8 E-learning Trends and Predictions for 2021

8 E-learning Trends and Predictions for 2021. It has been projected that by 2025, the e-learning market will be valued at $325 billion. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an increase in demand for online learning. This has been motivated by the closure of learning institutions to prevent the spread of the virus. E-learning has provided a means of proceeding with learning activities in the middle of the pandemic.

8 E-learning Trends and Predictions for 2021
8 E-learning Trends and Predictions for 2021

E-learning has become a trendy approach that institutions and students have accepted. The momentum will continue to increase in 2021 and the coming years. Here are some e-learning trends and predictions to look out for.

1. Mobile Learning

We live in a mobile world, and smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. A significant part of the world’s population is using smartphones and other digital devices. The accessibility of mobile devices has led to an increase in mobile learning platforms. Learning is among the many things that have been shifted to the online space.

Students will not have to go physically to schools for their lectures. They can receive assignments on their smartphones, seek professional writers’ help from an online paper writing service and submit their assignments.

Students have already experienced the flexibility that comes with e-learning, and they will be looking for that convenience in 2021.

2. The Use of Learning Analytics

There is a need to adopt data-driven decisions to enhance the quality of education. Educators will use data to determine the best mediums to use to deliver information. Learning analytics will also be used to design personalized lesson plans for the students.

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It will also be used to predict students’ performance and to inform educators how to support the different students.

3. Virtual Conferences

To promote active learning, educators will be using virtual conferences. Here, the students can exchange ideas, share knowledge, have a discussion on various topics, and even collaborate on projects.

Virtual conferencing will eliminate the need for physical interaction and at the same time address issues of attendance.

4. Gamification

Incorporating games in learning will be popular in 2021. Gamification in e-learning will make online learning more engaging and enjoyable. Also, Gamification will also go a long way in enhancing the absorption of knowledge and retention of information.

Gamification will also provide the learners with real-life experience. It makes complex subjects easy to comprehend. Gamification makes learning exciting and also boosts the concentration of the learners.

5. Immersive Learning

Immersive learning draws 100% concentration from the users. This e-learning trend will take over in 2021 as it provides learners the feel of a real classroom environment. Immersive learning will be the way to go in eliminating the distraction that is there in e-learning.

This will create a much needed interactive learning environment and one that gives the students morale. It establishes realistic settings that create a sense of belonging to the students regardless of where they are taking the classes. Immersive learning promotes active learning and creates a realistic learning environment.

6. Microlearning

This is an e-learning trend that is going to take over in 2021 too. E-learning will be featured by the delivery of information in small bits. Microlearning will take place within shorter times and consist of simple and narrow topics that will require minimal effort from the learners.

Mini quizzes, short videos, and flashcards are some of the materials used to deliver information and transfer knowledge in e-learning. This will ensure seamless e-learning and simplify the courses.

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7. Social Learning

It has already been experienced with the Covid-19 pandemic. Online social learning encourages learning with others. Social learning will be incorporated into online learning through the use of tools such as video conferencing.

This will be achieved in online learning through the provision of opportunities to interact in discussion forums. Gamification will also promote social learning by incorporating a reward system. Rewards will make the learners try to imitate specific actions to motivate certain outcomes.

The inclusion of Q&A sessions in the lesson plans will be used to promote social learning.

8. Personalized Learning

Due to its effectiveness, more focus will be centered on personalized e-learning. Customizing the format of the content is among the techniques used to offer personalized learning. That is the use of different mediums to deliver information to the learners.

Learners’ surveys will be conducted to understand where the interest of the students lies. The information will be used to inform lesson and module plans.

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Take Away

The introduction of 8 E-learning Trends and Predictions for 2021, has made the consumption of knowledge much convenient. The e-learning trends will revolutionize the education sector. Disruptive technologies like VR and AR will be the norm in e-learning. In 2021, the focus will be directed to personalized learning for fruitful outcomes in education.

Gamification, social learning, and microlearning are among the e-learning trends that will make education touch the sky.