How to find a game that you forgot the name of

No matter whether it is a kid or an adult, Everyone likes to play games. Some fictitious games stimulate our imagination and transport us into a land of fantasy. Games help in relaxation. Games help in making us active. Relaxation with playing games is like heaven. People get stressed out while doing other activities, Instead, they won’t while playing games. Rather than an obsession with games, it is better to play games to relax as well as rejuvenate. Now, how to find a game that you forgot the name of?

Think of this now. We liked a game very much, we used to play it every day, every minute in the past few years. We didn’t have time to play recently. But during some leisure time, we got time to play. Here arises the biggest problem for us. Due to the long gap, we forgot the name of the game that we used to play very much. We remember every part of the game, we even try to sense the name, but it doesn’t strike our minds fast.

We may feel depressed about our memory at that time, but it doesn’t bring us a solution, instead, it happens with everyone, so we don’t need to feel bad about it. But is there a solution to get rid of this problem??? Yes of course, there will be a small solution for every problem, don’t feel this issue as rocket science, just follow these below-given steps for how to find a game that you forgot the name of. You will enjoy playing your game.

How to find a game that you forgot the name of
How to find a game that you forgot the name of??

Ask your friends

If we used to play a game very much in our childhood, we might surely be used to discussing it with our friends about that game. We even might have played that game with them.  So, initially asking our friend is the best choice. We may not remember the name, we remember some trigger points of the game. Discuss those points with your friends, he might help you strike the name of the game in your mind. Discuss every point you remembered about the game. We may remember the theme song of the game or characters in the game or dialogues, whatever it may be, discuss it with your friends. Making most of the conversation about the game helps you in remembering the name of it.

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Asking in QUORA and FORUMS

The Internet is the best place, where you can get to know about anything. Quora is a website that helps you in answering any questions. It does not generate any system-generated answers, It helps you with some answers, for the questions raised, by people who have an account in quora. It is simply like asking for advice from our neighbors near our house. But the internet had made everything online. So rather than struggling with the problem, post your doubts in Quora.

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You can post what you remembered in the game. You may remember the graphics of the game, or you may remember the name of the studios in which the game was developed, or you might even remember the characters of the game. Simply post your question like this with these hints.

Eg: It was a ghost game. It was presented by saga. I can remember some characters like Sophie. At the end of level-1, the ghost will have a weak point, we have to strike it as many times, so that its life is reduced. The graphics of the game have blood and ghosts and monsters all over there. It has only a first-person view(means we can only view games from guns, not from man.

Like this, you can post the facts you remembered about the game. So that people can guess the name.

Watch on YouTube

This is another powerful tool by google where you find a game that you forgot the name of.

Search on Reddit

Here we’re now out with some new platforms to resolve our query of finding the name of the game. 

Reddit is an application where many people around the world communicate and have enthusiastic conversations about technical aspects, Blogs, Gaming, etc. 

  • Firstly open the reddit app and sign in as of your choice , so that you can post your query with your name and can also revert to others doubts
  • As you can see the search bar on the top, just type one of the facts or hints you remembered about the game, for eg: Fighting game with high graphics.
  • You can see many results and also you can see 4 sub profiles as Best, posts, community, profile. In the community, you can view pages related to your search, you can join those pages as of your choice so that you can get notifications about games on that page. 

Search on Pinterest

Similarly, Pinterest is also an application as Reddit, but Pinterest helps you a lot if you could remember the interface of the game. If you type high graphic car games in Pinterest, you can simply get a list of games without any other posts as in quora and Reddit, So that your search becomes easy and can be found easily. 

Though you cannot remember some names, their appearance leaves an imprint in your mind. In those cases, scrolling over Pinterest may help you with striking of the game in your mind and check the name easily.

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Pinterest is the best option if you could remember the interface of the game.

Google it

 As I already said, the Internet is the best place where you can get any answers related to your queries(questions). Try searching in google with different facts about the game, For eg: car games famous in 2021

  • Car games with high graphics
  • Car games with multiplayer facility
  • Fiction games with high graphics.

In this way, you can try different keywords and search. If you remember the characters of the game, Just type in them and check the results. Though you may not get the exact name of the game, you can get some hints related to that game. In this way, you remember some other hints and grouping them in your mind, which may help you form a chain and get an answer.

NOTE: Also scroll down and check related searches. You may find your answer.

Search using GOOGLE-IMAGES

Not satisfied with the result of searching in google?? Then try with google images it helps in two ways

Firstly, after opening the google images tab, you need to search about your game with your facts. Then it will only fetch results in the form of images only. These may help you find the game you desire. 

Secondly, by using the google images tab, You can search by pasting an image URL or uploading the image from your system or mobile. Graphical visualization is better than text data. So you may fetch fastly by using images.

Game databases

Have you ever wondered, how come the names of these games vanish from our minds? Why aren’t they available on any of the websites??  But just like a record of all the students and a database of all the entries, games do have a database. On any game database website, All the information about games is made available. Data related to all games are readily updated into it. It has every single game, starting from snake to Pubg.

Some of the game database websites are given below:

  • MobbyGames
  • IGDB

After visiting any of the websites, you can see all the details about plenty of the games. Out of plenty of games right over there, you need to select one game that you wanted to play and want to know its name. It will be a tedious task, to see each and every game. So to get rid of this, we need to use our hints, which we have about games. Like you may remember the year you played, you may remember devices and also genre, theme, etc. Here you can filter the games by selecting these fields. You can fill all the fields which you know about the game.

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So that your results get filtered for every field selection. This reduces the burden to check all the games. In this way, you may find out the name of the game or you may at least get some more hints to find the game. But you will get to know 75% about your game, the rest you can easily think about by again searching in google.

Below are some of the fields that you can choose, while searching for your favorite game, Make sure you know some of the below fields so that you can filter your favorite game easily

  • Year
  • Genre
  • Themes
  • Company sports

Try to think of the information related to any of the above fields. So that you can easily choose the game. The year need not be exact, but you at least need to know the range.


So you are now able to know the multiple ways of how to get rid of the problem of knowing the name of the game that you forgot. Just build a chain of hints with the facts you have about the game. Let us once give an outline of all the ways for how to find a game that you forgot the name of:

  • Asking friends
  • Asking in quora and Forums
  • Using reddit and also joining communities for better notifications about a game
  • Using pinterest , if able to remember the interface of the game
  • Checking in game databases by filtering in some aspects like genre , theme, year etc.
  • Searching in google
  • Searching by using google images

So, never hinder yourself from playing a game just because you don’t know the name. Though it is an old/childhood game, if it entertained you when you were a kid, and also wanted to play now, then just go for it. Don’t stop or don’t skip yourself.