How to boost cell phone signal strength for free

How to boost cell phone signal strength for free: Low network issues are very simple that the ratio of the user to cell phone towers is very low. Here you will a free solution to your problem. Live Your Life Freely, Do Your Jobs Faster mode, Talk freely. Ultimate, Free and Easy Solutions for all your network-related problems. Learn Why to and How to?

It came to known by a few research studies on mobile phone issues, 72% of American drop calls and 77% of them encounter remarkably sluggish Internet speeds. But we can also say that this is a common problem as there are trillion users. That’s the reason this article is about how you Give Boost To Your Phone Signal Strength.

Why do we need to Boost Cell Phone Signal?

I mentioned above that this is one of the common problems because as the statics shows 77% of users are having this issue. The reason behind these issues is very simple the ratio of the user to cell phone towers is very low. We call sometimes that the server is not responding sometimes as it can be either the website problem or your network problem. We can call this problem as a network traffic jam in our world of the internet because the best high-speed network is just as important as having a smartphone.

how to boost cell phone signal strength for free
how to boost cell phone signal strength for free

So do we need to boost our signal because we need a high-speed network to do our work easily and inconvenient way? As we are dependent on the internet as we are in the 21st century we do most of the jobs through the internet. If we even book a table in any restaurant for private/special dinner we just switch on our phone and type and a single click makes our job easy and saves our time. But just imagine you booked and while paying it starts to buffer, it will surely spoil all your mood and evening. And sometimes this makes our transaction done but the recipient won’t get it and we have to suffer. So, we must choose a good network and if you are having such problems You must read the full article here.

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The only reason behind writing this Blog is to make you understand how you can Boost Your Phone Signal without paying any money or investing money anywhere. Let’s have a look!

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How To Boost Cell Phone Signal For Free?  

  • Find which place gets best signal reception
  • Don’t be behind any obstruction and interface
  • Just stay away from the crowd and public events
  • Always keep your phone fully charged
  • Use wifi calling for a better experience
  • Change to a different carrier
  • Always keep Your Software updated
  • Upgrade Your Smartphone

1. Find which place gets best signal reception

If you are living around less rush area then you will get a good connection because the users in the area using a tower in that area will be less. So if you want to have a good network connection get close to the network tower nearest to your house.

Now you would be thinking that how to know the strength is good or not.

So you have to do nothing just see the network bars appearing in corner of your phone. There is no which has developed a standard bar reading. Cell phone signals are generally radio signals that range from -50 dB to -110 dB.

  Here is your solution to check readings:

  •  For Android Users
  • Access Settings
  • Go to General Settings
  • Go to About Phone
  • Network or Status
  • Now look at your dB value

Walk around your house and try to get the best reading i.e -50dB. Once you get it to fix that it’s the area with the best network strength.

  •  For iPhone Users
  • Click Phone Mode
  • Dial *3001#12345#*
  • And enter field test mode
  • In the Notification bar, you will see dB readings

2. Don’t be behind any obstruction and interface

You all must have heard once in your life about radio waves, the AM/FM kind. They can travel long distances but they cannot penetrate so you have to keep in mind to avoid being behind many obstruction and interference.

Do you remember when you call your network provider he/she asks you one common question that is done you face the problem inside your house or outside your house? Have you ever thought about this question why they ask so? The reason has been mentioned above have a deep look. Next time you call don’t be surprised by this question.

What can be the interference is mentioned here:- trees, hills, mountains, any tall structures, weather, walls, electrical, magnetic, metal, lots of clutter.

So next time if you don’t want to get irritated with the disturbance while you call someone just go to your balcony or open space. Enjoy the conversation and let fresh air get inside your body.

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3. Just stay away from the crowd and public events

Women trying to video call during concert

Have you ever noticed that while you were in public places, attending public events your phone doesn’t work in a good manner? It is because of the reason that cell tower is one in the area but the users are large in number. The cell towers can hold only a certain number of connections at a time. So, if you too face this type of problem next time just go to the less populated area where you get good signal strength.

4. Always keep your phone fully charged

Don’t get surprised because it’s true about the smartphones that we use today. We use this gadget which comes with all in one like book reader, calculator, game player, music device, etc. Our mobile is a multi-functional device that does many works but we all know our smartphone comes with limited battery. So we need it to get fully charged to work properly because our phone needs the battery to find the signal.

So, always keep your phone fully charged at least 20%. And try to use battery saver mode.

5. Use wifi calling for a better experience

Nowadays people usually use WhatsApp, skype, google duo for video calling. Especially many companies use Skype for video conferencing which makes the work for clients sitting overseas easy.

So you always must use wifi with a better connection. Because you will never like to disappoint your overseas client just because of a bad network connection. It also doesn’t sound great right that your project got canceled because of your bad internet connection.

6. Change to a different carrier

If the cell network that you are using is not providing you good connectivity you can easily switch to another network. Because now it is as simple as drinking water. But you should keep in mind that the network you are going to choose next is better than the present one. And this is only possible when your area has another network connectivity.

7. Always keep Your Software updated

Whenever a company launches its software update it means that this time they must have improved something and brought new things for you. So, it’s very important that you should always keep your phone updated because it always fixes its problems related to network connectivity problems.

8. Upgrade Your Smartphone

Always you should check what is new in the market. Because all the companies are coming up with newer phones day by day and all have the best features. You should always choose the best smartphone in this world where the smartphone is equally important as having food daily.

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If you are having a phone which uses a 3G network and a guy with a 4G handset will have better connectivity experience. So always stay updated with the technology because you are not living in the stone age this is the era of the Internet and good connectivity.

Bonus Solution For Your Connectivity Problems

If you want to have the best experience and have enough money then you can invest it to install a network booster in your house. It is just like an amplifier that takes in bad signals and amplifies it to good signals with better strength. Just like that only here this also works it takes low strength signals amplifies it and broadcasts all over your house. This is not illegal as the FCC certifies it and the cell companies also allow it because they know that they can install new towers in bulk in an area.

We all know how important it is in this world to have good network connectivity. We all do most of the jobs through our phones. A cell phone without a network is just like an empty box which is good for nothing.


It is not always required to invest too much money to solve your problems. Because some problems don’t need money they only need is just a tech mind and a little knowledge to solve the problem. I have listed above all possible solutions to how to boost cell phone signal strength for free that can help you get the best user experience. You can thank me later if you want for saving your money and saving peace of your mind from the disturbance that occurs due to a low network connection.

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