How To Turn Off The Touch Screen?

How To Turn Off The Touch Screen on HP, Dell, Windows 10, etc? Touch Screen feature enables you to use your finger to perform the tasks rather than using the mouse or joystick. A touch screen on a laptop is perfect if you want to control the operating system using your finger rather than a joystick. If your laptop is equipped with a touch screen feature, it will be activated or enabled automatically out of the box.

Before you know how to turn it off. Come let’s know What is touch Screen? And why we use it? And Where we use it?

What is a Touch Screen?

A touch-screen is a communication system that allows the user to use his finger or hand to communicate with a monitor. It is a useful alternative for navigating the GUI (graphical user interface) to a mouse or keyboard. now nearly each and everything around us is touchscreen either you visit a restaurant or you book a cab. Everywhere you will find the use of the touchscreen. A grid of infrared beams is used to detect the location of a digit rather than the use of sensory feedback.

Why we use it?

Below are some reasons why a manufacturer can decide not to use a physical input, but to use a touchscreen. Touch screens, especially for younger users, are intuitive. A touch screen can render a computer smaller rather than dozens of buttons. It can be cheaper than with a screen and buttons to design and produce a device with one screen.

Where we use it?

Subsequently, one of the most common types of input devices is the touch screen. Below are some places and examples where you can use touch screens.

Touchscreen examples:

Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and a selling point. ATM, Auto Car, Camera, Car GPS, E-books and many places where we visit and need things from day to day life.

Mouse or Touchscreen

There are many similarities between a computer mouse and a touch screen. In how you use the above touchscreen, many of them are listed.

The tendency to move is one of the main distinctions between a keyboard and a touchscreen.

Nearly every touch screen can detect entry just when your finger contacts the screen directly. However, a machine mouse is moving the pointer over the object and does not click on the cursor to view information. For example, when you’re hovering with a computer mouse, this connection to the Computer Hope shows the text “Visit the computer Home Page.”

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How to turn off the touch screen

Windows 10 is designed for use on touchscreen devices and many Windows 10 laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1 devices have touchscreen devices. The touchscreen can be operated only as an entrance on a tablet or as a laptop, desktop, and 2-in-1 device secondary entrance.

You can turn off the Touchscreen feature via the Windows Device Manager if you want to uncheck the Touchscreen in Windows 10 and your device has another input method enabled.

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Reasons for Turning Off

The most useful reason for turning off a Windows 10 touch screen is for tablets and2-in-1 devices. Touchscreen inputs If your typical laptop has a touchscreen that is more pain than anything else, it is easy to deactivate. Additional reasons for disabling a touchscreen include kids who can not stop reaching the screen when they try to see a video or do some work. It even happens that certain screens function badly and act as if you do not touch them.

The method of disabling a Windows 10 touchscreen operates in analog fashion on all types of devices such as notebooks, desktops, tablets, 2-in-1 devices, and special manufacturer computers such as HP touch-screen laptops and Dell laptops.

How to turn off on windows10

That is to say, in the Windows 10 or Windows 8 touch screens, you can disable the touchscreen by using the Device Manager in Windows 10 which can be accessed from a search box on the taskbar or via the control panel. The device manager is where Windows 10 monitors all your devices and where any devices connected to your computer can be disabled or activated.

Let’s follow some steps :

Touch Screen: Task Manager
  • On your taskbar click the search box.
  • Device manager form. device manager.
  • In the search results column, click System Manager.
  • Choose the arrow next to the screen of the human device.
  • Choose the touch screen that suits HID.
  • Take action from the top of the window >In the opening menu select Disable Device.
  • If you see a pop-up warning which says this device is disabled, it will stop working. Wanna disable it really?, Choose Yes.
  • Verify that your touchscreen is disabled.

How to disable it in Windows 7

The deletion of a Windows 7 touchscreen works differently than newer Windows versions. You have to uncheck a particular option on the pen and click screen instead of turning off the Touch Screen in the Device Manager. The Control Panel helps you to navigate this panel.

