$1000 Gaming PC Build Guide

$1000 Gaming PC Build Guide

Building your own custom Gaming PC is one of the best options because you have complete control over the parts that go into them. Therefore, in this 2020 March PC Build guide, we are going to be choosing over excellent parts that fit on our $1000 budget easily.

Building your own custom Gaming PC is one of the best options because you have complete control over the parts that go into them. Therefore, in this 2020 March PC Build guide, we are going to be choosing over excellent parts that fit on our $1000 budget easily

If this is your first time, building a PC then don’t worry. It is completely because we got you coved on every angle on choosing the best parts for your build. Choosing parts is very important in one’s custom build for superb performance.

We would also go over the part where to buy your very own Windows 10 Key at the cheapest price available on the internet. Keep on reading for the best PC picking building Guide for March 2020. We would also be ensuring that we don’t spend any money unnecessarily, saving quite a few of your precious dollars


Why Build over your own gaming PC instead of buying one at Walmart?

Firstly, Walmart’s pre-built gaming PCs suck. You don’t get a shiny cabinet for your computer, neither a super graphics card that complements your processor. It is very important to choose a good thermal solution so that your computer is mighty chilled during those hot summers or when you play a lot of Crysis.

We have to ensure that there is a minimal amount of bottleneck on your computer. This gives out a huge performance boost and a longer life of the machine. Additionally, we also get to pick up accessories that we like by purchasing parts cheaper from various websites

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For this $1000 Gaming PC build, we are going to choose the best components at the cheapest price so that you save money to buy those superb accessories.

Going over the Parts for $1000 Gaming PC Build

Without wasting any time, let us get to the super cool parts in our build.

Motherboard: ASUS Prime X470-Pro

Starting with the motherboard itself, this is one of the coolest good looking beauty you can buy. This is a superbly good looking part that is made to deal with tougher components that go into it. It has a 5-way excellent optimization. It obviously supports the RGB features so that you can synch up that beauty with other components such as RAM. The PCI-e is built like a rock for that heavy GPU we are gonna use. It also comes along with 7 USB ports which in my opinion is overkill. Undoubtedly, there is also a USB c port that you can use.

An excellent choice for the Processor that are gonna pick, this one goes for about $109.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

This is one of the best processors that go into our build and can be bought for $160. It comes in with 8 cores and a sturdy-looking heatsink. That’s the good thing about AMD Ryzen processors, they sell it with a good heatsink. The intel processors are pretty good, no doubt but come with crappy heatsinks or none at all. Ryzen is the one to go for because we are gonna be spending quite a bit on your GPU which is the soul of the build.

The Ryzen performs very well on benchmarks and can be used for gaming as well as editing. Believe it or not, it won’t disappoint your expectations.

Graphics Card: MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2060 6GB


Yep, our precious $1000 Gaming PC has an RTX on it. The Geforce RTX 2060 is one hell of a beast. It works on Nvidia’s new and famed real-time ray tracing. It runs on the Volta and Turing Based GPUS and is the optimal choice for playing games at Ultra.

Particularly, the GPU for our build is the MSI’s RTX 2060 which is very powerful, even without an overclock. It has 6 gigs of V-RAM that can chew off any heavy AAA titles. As we are pairing it up, with an excellent processor, you can expect a hell of a performance from this beast.

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RAM: Corsair Vengence 16GB

The bad boys that run at 3000MHz are a complement to our build. It is very important to buy 16 gigs of RAM. It is to be noted that chrome alone takes about 5 gigs of RAM at normal usage. Therefore, for conquering those AAA titles, memory is essential where we can’t slack off.

Corsair is a very old company and is well known for making RAMs and PSU units. Therefore, we went and chose this memory for our build. It is fast, cheap and efficient.

Power supply unit: EVGA GOLD PLUS 600W

The power supply is one of the most important parts of a build. Therefore, you must always choose a PSU unit from a reputed brand like Corsair and EVGA. For our build, we have chosen the Gold Rated 600W power supply unit. It comes with a 5-year warranty, no questions asked. It can save power with 90% efficiency and also has heavy-duty protection including stuff like:

  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overpower protection
  • Short Circuit Protection

Believe it or not, they are going to keep your parts safe and sound in that bad power fluctuation. Make no mistake in choosing a very good power supply unit. Especially, cuz all the power to other parts, including the $359 GPU goes from PSU unit

Storage: HDD & SSD

It is very important to have an SSD in your build in 2020. Long gone are the days where you could live with simply having a hard drive. Firstly, SSD is costly, hence we are having a combo of HDD and SSD in our build.

Secondly, the next important thing is choosing the size of the SSD. In 2019, I would have recommended going with a 256 or 240 WD GREEN, but now I strongly recommend that you go with a 500 GB SSD. If you have some money to spare you should even go with the Samsung EVO Plus SSD.

They are simply 10x faster than our usual HDD and thus, you can install your operating systems and applications in the SSD. The HDD comes in when you need an ample amount of storage. Therefore, you can store photos and movies in your HDD drive. You can even store games because loading time is not that affected while loading a game through HDD.

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CASE: Corsair RGB Airflow

This is the place, where we blow your mind away with goodness. The case we chose for this build is the corsair RGB Airflow Mid-Tower Smart Case that is known for its beauty and convenience

You got to love the cable management this thing can give, it’s totally awesome. As phrased by corsair, “It is staged for cooling and performance”. You can easily fit up a 360mm radiator in the front or 140mm fans.

FANS: Corsair AF120 LED

Finally, we are here to choose the part that cools our computer AND makes our PC look Good.

Yes, they are the Corsair Triple fan set pack. Unquestionably, they go very well with our build and is the final part to complete the rig. You need a good pair of fans to keep that heat out of the cabinet. With a very efficient and simple design, these 120mm fans do the job perfectly. They spin at a high rate of 1400 rpm that keeps everything cool


To conclude, you can easily build your own $1000 Gaming PC using the above parts. This build is a Ryzen based build and is very power efficient and fast. The machine rocks an RTX 2060 card that is super fast and does play any AAA title at ultra 1080p.

You can get cheap Windows 10 Keys easily and apply them after your successful windows installation. Make sure to use original keys as pirated copies of Windows steal your personal data. Peace ✌️

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