Online Solitaire Games to Play When Windows Solitaire is Not Working

Windows Solitaire has been a beloved classic since its launch on May 22, 1990, and its array of options has entertained players for over three decades. However, even the most steadfast companion can falter, and in recent times, users have faced frustrating downtimes on the site, leaving them in search of reliable alternatives. So, if you’re also among those seeking a seamless solitaire experience, fear not. We’ve delved into the depths of the internet to uncover seven top-notch online solitaire games for you. So, grab your decks and get ready to play fantastic alternatives when Windows Solitaire decides to take a break.

Golf Solitaire 

Golf Solitaire stands tall among online card games as a shining alternative to the classic Windows Solitaire. This game isn’t about swinging clubs on a lush green; it’s about arranging cards in a captivating and strategic way. Golf Solitaire, often known as Golf, embodies the essence of simplicity in card games. Using a standard 52-card deck involves creating seven columns with five cards each, arranged so that each subsequent row overlaps the previous one. 

The game starts with the top card from the remaining deck placed face-up to initiate the ‘talent’ pile. The primary objective is to channel all the cards from the seven columns into the talent pile. This transition occurs when a card being moved matches the number one higher or lower than the card currently atop the talent pile. So why wait? Go and play Golf Solitaire online today.

Canfield Solitaire

Canfield Solitaire, also called Fairway Solitaire, is an online card game that’s a refreshing alternative if your Windows Solitaire isn’t working. Developed by Big Fish Games, it puts a twist on the classic solitaire with a captivating interface. To start, grab a standard deck of 52 cards. You’ll create a pile with 13 face-down cards called the reserve pile. 

The top card of this pile kicks off your foundation piles, where you aim to build from aces to kings in the same suit. Below these, deal four face-up cards to form your tableau. The rest of the deck becomes your draw pile. While playing, you must sort cards in ascending order on the foundation piles and in descending order in alternating colors on the tableau piles. Always keep the top card of the reserve pile available for play. So, if you want to try it right now, visit this online Canfield site and start playing.

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Crescent Solitaire

Crescent Solitaire, or La Demi-Lune or Refuge Solitaire, invites solitary players into a strategic realm with two mixed decks of playing cards. This game, built upon a blend of skill and strategy, aims to transition all cards from the tableau to the foundations, marking victory when all 104 cards find their place. Setting up the game entails establishing the groundwork: selecting one king and one ace from each suit to initiate the foundation. 

The kings align in a row, crowned by the aces nestled below. Creating a captivating arc shape, 16 piles of six cards each grace the tableau, with the top card of each pile proudly revealed. The gameplay unfurls with a series of calculated moves. Players meticulously shift cards from the tableau to the foundations, constructing sequences from kings down to aces and vice versa. And if you play Crescent Solitaire online, you’ll be captivated by its interface. 

Yukon Solitaire 

Yukon Solitaire, akin to Klondike yet distinctive in its gameplay, unfolds as a compelling patience card game that beckons solitary players into its addictive realm. This single-deck 52-card game, void of Jokers, poses an engaging challenge designed for one player. To set the stage, seven columns compose the tableau, each crafted with a meticulous arrangement: one card in the first column, escalating up to 11 cards in the seventh. 

The deal begins with one card face-up and six face-down cards aligned to the right, initiating the tableau’s formation. The second column unveils a face-up card, while the subsequent columns house face-down cards atop each pile. However, here’s the twist—Yukon Solitaire plays without a stockpile, restricting players to solely using the cards visible on their tableau. Strategic patience becomes the guiding light in this game. The best thing is that you can easily play Yukon Solitaire online without downloading it. 

TriPeaks Solitaire

TriPeaks Solitaire, Triple Peaks, or Tri Towers spice up the classic solitaire game by challenging players to clear the tableau using cards one rank above or below the last moved card. This version uses a standard 52-card deck and has gained popularity for its simplicity and quick-paced card pairing. Playing TriPeaks Solitaire revolves around clearing the tableau, which comprises three key areas: tableau piles, the stockpile, and the waste pile. 

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Make sure that when you start playing this game, you have to empty the tableau to claim victory. A successful strategy involves seeking out lengthy sequences and uncovering new cards whenever possible. Focus on removing cards in extended sequences while minimizing reliance on the stockpile until necessary. The game’s accessibility as an app or free online play adds to its allure. So don’t forget to play Tripeaks online and add this game to your daily playlist.

Pyramid Solitaire 

Pyramid Solitaire, also known as Solitaire Hartigan, invites players into a captivating card game that demands logical prowess to conquer. With a deck of 52 cards at play, the ultimate aim is to dismantle the pyramid-shaped tableau by removing all its cards. To set the stage, deal 28 cards face-up in the form of a pyramid. The top row starts with one card, progressively increasing to seven cards at the bottom. Meanwhile, the remaining 24 cards form the stockpile face down, and an empty space is left beside it for the waste pile. The crux lies in pairing cards to reach a sum of 13. 

Remember, Aces count as 1, while Kings stand tall at 13, with Jacks at 11 and Queens at 12. When a matching pair surfaces, clicking on both cards removes them from the pyramid, but only if they’re not covered by other cards. The stock and waste piles play a crucial role in aiding progress. If you hit a dead end, draw three cards, one by one, from the stockpile to the waste pile, giving you a chance to uncover potential matches. If this game resonates with you, take a break from whatever you’re doing and play Pyramid Solitaire online today.

Spider Solitaire 

Spider Solitaire is a beloved two-deck solitaire game originating from 1949; it earns its name from a spider’s eight legs, mirroring the eight foundation piles pivotal for victory. To emerge triumphant, players aim to clear the table by meticulously assembling cards in the tableau before systematically removing them. Played with two decks of cards, the tableau unfolds with ten stacks. 

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The first four stacks hold six cards each, with the sixth card facing up. The remaining six stacks house five cards each, with the fifth card facing up. Victory dawns upon the successful removal of all cards from the tableau. This game’s popularity surged when it debuted in Microsoft Plus 98 for Windows 98, gaining further momentum with its inclusion in Windows XP. Its ascent continued, reigning as the most-played game on Windows PCs in 2005. Beyond the computer screen, Spider Solitaire is accessible as an app and available for free online play.