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This is how to deactivate a Windows 7 Touchscreen:

So, Click the Start button on the Windows Desktop > Tab pannel power > Pen and tap click >Tap and Pen > Choose the tab Touch >Delete the box next to the input device use your finger >Make sure you disable your touchscreen.

Windows Touch Screen Feature Remove Process

A windows device is capable of experiencing different stuff, i.e. touch screen and mouse/keyboard feature. both the world at its best. If you have them in your system, and if you want them to be disabled or deactivated for some reason, it’s quite easy and your computer quickly transforms this into one according to your preference. It is therefore very easy to understand that we will give you the information to disable your Laptop, Tablet, Ultrabook, notebook, or touch device touch screen.

If your system usually uses functions similar to the one with a certain PC that mainly Windows 10/8.1/7 device, you can do this as follows. There is also one thing to keep in mind: you can only turn the Touchscreen off using the Device Manager without any integrated functionality.

Disable the feature in Windows

Touch Screen: Disable

There are so many methods to disable the windows in the normal version from a touch screen. Press the start button to open the WinX menu to the right >Use this window to open “device manager > Just look up the “Human Interface App” dialog box after entering the option > Improve this. Expand it.
Click on “HID-compliant touch screen” after expanding >Now a list will appear, select the Deactivate option > You’ll then be asked to confirm that the touchscreen is deactivated, and then you must select yes and as an alert, “the deactivation of this feature will stop it working.”

How to turn off the HP Chromebook touchscreen

Here’s how to disable your Chromebook touchscreen. It takes just a few steps and is very quick. Just make sure that you type the commands as shown or otherwise you will receive an error message.


  • Phase 1: Right now open your Chrome Browser. Just start Chrome. Just run Chrome.
  • Phase 2: Open a new tab This too is self-explaining.
  • Phase 3: Navigate to the shortcut’s type “chrome:/flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts” and hit Enter “on the path that follows into the address bar (no quotations).

You can display a list of Chromebook debugging options. The one which governs your keyboard is just of interest to us.

  • Phase 4: Step 4: Locate Scroll down keyboard debugging and search for the item called “Debugging keyboard shortcuts.” Yellow after the search should already show it. If not, press the “CTRL + F” button and type it in.
  • Phase 5: Allow Debugging Keyboard Shortcuts To turn on, click on “Enable.”
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In essence, you can use some keyboard shortcuts to navigate your Chromebook.

It is designed to allow developers to change options including switching on and off the touchpad and to disable the touch screen feature as well.

  • Phase 6: Restart your Go Ahead Chromebook and restart your laptop.

When you feel unsafe, just log out and go back in. Go forward and restart it if it doesn’t work.

  • Phase 7:Turn the Touchscreen on and off, you’re can use touchscreen toggling practice when you recover your Chromebook!

To monitor the touch feature, just click on the following keyboard shortcuts. Just press “Search+SHIFT+T” once to turn off your touchscreen.

How to turn off the touch screen on HP

Try the steps below to disable the touch screen

Touch Screen: Interface devices
  • Go to my computer,
  • Click on the Device Manager
  • Select properties to human interface devices
  • You have it on the right <touch screen option>
  • Click on it to disable the option
  • And bye-bye to touch screen for forever.

How to turn off the touch screen on Dell

Try the steps below to disable the touch screen

  • Go to my computer,
  • Click on the Device Manager
  • Select properties to human interface devices
  • You have it on the right <touch screen option>
  • Click on it to disable the option
  • And bye-bye to touch screen for forever.


I have mentioned the solutions to your problems. These solutions will work on Windows 10. The steps are nearly the same 0on all devices so don’t panic just try. As it is not for sure because your problem can be anything. So if you don’t feel safe performing the solutions. You must take your system to the service and give them the opportunity to help you out.