Peel remote app

Peel remote app” is an application which when you will use, can control all electronic equipment through only one phone or indirectly through the app. In the ancient world, there is no means of communication. People or we can say the uneducated people are living their lives based on an unknown force. Till now, they have no idea what is going to happen in future generations. Like that, life goes, and there was no one to come forward and improves the way of living. But destiny has something else to show.


“Internet” started to rise in the early 20th century. This led to the revolution of technology, and everything started to change. But which shift the phase of the technical and electronic revolution was the invention of the mobile phone. From that one part, many things start to change. People with tech minds start thinking differently. A long time ago, people were doing and controlling things manually. This led to the control of different things at different times.

But people and the nature of technology start to change. Every people wants to control things automatically, or They want to control stuff from one area. But if the control begins to be from mobile phone!!

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There are many household works which you have to or want to do at some time. When you build a home, you also buy several types of equipment that anybody can control remotely. They can only get in use when a user turns it on. But sometimes it becomes a little frustrating on our part to manage and perform multiple actions, especially when you are doing household works.

So during household work, if you want to switch on TV or AC, then you have to go near each remote of that particular item, and you have to switch on that item.

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peel remote app

What is peel remote app?

Everything you should know about the peel remote app:

Yes, this inspiration led to the idea of a “peel remote app”. The app is a very versatile application for all users to make their lives simpler. It brings technology and reality so much closer that people can feel the future in their hands.

A “peel remote app” is an application which will let you control all type of item from only a phone. It turns your mobile phone or tablet into a self capable TV remote. “peel remote app” also starts to gain immense popularity among tech and geeky fellows. With its initial launch app has downloads around 25 million and over.

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Many great companies start collaborating with “peel remote app” which includes some multinational companies like Samsung and HTC. This app’s revenue also starts to increase at a superb rate. 

Features of peel remote app:

When it comes to preference, an application should have a great UI/UX experience. “peel remote app” has a great user-friendly appearance. The graphical interface easily allows users to search and navigate every option. We can say at last that the app will give you a very seamless scenario. 

“peel remote app” is also an excellent guide for all its users. Especially The app has a feature to be a TV guide. It helps users to switch between different shows and episodes easily. It has a perfect algorithm to show you the trending posts or videos in day to day life. The app also Keeps the history of “recent watched” files of users for convenience and safety.

 According to the user’s search, the programme inside the app will also recommend some like-minded videos. 

“peel remote app” is a clone version of a real-time TV or AC remote. It has all the buttons and options which a user needs to operate his types of equipment. It has all easy buttons to change channels or to switch between different electronic items. The app also provides a feature that you can also add to your channels.

The app has a great feature to support live stream videos which are mainly hosted on YouTube. It gives a platform for various live stream devices like Roku and Chromecast.

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Advanced technology

“peel remote app” is integrated with advanced technology. It has a new voice assistant system which helps anyone to control the items by only speaking aloud some default speech or lines. Some sample sentences can be like “Switch on a TV” or “volume up”.

The application has a very cooling thumbnail effect. These effects are a high close to that of YouTube. The thumbnail will quickly notify users or any other person who wants to know which movie or episode it is. “peel remote app” will show us the full details and description of that particular movie.

You can also browse any episodes by using categories for a particular scenario. You can also tag any wished or liked videos to get more preferable recommendations.

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This application also lets you share the happiness across your friends and relatives or anywhere around the world. “peel remote app” also has a share button from which you can use any video or any episode on WhatsApp/Facebook/twitter.

How to add “peel remote app” on your device??

When “peel remote app” starts collaborating with big tech companies, they pre-install this application for better popularity.

Like all other applications “peel remote app’ uses the technology of IR Blaster.

What is IR Blaster?

An Infrared blaster is an electronic device which shifts the control of a remote held device to control that device using infrared waves autonomously.  So smartphones have IR Blasters which will help the phone to pick up infrared signals.

So an IR blaster is a smartphone sensor which controls all other devices.

Firstly you have to Play Store or any other app stores and download “peel remote app”. Upon launching the application, the app will ask for all types of permissions to access all other devices. After granting all the requests, the “peel remote app” will automatically use the IR blaster to connect and control all electronic devices.

So you need to select a brand of a TV or AC which you want to connect to. You can also tap on other devices to get connected. Then You need to hold your smartphone towards the item or gadget you want to control. Upon pointing towards the required gadget, tap on the power button to see if it’s working or not. If the app and every action turn into a positive signal, then you can easily use your phone to use the desired appliance.

If it turns into a red signal, then keep on trying for alternative solutions, or you can say buttons. You can also connect other appliances using a plus sign which is below the WiFi option.

Peel remote app with IR blaster

“peel remote app” is a very advanced application. It can survive without a blaster option. In lament terms, the “peel remote app” also works with phones which have no service of IR blaster. But a user can use WiFi to connect the “peel remote app” with gadgets. 

But sometimes everything has to go through bad times. Similarly, the app also has to go through several criticisms. But the main problem was the display of other ads.

Yes, displaying an overlay of ads starts frustrating the people, and their popularity got hampered. The company was very aggressive towards making such movements to gain and earn more revenue. This type of action was a disappointment for all “peel” users as it makes much money-oriented than quality-oriented. But despite such negativeness, the company claims to reduce the number of ads to make the app concrete.

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What you get after using peel remote app?

  Sure this is a brilliant question. After doing so much hassle finally what is the worth??

The answer is that you will get many benefits after using the application. The app offers a variety of services excluding IR blaster connection to other devices. The application can be a great alternative to YouTube. You will feel like you are a king. “peel remote app” uses a brilliant algorithm that uses your searches to show recommended videos or episodes.

The app also supports many live streaming platforms which is very beneficial for all users. It will also show all types of videos or any episodes which you can watch and even turn on AC at the same time. The application also indicates automated searches and also shows your recent searches.


We can easily say that the app is a perfect application for all household workers or for those who want to control everything from one hand or one location.

We know that this application has an unfortunate tendency of displaying ads and also locking the screen, but it is trying to overcome the situation.

So we should consider all the positive aspects of the app and use it in our own lives to see some significant changes.

 “peel remote app” gives an insight into all personal recommendations of shows and episodes to utilize your time correctly without choosing and wasting time on your searches.  The classic application is genuinely a technical wow factor for every industry to adapt and work on technological evolution. Nowadays, much new in-built application is inspired by “peel remote app” making it a constant source of loyalty for all customers.