Android system recovery || How to Boot and Customize Device

We all have attained several tech-related phases when we operate on our machines. It is tough to know them and may create distrust. A lot of them don’t additionally produce sense, a less fulfilling. Several conditions, mainly while operating with delicate data, we usually get to grasp about safety requirements. We might not even recognise what that involves. You might have come across the spectrum of the android system recovery.

Have you questioned what an android system recovery means?
Well, it is an essential phrase which includes specific features which are very valuable for your device. We shall continue in abstruse about what all this implies and what good does seem to the users. This section supplies you a comprehensive solution to android system recovery is and how it acts! So, let us learn more about this with the guidance of the following piece.

What is an android system recovery

Have you come across this term before? What do you understand by android system recovery? What is it exactly? Well, let us try to understand. In the tech field, especially while working with android, recovery means the boot-able partition section that consists of the recovery console. The recovery console is installed there. A combination of key presses or the coding set of the program is present to boot the device to recovery.  This is where you can find tools to help recover or repair your device. The installation can be done easily if one ensures certain steps. The user has to understand that the standard recovery is sort of limited to the basic android functions. But that is just how it is manufactured.

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How to boot

We all are aware that almost all android devices come with a recovery mode setting inside the system. That recovery mode is often at par with the original operating system. The main feature of the recovery mode is to open other functions of the device without the help of the device’s operating system. This is mainly used to recover the data of the user’s phone when the default operating system cannot be breached.

As an Android user, any person needs to be aware of this basic feature. It is for the convenience of the user. However, it can turn out to be tricky sometimes. It is often noticed that this normally depends on the manufacturer of the root brand. Hence, the options viable to the users can often differ depending on the kind of android device they are using.

Android system recovery
Android system recovery

Reboot with key combinations

In the following points, we will help you understand the basic ways to access your device while you are trying to recover it. It is very important to understand that when the phone is in recovery mode, its touchscreen feature ceases to work. So the user has to use the hardware buttons like the volume and power button to navigate the device through the process of recovery. However, all of it depends on the kind of device you are using.

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Samsung devices

  1. Long press the power button and click on the “power off” option
  2. This will turn off your device
  3. he next step is to press and hold the power, home, and volume buttons
  4. Hold it till you notice the logo of on the screen, free the Power Button but retain the other two (home +volume ) buttons held until you see the screen with Android System Recovery written on the display
  5. You have entered the recovery mode
  6. Do your job with desired options.

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  Motorola devices

  1. Long press the power button and click on the “power off” option
  2. This will turn off your device
  3. Now, you have to press and hold the power button and the hold it.
  4. Doing this will restart the device.
  5. The screen will display a menu to enter the recovery mode
  6. You can navigate your way through the “recovery mode” and then, press the power button.

LG devices

  1. Long press the power button and click on the “power off” option. This will turn off your device

As discussed earlier, the system recovery options for every system differ. These normally depend on the manufacturer. However, some of the options are uniform across all kinds of operating systems:

  • Hold Volume Down Key + Power or Lock Button and Free both of the buttons when the System recovery screen is shown.
  • The menu will be: Continue Power up, Safe mode, Factory data reset, Wipe cache, and Power down. Press a Volume button scroll down to the desired choice, then press the Power/Lock button to authenticate.
  • Now you are at android system recovery, so choose as per your desired work.
    • If you prefer Factory data reset, press any of the Volume buttons to highlight Yes/No then press the Power button to confirm.
    • Your phone will perform a hard reset and erase all personal data from the phone’s memory.
  1. Reboot system now”. This shall restart your device and reboot it accordingly.
  2. Update the device through ADB, that is, android debugs bridge.
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How to customize your android with recovery mode

You need to be aware that all recovery modes might not work with every device. As we are already aware, it depends on the manufacturer of the device.  The customization o the device is not a foolproof method and might cause some issues while you are at it.  However, it does optimize the device and makes it more efficient.  The basic knowledge about these customization features is not enough to help you get through it with ease. To successfully make it work, you need to learn about the different types of files that come under this variant.

Here are a couple of file functions that can help you customize your android handset:

1. Custom kernels

You can use the Custom Kernel file type to flash the Android device. It is normally used when the user wants to overclock the CPU of the device. It is highly advised that this method should be done under the guidance of an expert. If you are doing it on your own, let me inform you that can be very risky for your device. Kindly make sure that you are properly briefed with the method or else you might end up tampering your android device.

2. Custom ROMs

The basic information about the custom ROM is viable to all of us. It is the customized version of the operating system found in the Android handset. The user might face some shortcomings because of the unavailability of certain stock applications. But some extra features make up for it.

Flashing custom ROM replaces the standard android that has been operating on your device.

3. Custom recovery

So by using the custom ROM feature the user can replace the typical android recovery of their device. The user is provided with the option to replace the custom recovery.

There are many options available in the market for the same set-up. One of the most popular custom recoveries is the TWRP Recovery. It is known for its great efficiency. People around the world are using it with full ease.

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4. Stock ROMs

What exactly is a stock ROM? Well, the stock ROM is the standard version of the android operating system of your android device. This is the operating system that was preinstalled in your device when you purchased it from a manufacturer.  It is recommended that in case the device becomes a total wreck, the user should get back to it. However, that situation might never occur but in case you have no option left, you can always use this.

Everyone should know about this basic information. The recovery can be a real lifesaver sometimes. The feature is very powerful and robust. This might appear pretty tricky in the beginning, but as you get used to wiring and re-wiring your android operating system, you will get used to it. Once you get a hold of this, it will become very easy and accessible.


In conclusion, the article contributes to an in-depth interpretation of the “Android system recovery” feature of your handset. There can be several errors while you are at it, but you don’t need to bother about it because there is zero pre-eminent in the system that can’t be fixed. We have worked our level ablest to assist you with the android system recovery issues and how accurately you can recover your mobile phone to allow you to reach all your applications and networks at as much comfort as possible. 

I believe we were capable of assisting you with your doubts. We try to make all the presented learning as natural as feasible. It is guaranteed that the knowledge yielded on our platform is 100% genuine and approachable to people from all avenues of life without any complications. Hope to see you repeatedly.