The Future Of Automobile Industry:

The Future Of Automobile Industry

It is believed that the first-ever automobile was built in 1885 in Mannheim. But at that time, the world was unaware of the new and craziest technology which will make an automobile from a driver enabled to disabled driver car. Let’s see the Future Of Automobile Industry


Sounds Crazy!!!! Without a Human intervention !!

But this is not a rumor nor a false hope. But this “AUTONOMOUS CAR” is a very technically sound and is going to be the technology’s sharpest invention ever. The word “autonomous” means that a body or an item will have the power to govern itself and take care of its internal affairs or conditions without other’s choice or order.

Future Of Automobile Industry

An “AUTONOMOUS” CAR is a self-driven car without any human inside the vehicle. It has the power to take responsibility without any human orders. It is also capable of sensing its outside environment and can make quick actions just like a Martial art specialist. It can go anywhere, any terrain, and has the same experience what a human has. 

In the same vein, as described by U.S transport Department, There are 6 levels of driving platforms where types of cars are being measured. It starts from level 0(entirely driven) to level 5(fully autonomous). And the “Autonomous “ cars fall into level 5 category. Now, After reading this, you must be confused about Tesla’s electric vehicle and autonomous vehicles.

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Difference between autonomous and self-driving :

An “Autonomous” vehicle means self-driven i.e., being driven by the car itself without any human supervision. It can tackle and manage orders by itself. For example, if a human says it’s a car to “drive to the gym,” but instead, the car will take it to a park by managing and seeing the environment. It will have no steering, so a human is just an item, and the car behaves like a human.

On the other way, Tesla’s car is self-driven. It means that there will be a human who can supervise any actions of an automobile and also has the capability to make the car in the “Co-pilot” mode. It can also sense and acts like a human but here human dominates over Tesla’s electric and self-driven car.


A self-driven car without a driver has many specifications. In real life, it can be compared to a brain. It depends on sensors, actuators, complex algorithms,  machine learning models, radars, Lidar, and other small components.

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Subsequently, Autonomous cars have visual ground sensors and GPS, which helps them to map out their nearby geographical area to balance with the actual surroundings. They have radar sensors that allow it to monitor nearby vehicles. Video cameras are there, which help to record and monitor streets, traffic lights, and pedestrians. This video monitoring will send the data to a receiver, which has hard-coded algorithms that will give instructions to the car whether to stop or go.


Lidar is known as Light detection and ranging.  In short, It throws its light to measure the surroundings, measure distance, identify turnings, and curvy edges. Ultrasonic sensors are there which identify any obstructions like turnings, bumps, and stones nearby.

Likewise, there is much-sophisticated software that helps us to extract the surroundings and send the data to actuators, which controls acceleration, braking, and hard steering. Machine learning and object recognition using open CV make it more advance. It detects every object i.e., traffic lights, the sudden crossing of peoples, and matches it with rough inputs.

Besides this, the companies have also researched on security. It is very secured. Its door lock is based on palm print. That is to say, A car owner will have to keep its palm on the door screen, which has glass at its upper part to unlock the car. Thus, This mechanism is built using several micro sensors that have their coding and algorithms which detect using sensors and work according to it.

There are many companies which are working on this. Waymo and alphabet owned company have currently stated that they are in their stage 2 scenario mean they are building their first part of placing simple sensors. Like this, other companies are also working on similar cars.


Why the world needs autonomous vehicles?

Now our mother earth has over 5 billion population, and this is growing continuously. So the population of vehicles is also increasing. The main problem behind this increment is that pollution is increasing at a steady rate. Many health diseases are also arising due to this. So to make earth clean and upcoming generations safer and secure, the revolution of vehicles has to be done.

So the need for Autonomous cars is practically significant. They will be the future angel of earth. They have many advantages. Firstly they are electric driven cars. So there is no need for any kind of petrol, diesel or any other type of stuff. We have to charge it for 2-3 hours and then enjoy your day. Secondly, they will have controllable horns to honk to reduce air pollution. They will have sensors that will be connected to video sensing. After processing the photo or video, the algorithm will calculate and will allow the horn to honk.

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Like this, the traffic issue will be reduced to a minimal extent.

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Issue of accidents

Next comes the issue of accidents. This occurs due to over speeding, drinking and driving, and many others as the vehicle will govern itself so the car will automatically adapt itself to surroundings. Due to this, cases of accidents will surely be reduced. 

The next thing which will be maintained is the time as there are well-programmed vehicles so they will be programmed to go from one stop to others within a specific time. So if things and culture come into existence, then everybody can communicate with each other in perfect time, and there will be no “LATE” word in the dictionary. 

Another very main usage is the reduction of CO2 because as it will be electric and there will be less traffic so there will be minimal pollution.

Pro and Cons

Now everything has its strengths and weaknesses.

Firstly comes the weather conditions. No matter how developed it is, what will it do when rainy seasons come, and suddenly any people will have an emergency, and the vehicle is not charged? Doom!!! There has to be the other way around.  There should be a backup charger or something like cloud storage where everybody will share their charge to it.

For example, if a car is going on a road and Secondly comes the cost-effectiveness. Lidar is expensive and is still trying to maintain the balance between range and resolution. If, for example, there are multiple autonomous cars on the road, will there be any clash of cars between them? And if more than one radio frequencies are there, will it be sufficient to have mass production??

Thirdly safety cannot be assured at any cost. The human brain cannot be compared with much advanced artificial Intelligence. A human brain can process very delicate situations, but how well the software is hard-coded there will be some bugs, and it cannot process.

Suddenly an animal comes to the road then what will happen? As autonomous cars have no steering wheel, so in that case, if accidents occur, who will take the responsibility? Car owner? Company??

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On the other hand, comes the real scenario of traffic lights and underground tunnels. Will there be a problem in going through tunnels or on bridges?? As there will be uneven bumps or some cracked bumps, will the car be able to detect those? Will the car will always follow lane roads. In case it is programmed to recognize colors and follow the path if somewhere due to wear and tear, some shade of the road gets vanished what the car will follow??

Never Thought of that!!!!

Now comes the moving part, which will take up against Artificial Intelligence. In case if a nearby relative passes by or is standing there, then what will the car do?? Leave the relative(take the passenger to the desired location) or hold it beside the road to have some emotional chats???

Ways of vehicles platform

Now, as discussed above, there are six ways of vehicles platform:

  • Level 0: In this case, there will be a standard car that will be solely controlled by the driver sitting inside it.
  • Level 1: It is like a trailer of automation. Here there will be options for cruise control or control of brakes or steering. But every decision, including these controls, can be governed by a driver driving it.
  • Level 2: It comes with advanced driver control. Here there will be more options, but the driver of that vehicle can take control at any time
  • Level 3:  As a result, It only comes with environmental detection using thermal and ultrasonic sensors, which will help the car to start becoming independent.
  • Level 4: In this level, the car has the ability to intervene in its actions and can take necessary measures, but the driver still has the power to override and manually control each and everything at a time.
  • Level 5: It is the masterpiece of the so-called “autonomous” cars where there has no power for the driver, and the vehicle has full ability to govern itself.


So Finally we can tell that a great ” Future Of the Automobile Industry” is coming near to us, but still many questions and researches have to be figured out. Then only the hope of autonomous vehicles will be practically feasible.

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