar option.
How to check readability score using MS word
  • Once this option is selected, it will check your whole document and help you correct all your grammatical errors.
  • After everything is corrected a window will pop on your screen with a message stating that the spelling and grammar check is complete. Now click on OK.
spelling and grammar check is complete
  • Once done, a new popup window will appear with Readability Statistics. This is how one can check his writing.
 Readability Statistics
  • The only down part of this word’s readability statistics is that it doesn’t provide the writer with a detailed statement like Yoast SEO. It only provides you with figures.

2. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO plugin improves your specialized SEO by dealing with a ton of specialized things behind the scenes. Furthermore, the module assists you with improving your content SEO by assisting you with setting a key phrase and advising you precisely how you can advance your article or content to rank with this key phrase. Ultimately, the module assists you with improving the readability of your article by giving input that you can undoubtedly consolidate into your own writing.

It’s additionally important to know that they offer two variants of their module, so one can choose according to his choice. They offer a free form of the module, that will kick you off with your SEO. Yet, I encourage you to likewise take a look at the Premium module to ensure you’re not passing up the highlights that will get you that top situation in the rankings.

How to check readability score using Yoast:

The readability analysis section can be accessed through two ways.

  • First is beneath the article or page you wish to work on there is a yoast meta box this is where you will find the readability option.
  • Second In the yoast sidebar section.

This section provides you with a detailed survey of your article:

  • Mainly it consists of three sub-sections:
  • Problems
  • Improvements
  • Good results
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And then every other thing comes inside these respective sections such as:

  • Passive voice: Here in Yoast SEO, less than 10% of passive voice is only considered moderate.
  • Transition words: How much % of sentences consist of transition words; higher percent is expected.
  • Flesch Reading Ease
  • Consecutive sentences: No three sentences start with the same word.
  • Subheading distribution: One heading may not contain more than a 300-word paragraph.
  • Paragraph length: Max 150 words allowed for a paragraph.
  • Sentence length: A sentence must not have more than 20 words.

For a perfect SEO article every result should have a green dot indicating that your document is perfect.

How to check readability score using Yoast

3. Google DOCs

Unfortunately, the readability feature has been removed by Google from the docs a few years back.  But you can use the word count feature that provides you with the total number of words, characters.

How to check readability score using Google docs

You will find this feature under the Tools section or simply you use the shortcut “ctrl+shift+c” the word count window will popup.

readability statics shown

4. Grammarly

Since the Grammarly Editor utilizes a 0 to 100 readability reviewing scale. The Grammarly Editor assists you with improving your report’s comprehensibility—and improves your composing generally speaking. It offers vocabulary ideas and approaches to fix your composition, the two of which straightforwardly influence your comprehensibility score.

Even Grammarly provides two options, the free and premium, the free version provides you with readability and also helps you with improving your grammar but only to a limited extent and as we all know the premium one provides a more detailed study.

The readability score appears at the bottom of the screen in the Grammarly editor.

readability score Grammarly

Apart from all these applications, plugins you can simply check the readability score online as well. There are many websites that provide you this feature and sometimes in need, these websites tend to be more helpful. Get Grammarly premium free trial.


And there are many more…


In this article, I have discussed what exactly is readability and how much it is important for your article to have a readability score of above 60. Readability score depends on a list of factors and I have mentioned all of them in my article. And also, where you can check the readability, so do try any of the above platforms, and compose such content that will help you reach a huge audience.