How to play PC games on Android?

How to play PC games on Android?

PC games have evolved from a long way and are very popular. Even though you have excellent smartphones, PC Gaming would always be at the top. Have you ever wished that you could play PC games on your Android device? Well, this article is going to blow your mind away.

Firstly, have you ever wondered upon how to play Android Games on PC? If you wish to find out, Don’t Miss: Play android games on PC

Now, getting to the point, we are definitely not talking about tuned down PC games that have Android versions of it. We are in fact, talking about the extensive graphic intensive games such as Crysis or the Witcher. I know you must be bursting with excitement, so Therefore, let’s jump on how to set up our device, just to do that.

What advantage does it give you to play PC games on Android?

Firstly, complete portability to play your game from anywhere. Isn’t this reason good enough? Furthermore, I am talking to play the game in full HD and maxed out settings, as you would on your computer.

Secondly, the methods that we are going to follow, does not require any major installations. We just pretty much need the Game downloaded on our PC.

Unfortunately, we require a good gaming PC with a hell of an Internet connection. You really need to have at least a 10 Mbps internet connection for smooth performance.

Another requirement is a good computer with excellent graphics. Older computers with lower graphic cards won’t give you the expected performance. The PC has a huge role in helping you play the games on your Android device.

Therefore, my suggestion is for you to take a look at these excellent bangs for buck gaming PCs:

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How to play PC games on Android?

Now that we have covered the prerequisite, i.e. a good gaming PC and an excellent Internet connection, what we need next is your Android Smartphone. We are going to look at two excellent methods to perform this feat, therefore, buckle up and enjoy the tutorial

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It is a piece of excellent news for Steam Users to perform this task with ease. If you already have a SteamAccount setup and ready to roll, then it’s a huge help.

More importantly, what you need to do now is just download the steam link app.

Click here to redirect to the Play store. For, apple users, just click here to redirect to the App store.

Installing Steam

If you are one of those people, who do not have steam installed, do not worry, we got you covered. Click here to visit the steam website to download the player on your computer.

Double click the .exe setup and wait for the Steam application to be installed. It would take an update and restart the application.

Now you need to create an account with steam, therefore complete and fill the details to create your account. Now that you have your Steam username and password, just log in on your computer.

You can browse through multiple sections to get games at a discount. It is recommended to have a fairly faster Internet to have a smooth experience

Now that you have opened the link above, just download it on your device. Whether it be android or Apple, it really does not matter because the game is going to be streamed from your computer.

How to play PC games on Android? Downloading Steam
Downloading Steam

Now that you have downloaded the Steam Link app, launch it on your mobile.

It should look like this.

Opening Steam
Opening Steam

Click on Get started to begin.

Getting Started with Steam
Getting Started with Steam

If you have a controller for Android device, then pair it up with the app. If you do not possess a controller, just choose to use touch control.

If you are connected on the same WiFi as your computer that has steam configured, you should already have a prompt like this

Click on the displayed computer to get a prompt to enter the code displayed on your mobile. The computer would also have a prompt to enter the code. Please do so that your devices are connected successfully.

IF you wish to connect to a different computer, just click on “other computer”.

You would now be greeted with a screen that gives you a steam pin. On your computer, click on Steam, then settings.

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You now need to choose the remote play option. Now, click on the Pair Steam Link to enter the code on your computer that is displayed on your mobile device.

If you did all the above steps correctly, your device would now start a network test. Now click on the Start Playing Options to get connected remotely to your computer.

Starting Steam Link
Starting Steam Link

Starting to play your favorite game on Steam

You need to have some games purchased on steam to play and use this feature. Therefore, you can browse for some excellent titles to play. Furthermore, you can also choose to import games on steam if you have purchased them from somewhere else.

Now that you have successfully connected, the mobile screen should look like this.

How to play PC games on Android? Playing Mortal Kombat 11
Playing Mortal Kombat 11

It is very interesting to note, that your computer and the Internet connection takes the complete load to make you happy. The computer screen should now look like a gaming console with a steam environment. Furthermore, you can control everything on your mobile device remotely to move around on the screen.

How to play PC games on Android? On-Screen controls for the game
On-Screen controls for the game

Now you can choose to play your favorite game easily, with the help of Steam Link. You can take a look down below, as I play Mortal Kombat 11 on my mobile device, not the crappy Playstore version but the real deal.

How to play PC games on Android? Playing MK 11
Playing MK 11


This is another method from which you can enjoy the same experience of playing PC games on android. It is also fairly simple to set this up and in fact easier than setting up steam. The best part about this is you don’t need to have games downloaded from steam. You can have games from anywhere. Therefore, let us see how to set up Parsec.

Downloading Parsec on computer

You need to have the Parsec computer client installed before we begin. Therefore, firstly click this link to visit the official website. Now you can easily download the software and install it on your computer.

You would require a login id and password, hence register yourself on their website. Furthermore, you need to confirm that activation e-mail in your mail. Make sure that you do confirm your email or this won’t work.

Setting Up Parsec on Android

Now that you have Partsec set up on your computer, visit the play store to download the same as an Android App. Alternatively, you can also click here to visit the play store directly.

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How to play PC games on Android? Parsec Original Website

Now that you have downloaded the app, launch it from your phone.

Installing Parsec on Android
Installing Parsec on Android

Again, you would obviously require the log in credentials to connect to your computer. When you launch the app after a successful login, it should look like this.

Installing Parsec on PC
Installing Parsec on PC

If you have Parsec running up on the computer, then you should have an option to connect. Click on connect to connect with the computer.

It should take some time but the phone would now start a remote casting to your computer. The complete screen is cast, hence you can control anything you want. You can launch a game as shown below that comes from Steam or from any other place that you have downloaded.

How to play PC games on Android? Playing Witcher II using Parsec
Playing Witcher II using Parsec

The Review

Both the remote streaming software work really well if you have an excellent Internet connection. If you are facing issues while playing, consider buying a good controller that connects to the Android or iOS device.

This would increase the gaming experience to a huge level


To conclude, you can use your computer to play PC games on your Android or iOS device. It is extremely easy to do so with the help of Steam Link and parsec. They are both remote streaming devices that work really well if you have faster Internet.

It is totally recommended to get a faster Internet to increase your gaming performance and buying a controller. The controller would aid beautifully with your gaming experience uninterrupted.

Bonus: Stay Safe

We hope that you are keeping well in these desperate times. Please ensure your and your family’s safety by staying at home. To aid your situation at home from boredom, here are a few games that we recommend to purchase in this season:

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