Pokemmo Android Game: Beyond!!

Pokemmo Android Game: Beyond!!

Pokemmo Android Game: The POKEMMO game is perfect for youngsters, Teenagers as well as adults. It is a mixture of entertainment and technology. It is available on all platforms.

In today’s generation, technology is increasing at a faster rate. The population is building up, and at the same speed, the new paths of technology into different fields are also growing. But nowadays a specific area of entertainment as well as for tech is being discussed. That’s the gaming platform and its scenarios. Gaming has become an integral part of a human’s life. But the advanced made every game feel alive.

There have been games that restrict adults only, but there are many games that prove itself not to be any age limited. Not in a proper way, but that game has something different fun element which at any age anybody can enjoy.

Today there is a game which has become very popular and very funny. Its name is “POKEMMO.” It is a game that will make you feel you are a driver or something, and you are moving around in search of pokemon.

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Poke ball

In “POKEMMO,” there will be a map on your phone mapping the same world, and there will be pokemon that you have to catch by moving alongside the plan. A user has to find or grab it using a Poke ball. This ball has been integrated into the game in such a way that you will like catching “Pikachu.” 

Just Kidding!!!!                           

You have to swipe the ball up in that phone screen by pointing towards where a pokemon is there. Then a pokemon will be successfully grabbed, and you can perform other actions. Over ten million “POKEMMO” android game is being sold out in the market. It is a game that is a perfect mixture of entertainment and technology. “POKEMON” is transformed to “POKEMON GO” in the Play store as it upgrades itself to the more advanced version.



“POKEMMO” is an emulator game meaning it can be played on both phones as well as on PC. It is a third-generation game that uses basic internet.

This android game will make you so much thrilled that you can spend at least 10 hours playing them. From childhood days, we have seen movies on treasures and searching for many epic things. So we have got a mind-set of being very happy, curious, and thrilled to be in such a situation where you can become a hero who can fight with enemies.

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Sounds Fun, huh!!!

Such treasury things and stuff also inspire this game. Here people have to become “SHERLOCK” to find pokemon. They have used their brain as well as skills to win matches and have to push their rank. Here the user will have to find pokemon by roaming here and there or walk anywhere where there is a high probability of finding pokemon. Mainly “POKEMMO” is built in such a way that the density of finding pokemon is maximum in forests and barren lands because of people’s safety. So basically, this game will give a perfect scenario and a life cycle of a person through a match.


The game “POKEMMO” is an android game, which means it will be played on the phone. But now “POKEMMO” is made advanced, which means you can also play on PC.

The main feature is its game design. This game is a perfect mixture of technology and real world. So make it happen this game has a universal level where people will have one on one with each other and can compete with others. “POKEMMO” is a closed boundary game, which means you have to compete with others within a specific time; otherwise, the season will end. Here everybody has to be active, and because of this boundary, any user can be very thrilled and have Fun during any season. 

The main feature and glamour of “POKEMMO” is a pokemon. They are like axles and the mechanism of “POKEMMO.” A pokemon can be grabbed by using a Poke ball. A gamer can find these pokemon in wild areas. There are also other methods to catch or acquire a poke ball. You can do it by evolving a pokemon by using some points, can have business with friends to take their pokemon. After exchanging pokemon, you and your friend will get some rewards. A great way is to bred or feed one pokemon to convert it into another pokemon.


About Pokedex

Each pokemon has its platforms and way of having their interaction, which vary due to their species. Each pokemon can learn up to four moves or fights at a time. These skills will lead to having big tournaments or simple online pokemon battles. They can hold items to make them more powerful to use them in their fights and battles. In a party, a player can have six pokemon to a maximum extent, which he can swap during the fighting. The winner will have the power to acquire the pokemon from the looser team, which makes it more interesting. 

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This game has a database which is known as Pokedex. It is like a dictionary for “POKEMON” to keep information about every pokemon that player successfully grabs. So whenever a player catches a pokemon, it is added to Pokedex. If a Pokemon is seen in the wild, but if that player does not find it, then it will be partially added to Pokedex. In Pokedex, possible names, appearance, and location add itself for future reference.

 Here like in every game, every pokemon has strengths and weaknesses. So every pokemon has certain stages at which they will evolve. They will have their skilled moves and proper moves, which will be applied against them to win battles. There are total seventeen types of bug, Dark, Electric, Dragon, wild, Fighting, Fire, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Ice, Normal, Poisson, Physic, Rock, and steel with which any pokemon can practice their moves. Each move will depict a scene whether a pokemon will get damage or not. So every step has its immunities, skills, resistances, and weakness. But they have a unique feature. They can blend in there strengths and weaknesses and can adapt to there surroundings.

How to install this game:

  1. Firstly open play store and download and install “POKEMMO”
  2. After the installation is completed, then open and register yourself using your email or phone number.
  3. After entering through email, select your character who is going to be the poke ball keeper or the main character.
  4. Then you will get some points or rewards to buy or sell some default pokemon.
  5. After completing the guide, then you will enter into the real world, showing the entire nearby map of your area.
  6. Finally, enjoy catching pokemon!!!

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“POKEMMO” is an android game which was built by some Chinese company. The game has a very high UI, which means it will provide a rich and vast experience while playing this game.

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It is a fantastic game for those who want to stay indoors as well as outdoors. It will be a very significant time to meet with your friends by doing battles and all.

“POKEMMO” has used the technology of Augmented reality. AR is a prevalent software nowadays. The software lets you feel the real world virtually. This meaning It will make a player feel that he is in touch with the character through the game. 

“POKEMMO” is not an open bounded game, but it is instead a closed boundary game. That means a player should end his play within a specific time and has moved on to next season.

Pokemon characters

This game has lots of pokemon characters, which will never let you feel bored at any time. They have special abilities, and they have a perfect storyline and cinematography so that a player will feel the essence of a game and its battles. The “POKEMMO” game you can trade and sell pokemon, which will make you feel like a real gambler. This game you have to use some points to get premium pokemon, which is very hard to find. This game is designed in such a way that it will force users to buy such premiums and all.

It is a great time pass game for every youngster as well as of all other ages. Here you can play with friends in a squad, or you can have battles having some friends in your group. This game is available in android, PC, Mac, and all other platforms. “POKEMMO” is a great game to make videos and all. You-tubers have also started streaming on various platforms, and audiences are also enjoying this.

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The critics have given this an outstanding feature category. Further, every child and all others also love playing this game, and due to this popularity, over 10 million copies are sold out.

A Snapshot from youtube doing videos

This game is also a very great game to have online streaming. As “POKEMMO” is a source of entertainment, many others are also using this game as memes and all other uses.