How To Stop Pop Up ads on Android Smartphones

How To Stop Pop Up ads on Android: PopUp ads on the web are extremely annoying but even worse on a limited-screen mobile device. We will clarify how to avoid popup ads on your Android phone if you are sick of popups that spoil your telephone experience.

Although advertising can contribute to the funding of free content, sometimes it is too intrusive and can ruin your online experience. Some items are more annoying to click through the story than unintentionally walking into a popup message. Luckily, these irritating advertisements dead in their tracks can be avoided.

PopUp ads on Android can be found generally:-

  • While browsing
  • Notification Area ads
  • Apps containing ads

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Continue to look carefully at the steps you can take to drastically reduce the popup ads on your Android phone.

How to stop PopUp ads in Chrome

You can disable or disable the sites you are visiting with a few methods if they serve pop-up ads regularly. Chrome has some built-ins to help you remove intrusive advertisements and is the favorite among the top browsers for Android. You ought to see Chrome prevents pop-up ads by default, but please make sure that it is set up properly. Start with Chrome opening.

Chrome’s Built-In  Feature to block ads

Since Chrome is Android’s default browser, so you typically use it regularly, removing popups first makes sense. The quick setup will prevent popups entirely. Open Chrome and press the 3-dot menu button to find it. Choose Settings and then browse the site configuration.

Tap Popups and forward the slider to the (graying) spot. Click and switch the entry. You may want to hit the Ads entry while you’re here, too. Make sure inside you always toggle this lever off. It allows Chrome to block inappropriate or misleading spam advertising on popular spam pages.

If for some reason this does not fix your issue, you can take another step to allow the Chrome data saver feature. Although its main aim is to lower the amount of mobile data you use to access websites, turning this on often eliminates features from pages that are unused.

To do so, see Menu > Configurations > Data Saving and switch on the lever. Popups are not, of course, necessary for displaying the content of a website. When you allow this to happen, other websites can look strange, but you can determine whether the improved experience is worth it.

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Digital Trends included, depend on advertising revenue to be operational when you install an ad blocker on many free websites in the world. Make sure you whitelist them if you want your favorite websites to keep working as you see them now.


how to stop pop up ads on android: AdBlock app

We would be remiss if we did not at least list AdBlock as one of the most used ad blockers in the world .. With its very on-the-spot branding and long-term availability, people also turn their attention to blocking ads online today.

The AdBlock Chrome extension operates dynamically and blocks ads on static Web pages and online video platforms such as YouTube. It also makes it possible to set whitelists for websites and ad types so that you can use this filter. You can tailor your Web browsing experience by means of its filter list subscription system to view the advertisements that you want, or literally untick them all and ban them entirely.

Even the app will delete certain parts of your website that you can find irritating, such as social networking connections. AdBlock is interested in “Acceptable Advertising.” Also, AdBlock offers content that satisfies those criteria (if you choose). AdBlock is also considered to be a little heavily resourcing, especially if you want to open several tabs at once, and certain claims were made that it does not specifically easily block YouTube ads. Finally, AdBlock provides regular updates that will help the Program manage all the new ways of distributing Internet ads.



This is another common Chrome adblocker. AdGuard is able to effectively block almost all ad ads through static web pages and video streaming services, as well as social networks.

The Chrome lightweight extension offers additional tools to disable detection and mount bad apps, such as dials, adware, and ransomware. The ability to increase your web browsing experience and reduce your bandwidth by reducing the needless clutter with certain ads or trackers is one of the most important claims.

Many users have reported irritating alerts trying to encourage you to purchase the premium edition, but other than that, this application has almost all of its millions of users who are giving positive reviews.

Stop Pop Up ads on Android Home screen

We have figured out how pop-ups will avoid being viewed in your browser. But, what about advertisements that show on your phone when you use other applications or merely browse the home screen?

Popups in a Particular App

Users would definitely be accused of the present app when you see pop-ups using a new device or app. You will determine if the software is still worth using with advertising in those situations.

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Block PopUp ads

Users can also get the premium ads blocker app available on the internet. These are usually purchased in the app, although sometimes they are a separate Google Play download. Unfortunately, this isn’t provided by each author. In addition to rooting your device, you can only stop using it if pop-ups are blocked in an app. If while playing games or using apps popups with ads and the internet is not necessary then you can turn on the flight mode to avoid ads.

Popups From Unknown Sources

Also if you use a particular device, pop-ups that occur are bad. Half the battle with this question reveals what the Android app shows up. To start, check any apps that you have just installed if pop-ups are a recent development. Maybe one is malevolent and causes the popups.

Some app categories, including system cleaners, wallpapers, and lamps, are often filled with advertising and might be an issue for you. Please check the recent device ratings and see if you’ve been complaining about other people. Deinstall issue applications and see whether popups are continuing.

Pop Up ads: Settings

If the issue is not solved, the next move is to test which apps can be viewed in other applications. Visit Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced > Access to special applications> View other applications. Visit Settings Below, you will see all installed apps you have approved to view even if you don’t use them.

See the list here and see whether anything looks suspicious. There are legitimate reasons for some programs to rely on others. But if you see anything not allowed here, press it and set Allow to Off for other devices. If you are not, first of all, authorizing an app to do something dangerous, it reduces your risk considerably.

Scan for Android Malware

If you still have an issue with popups when you remove suspicious apps and allow other programs to view, you can check for infections. This is particularly important if you have apps outside of Google Play installed. The simplest way of creating difficulties is to download apps from dubious sources.

You don’t really need an antivirus program that is permanently mounted on your computer. But it’s important to add one just to run a scan if you’ve reached that point and still have a pop-up. Android Malwarebytes is a good choice; download it and run an infection search. The luxury value you don’t have to spend.

Use our guide to uninstall malware from Android if Malwarebytes find none. Probability is a factory restart if this guidance fails to stop the popups. You have removed programs that could cause the problem, reviewed permissions and used a malware scanner.

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How to Stop Popups in the Notification Shade

Notification advertisements remain a problem and just as distracting, although they aren’t actually popups. A fast flick of a key will interrupt them for good when you see spam alerts. These instructions are slightly different depending on which Android version you are using.

Push the message area down from the top of your device and click the button in question for a long time. To bring up the device details, tap on the I in the circle icon. You can also display Preferences > Applications & Notifications on any new version of Android. > See all X applications and tape the name of an app to open these preferences.

Click the Alert entry to alter the alert settings of the app once there. Users may deactivate those forms of alerts on Android Oreo and later on. You can deactivate all app notifications on every Android version. Users will need to delve into the specific settings of the device if you don’t want to mask any message from an app but do not have fine-grained choices in the Settings. Look for an equipment icon or a three-point menu with an entry Settings. A header of a message may have the ability to deactivate certain alerts, but not others.

For eg, you will tap the individual icon in the top right corner to deactivate the irritating trailer alerts in the IMDb app and then tap the three-point menu and Setup. Pick Preferences for Notifications, and trailer advertisements can be removed. Must Also Read Our Blog On Topics Like- Android FirewallYouTube ActivateBoost Network Strength.


How to stop pop up ads on android phone

Here I have covered three problems related to pop-up ads. Wherever those popups are on your computer, you’re going to know how to tackle them.
Publishers or the apps developers would have to pay for many outlets that they take for granted without ads. Thus, while it is definitely important to avoid offensive popups, note that annoying advertisements fuel the web and mobile devices.